colourful nail art

vanessa and sonny are very close and have a lot of fun together,, okay that is all

#Carla teaches him how to paint his nails#baby Sonny is obsessed with her glittery nails#so she does his for him until he’s old enough to do it on his own#ofc when hes a teen tho he only paints them black#But for a while they were all different colors that Carla painted them (via @beyondthesunrise)



Candy nails. Apply one coat of light pink polish and then, with a very thin brush, some lines of yellow, green, white, blue, pink and orange polishes.


Day 6

Autumn Leaves

So, despite what I said yesterday, my dog has been loving leaping through the fallen leaves so much that I decided autumn can’t be too bad!

Products used-

Base- OPI in Coconuts Over OPI

Leaves- OPI in Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet, No Tan Lines, Living On The Bula-Vard! and Nails Inc in Orchard Street

Gold topcoat- Models Own in Gold Rush

Topcoat- Barry M in Plumpy Topcoat


Foil Effect Nail Art. In my last post, I showed you some Mariposa and Kozmic Coulors mini nail polish sets I found for $5. So here’s one of the looks I came up with using these shimmer polishes that have a real special foil-like effect. