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5 | Red Skies

WORD COUNT: 2,921 


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Birds chirping in perfect harmony outside the window woke you from your slumber, the first good nights rest you’d had in days. Sitting up in bed you smiled to yourself brightly at your surroundings. The bedroom was duck egg blue, adorned with white frills and embellishments, it was cute, positive and had character. Nancy had sorted some clothes for you, rummaging through the back you found a black turtleneck jumper in your size, with the tags still on, and a pair of black skinny jeans. After showering you tied your damp hair up into a high ponytail and got dressed. Feeling strangely optimistic you headed downstairs to find Jimin on the sofa.

He sat with his back to you as he looked out of the window, silently enjoying the wonderful view.
“I noticed there’s some stuff in the fridge so, eggs or bacon?” You asked Jimin as you walked past him and into the small cottage like kitchen.

“I’m super hungry, can’t we have both?” He called out after you, earning a small sincere smile to dance across your lips.

“Sure.” You chuckled as you got everything you needed out of the fridge and started to make breakfast.

Once the food was cooked, Jimin set the table and poured you both a glass of orange juice, sitting down at the table in front of the large bay window. The view from the table was beautiful, there was a small green park that overlooked a little pond complete with ducks and fishes. Happy children played amongst each other as their parents kept an eye on them from the side benches. Remembering the houses former owner your heart weighed heavy in your chest, Namjoon probably decided on the area because of the park and pond, if he and his mate were considering starting a family.

“What’s wrong?” Jimin asked as he wolfed down enough bacon sandwiches to feed a large family.

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Going Blonde - Trevor Collins Fanfic

Title: Going Blonde

Author: Treycosexual

Word count: 637

Warnings: Some “strong” language and implications of ~~sexual activities~~

Notes: I should be doing an actual essay but I’ve gone blank and then Trevor dyed his hair blonde so here you go!

*1 new message from Trevor*

Trevor: Have you left the office yet?

You: No why?

Trevor: Can you grab something for dinner on your way back

You: I thought you were cooking tonight. Are you okay?

Trevor: I’m fine just got caught up with something. Promise I’ll do dinner tomorrow though

You: something… work?

Trevor: you’ll see

You: ???

“Well of course he’s not replying now.” You mutter to yourself. You notice that its almost five o’clock so you shut down your computer and start digging through your bag for your car keys.

“Hey, you joining us for drinks tonight?” Your co-worker’s voice causes you to jump.

“Oh, shit was that tonight? I can’t, Trevor’s got no food which means I also have no food. Next time though I promise!”

“Uh oh, trouble in paradise?” They question raising an eyebrow.

“No things are great. He’s just… excitable…” You laugh.

“How long have you been together now, three years? You ought to be looking at rings soon.” She winks at you.

You smile in response, “Almost three years, and I don’t know, we’ll have to see.” Your last comment reminded you of what Trevor had just said. “I should get going he’s done something that I might have to sort out. See you Monday!” you call as you walk out of the office.


You find yourself in Pizza Hut deciding that it would be the perfect paring for the wine you had bought earlier in the week.

You: We’re having Pizza Hut

Trevor: Cool. Can you bring something sweet too?

You: Besides myself?

Trevor: You’re cute

You: Cookies or brownies?

Trevor: Can you see if they do blondies?

You: I don’t think they’ve ever done blondies…?

Trevor: okay never mind then. Cookie please

You: okay…


You struggle through the front door with the pizza boxes and your bag dropping them on the coffee table. “Trevor! I’m back, can you tell me what all those cryptic messages were about now?” As Trevor enters the sitting room you sigh and shake your head.


“What?” he replies innocently.

“What have you done?” You interrogate.

“What do you mean?” He’s struggling to keep up his act.

“Trevor, you have a towel on your head and a camera in my face. I think something’s going on.”

“Okay you got me!” He replies sarcastically. He pulls off the towel to reveal his blonde – well…yellow, hair. “What do you think?”

“Did you do this yourself?” you ask, still in slight shock.

“Yeah, I watch a few videos and read the instructions about ten times.” He places the camera on the bookshelf next to you to get a shot of you both together. “Do you like it though?”

“Yeah! I’m impressed at how well you did it to be honest. Even at the back.” You run your fingers through the hair on the back of his head and he winces.

“Ow, shit!”

“Oh, I forgot you’ll be a bit sensitive for a while.” You laugh.

“Did you forget or are you punishing me?” He says with fake hurt.

“I’m sorry,” Your reply giving him a quick kiss, “So is this it or are you going another colour?” You ask still admiring his new look.

“Well, once I’m less tender the plan is to go white. And you can help me this time.”

“Oh thank God,” You joke, “I suppose in the meantime that means no hair pulling then?” you pout.

“From you at least.” He smirks.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” You question stepping in closer to him.

“That means I’m cutting this part out of the video and taking you upstairs.” He breathes into your ear.

“The pizza’s getting cold.”

“Fuck the pizza.” He turns off the camera and pulls you into him “I always knew you had a thing for blondes.”

fic: but we were in screaming colour (part 1) [collab fic with slimeboyhowell]

summary: au in which artist!dan’s idea of a romantic first date involves interrupting phil’s dissertation research and having sex in a pile of paint. this is their whirlwind relationship, as told in acrylic and prose.

word count: ~4.3k for this part

a/n: megs and i have literally been planning this for months and we can’t be more excited about finally posting this first part!! this is my first time collaborating with anyone on a fic and i’m really happy that i get to do it with not only one of my best buds but also someone whose writing i admire v much!! [here’s her fic page if you live under a rock] this part was written by both of us (it’s split about 50/50 give or take a few hundred words) but a couple of future parts are being written separately!! (have fun guessing who wrote what) (it’s not hard) (also special thanks to abby phantasticalities for editing!! we love u) hope y’all enjoy xoxo meglista

Dan Howell traipses into Phil Lester’s life five minutes late to a film neither of them can pronounce.

It’s some loose Dutch adaptation of For Whom the Bell Tolls that Phil’s erratic American Literature professor, Dr. Tran, had recommended he see for his graduate thesis, lengthily titled America the Beautiful: Cultural and Social Impacts of the Works of Great American Authors. The empty theater was a blessing while it lasted; at five-thirty on a Wednesday afternoon, he doesn’t have the energy to explain why he’s huddled in a corner, notebook in lap, pen ink already staining his impatient fingers.

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Nerd Alert. (Edward Nygma x Reader)

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Request: Ed x reader where reader is a murderer but and also nerdy. She accepts Ed for who he is. She doesn’t think he’s weird at all because he’s not. Just super unconditional fluffy serial killer love. Maybe they kill together. Thank you (I like your blog)

Tags: crime, murder, swearing, bullying

“I’m making copies. Move, I’m more attractive.” The officer shoves Edward out of his way, facing the photocopier himself. 

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anonymous asked:

Anakin in #11?

Force ghost!Anakin is having none of your shit, Kylo. 

Thank you so much for request!

I’m doing this colour palette challenge! Send me characters/prompts if you like! 

(I’m getting a little bit behind on the requests tbh, I’m so sorry! I’ll get to you all eventually! I promise I’ll do every one I can.)

Wrong (Josh Diaz x Reader)

request: @amayathatsme asked, “Hi I was wondering if you could do a Josh Diaz imagine wair the reader is part of the chimera pack and she is best friendes with josh but once they come back to life their feelings change you right the rest make it long please. Thanks!”

A/N. Thank you darling for the request, i absolutely loved writing this! The reader is the same chimera as in the dragon series: half dragon, half banshee. Just so everyone knows. Also, her really shitty sword skills are based on my dear friend, @chuchoteh, who can’t twirl a lightsaber to save her life. Love you Mackenzie!  Please note, translations were made using google translate. If you know a better translation, please let me know. its sort of a random phrase though so whatever. I really enjoyed writing this, I hope you guys like it! And it’s long, as requested, so enjoy!

You tapped your pen against the table, feeling the constant buzzing under your skin like an itch you couldn’t scratch. You flicked your fingers, letting the flames dance across your palms, and it relieved some of the tension.

“Hey freak.”

The ball of fire in your chest pulsed hot with excitement, and you hid your smile. “Hey ugly.”

Josh flicked the back of your head and sat down beside you, pulling out a textbook from his bag. “My mom’s making quesadillas and wondered how many she should make for you.”


He laughed. “You’re going to eat four whole quesadillas all by yourself?”

“Oh come on!” You protested. “You always eat like half the food on my plate. So it’s only really like two.”

“Yeah okay.” He snorted and shocked your side.

It has the wrong effect, sending a wave of what could only be described as tingling pleasure jolting through you. You jumped to your feet, a heated blush spreading across your face, and you mumbled some stupid excuse before running into the kitchen and sticking your head in the fridge.

You sighed, resting your head against one of the cold shelfs and squeezing your eyes shut. What the hell was the matter with you? He was your friend. That was all. Why were you getting all tingly every time he walked into the room?

