colourful pills

[Short Film #6 MAMA]
  • Hoseok: *stares into space, fights with colours, eats pills, angsty angst hell yeah*
  • [you're not you when you're hungry]
  • Hoseok: *eats snickers* *smiles*

The thing about Sam and Dean and coffee is that it’s never been primarily about the caffeine for them. Oh, they like the caffeine, sure. Need it sometimes. But they could get it other places - pop or caffeine pills or colourful energy drinks. It’s not about the taste, either, not really. 

It’s that coffee’s part of their normal, the normal they’ve created for themselves over days and weeks and years, the normal that they have no matter where or who they are, FBI or firemen or exterminators, Idaho or Vegas. Their life is a patch-work stitched together in gas station coffee from burnt-out pots or foamy over-sweet machines; the coffee they make in motel rooms, weak and tasteless, in machines so tiny they need to brew two or three pots just to feel it; coffees made for them while they sit in glossy suits and flash badges and talk to widows, witnesses, cops and robbers. 

Sometimes if they find a roadside diner that’s not too busy they’ll do a few hours of research in a window booth, watching the freeway traffic go by and spreading their stuff out all over the table, drinking coffee the whole time, so fast it keeps coming freshly brewed. They feel bad for drinking so much but they leave a good tip and the waitresses always watch them a certain way while they’re walking back to their car.

But most important of all coffee is one of their little coping rituals, one of the ways they’ve found a space in the world to feel normal. Sometimes they’ve had a big blowout fight and Dean’ll just say ‘coffee?’ and it doesn’t make it better but it makes it a little better, better enough to talk to each other again, to shuffle back towards each other. Dean says ‘coffee?’ and it means come sit with me and be my brother. Sam says ‘coffee?’ and it means I can’t fix this awful thing but here’s some coffee the way you like it. They say ‘coffee break?’ and it means I need to just sit for a second and feel like something’s not fucked up

Sometimes they need caffeine too. 

Thoughts on Monsta X: Fighter

Just things I caught and thought would be something we should keep in mind for the next comeback an incoming theories.

First of all in the first scene Shownu is punching a wall, he’s fighting himself basically. I would like to point out he is almost always has shadows in his scenes whether in the background or just there. I feel like when Shownu was “knighted” by Jooheon he truly accepted the darker side of himself. He let go. He probably lost the will because of the death of his grandfather.

Jooheon is most definitely the ring leader of all this. He’s like a cult leader of some sort.

Minhyuk and Hyungwon are in a hospital room, but they are wearing straight jacket type clothing? Later on in the mv Jooheon brings out pills, very similar to the matrix (which could hint that this is either all a simulation of some sort and is just experiments Jooheon is takin on the members), and pay attention to which colour pill/candy they eat. Hyungwon purple and Minhyuk blue. This might be helpful in the future since Wonho did point out colours are important.

Kihyun is shown dragging something in a sack. It appears to have blood or a thick liquid seeping out of it. Then there’s the mysterious who points at him. I have no idea who this could be but somehow Kihyun finds himself near a door with an X on it. Inside is a “farm” of those flowers. Maybe the X clan really are the bad guys, they promised the lost boys a better future, an escape from the dystopian type government but maybe in the end it was all a lie. They were fed these flowers to cloud their conscience. Or something like that. It could also explain why Shownu is in a cage with lots of smoke, smoke from the flowers. It’s turning him into a “bad guy”.

I’m sorry I’m jumping from scene to scene but let’s get to the part where Jooheon is in a nurses/hospital uniform. When he enters the boys (Hyungwon,Minhyuk) are clearly distraught. This backs up the fact that he’s the leader, the all night powerful bad guy who controls them.

Let’s note that in the scene where Jooheon knights Shownu, they’re teddy bear minions behind him. Later you see Changkyun with ripped up teddy bears (with the exception of one) and he’s playing a game. he clearly is defying the cult/clan. He’s in control of his own game, Jooheon does not have power over him. But he’s then shown in a tunnel on a bike. Maybe he’s confused on how to escape from the clan. Maybe it’s too late for him.

Edit: Changkyun is missing from the end part. This could mean he escaped. (Though I doubt it). Them running in the hallway could be the order in which they escape. First Changkyun, Wonho, Minhyuk, Jooheon, Shownu, Kihyun and ten finally the most innocent one Hyungwon.

Now the machine. Wonho is seen making it. (Another mastermind, or a puppet under Jooheon’s control?) he holds up a metal crossbar, that I think alludes back to Hyungwon’s father in All In. I’m not exactly sure what the machine will do but it seems that they think it will get them closer to the ‘heart’ which is basically their objective. Noting that there’s only four of them. The heart is shown with more defining features unlike the last one which hints they are closer. But is this heart really a good thing? Maybe it’s not their heaven but their hell they’re working towards. I don’t know I just ramble on about things.