The two of you had been friends since you were seven. You had been in the hospital, recovering from your lung transplant, and this obnoxious Brazilian kid had wandered into your room and told you you looked like merda (shit). You told him you most certainly did not and that he looked like a bunda de cavalo (a horse’s butt). Once he learned that you spoke Portuguese too he sat down on your bed and asked where you were from. You talked for an hour after that. He told you about how there was something wrong with his heart. You told him about your procedure, and how it wasn’t really that bad.

When his mother finally found him, cuffing him hard on the back of the head and scolding him in Spanish, he told her that he wanted your help with his surgery, and your parents exchanged contact information. You’d been inseparable ever since. When Josh finally got a match, at age 13, you were sitting beside his mother through the whole surgery, holding her hand and telling her he would be okay.

You had been the one to hide him in your room when he had gotten just a little too high, and scolded him fiercely, as someone born with lung problems, for putting that shit into his body. He’d told you how he felt like there was something wrong with him, that they’d done something wrong when they’d given him his new heart. He said he was always numb, and the only time he felt anything was when he was high. So you helped him as he experimented, figuring out just how much he could take. You couldn’t count the number of times you’d let him crash at your house to sleep off a hangover or a drug-induced vomiting fit. (It was five. Five times you had to clean up his puke from your bathroom.)

There has never been any romantic feelings towards him. Ever. He was always just Josh, your awkward best friend.

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Sometimes I get frustrated with candle magic...

Almost every time I pick up a book on witchcraft (that aren’t theory books) or read spells that other people have created, I tend to get a bit frustrated because I always see lists of all the different coloured candles I supposedly need in order to cast a certain type of spell that, according to the writer, are absolutely essential.

And I’m sorry if this offends you, but no, just no.

You do not need coloured candles. The reason for the coloured candles is because of colour symbology. Each colour has certain connotations in certain cultures. These connotations are used to enhance the caster’s focus on their chosen outcome of their spell. 

The colours themselves do jack shit.

Just Give Me a Reason

Word count: 2170
Inspired by: Just give me a reason - Pink and Nate Ruess
You can also find this on:
(This is literally the longest one I’ve done and I love it.)

Maybe it was just all in your head like some sort of delusion, but things between you and your boyfriend were not what they used to be. Lately he had been so distant and it was bothering you. Arguments were becoming a regular occurrence and they weren’t just daily disputes about small things - no. The last argument you had caused you to live apart for a week.

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greyy-maxx  asked:

I want to see all of your WIPs bb. everything you do is marvelous. I adore you entirely.

At least somebody reads my tags… thank you. (or maybe nobody else wants to see wips?? if that is the case, sorry and scroll fast!)

I’ve been picking away at a sci-fi mormor idea for a bit. Really I just want to draw costumes with glowing lights and shit!! and floating!! But alas there are too many lines to work out for the armor so I haven’t finished it. >_>

Dragon rider Jim as per request by anonymous…

…which escalated into dragon rider Mormor…

…which evolved into Mor4…

…yeah so I’m planning to colour those and put them all into one image. I inked them and scanned em so I was going to colour on Photoshop, which shouldn’t be too hard, right? But I’m just too lazy I guess.

And this last one was inspired by the anime Death Parade so I wanted to do something with Noh masks. I did all of that in one sitting–you’d think that outlining and colouring should be easy. 

I’ll elaborate more when I actually do finish these things, but who knows when that will be? Thank you for asking… I guess I just wanted an excuse to complain about myself post Mormor without finishing anything. I swear I’ll get on these sooner or later…

It is 7:37 am and I have not slept but hey who needs sleep when you can draw like, future versions of SatAM Sally and Bunnie.

If this comes out barely comprehensible I’m sorry but that’s just a burden we’re going to HAVE TO BARE.

So yeah, future versions of SatAM Sally and Bunnie. No Archie here. From a hypothetical post Robotnik post Snively future, when they’re rebuilding Mobotropolis and stuff.

As everyone knows, when you get older you start wearing more shit. I didn’t make the rules I just abide by them, okay.

Sally you can’t really tell but… I wanted to make her hair colour a bit darker than it was in the show, because I think she’d look good like that and for some reason that denotes ‘aging’ to me… outfit is mainly like how she was in the show as well except a bit more 'sophisticated’ and 'futuristic ruling class as seen by the 80s/90s’. It’s got gold accents. And I really liked the long pony-tail kinda hair I did on my last 'future Sally’ pics so I reused that. Also now she has some kinda tiara band thing. Boots are just boots.

Bunnie meanwhile… I’ve always seen Bunnie as being concerned with her femininity and looks. I base this partly on the fact that in the pilot episode she was shown with a cleansing mask/cucumbers on her eyes, her description in the SatAM bible, and just general… her… ness. Plus I like the juxtaposition of 'toughest person in the team and most feminine’. Now in the future she’s able to indulge more in fashion, which wasn’t something she was able to do back during THE FIGHT. She’s not yet deroboticized for PLOT REASONS (it doesn’t work, yet), so she’s semi-embraced that by wearing a new, asymmetrical top. As for the hair, the little curl things weren’t there originally, but I kept looking at her and going 'man why would she never change her hair’. Then I tried random lil flippy doos and I went 'oh actually I rather like that’.

Though at the same time I worry I made her look like some kinda future prostitute when I was trying to make her fashionable.


circadian-rhythm  asked:

1, 8, 12, 21 for Ela?

1. What color best represents them?

Navy blue, or any kinds of darker blues. First off it’s her favourite colour, and second, it’s just always the colour that comes to mind when I think about her colour palette x3 It suits her pale skin and white hair well

If I were to go super deep though, it also represents her fear of deep waters. In more serious or angsty art I use it a lot because of that, for example in these two (X) (X)

8. What scent would they be associated with, if any?

Sweet and flowery, nature scents. Like lavender and  berries

12. What’s the Inquisitor’s favorite food?

Anything sweet, really. Ela loves cakes and sweets and berries, but she knows she can’t live off of that alone x3 She’s vegetarian, so she doesn’t eat meats, and she hates porridge with a strong passion, but otherwise she can eat just about anything without complaints.

21. What’s your Inquisitor’s opinion on each of the various races, if any?

Doesn’t really have any opinions on other races. She’s not a very judgey person, and she dislikes everyone she meets in the beginning with equal amount lol

As long as the individual she’s meeting is nice to her, she will be nice back, and not have any opinions based off of race alone

Thanks for asking! <3 <3

Mukami Ruki x fem!Reader (lemon)

I can’t tell you how long I’ve waited to write this fanfic. Ruki is my number one husband. someone tell dirtydiabolikloversconfessions, because I know from certain sources that their Admin-chan really loves him too~ we have something in common I guess honey

I probably won’t post anything tomorrow cuz I have to learn for an important exam, sorry about that ;-;

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allthesherlocksloveasoldier  asked:

221B in TAB has so much green wallpaper on the walls, it might well have been a deadly place, since during that time, most kinds of green wallpaper were made using arsenic, which could cause arsenic poisoning But then again, Sherlock probably knew that so he might have had wallpaper with a different pigment ☺️

Oh! Wow I didn’t know this!! That’s a fun bit of trivia, then, LOL. 

Maybe Sherlock made everything green because he felt like he was dying anyway… OH SHIT. Yeah, because he was overdosing too, so that could also be a subtle clue to the whole episode being in the MP as well: Sherlock is slowly dying, let’s coat the walls in arsenic-laced wallpaper, hahah!

PERSONALLY, I think the green represents both Sherlock’s jealousy and envy and his desire to have John back. But yeah, this is a fun fact!

EDIT: And the green also represents sexuality, sorry forgot to mention that. 


baker street 99 (2/?)

in which sherlock holmes is the reckless and rule ignorant brilliant detective, solving case with his admiring and admirable best friend fellow detective john watson. sherlock, as you can see, is completely baffled by the female sex.

because the final problem is upon us and i fear we’re going to implode, so have a little bit of fun

(also, please watch brooklyn 99)


so this is how i spent my weekend. in my room i recently hung up a huge (huge) photo frame/bulletin board to hang up all my photos and collages, and i decided that i really really really wanted to have a massive rotbtd collage on it. the collage is actually landscape so it looks much better that way, but i was not gonna be able to post a 13200px wide photo on here so you guys get the modified version! the colour gradient actually looks much better in it’s original version, so ill try to post some pictures once i get it printed. (its gonna be huge. like 66in x 17in. im veRY excited.  (・∀・ )

For them cute anons wanting a Ref for crybaby, soz that Im lazy n busy.

mmkay, so heres her basic design. Long ears, long hair, blah blah nothing special, but heres just a quick idea 4 u.

okay so, she has lots of earrings (14) and u can draw whatever shape or kind you want there. She always has a hair accessory n dont forget the shaved side. she also wears a necklace, usually a moon/pentacle/tree of life, some hippy shit u know. 

if you need to know what to colour her, just go off this. She dont care what colour you dress her in. She also dont care WHAT you dress her in, so put her in a dress, or a cute playsuit or some shit. whatever you like.

Okay, thanks bebes, one day I might upload an actual good one. just a bit rushed rn. ♥ ♥ ♥ ily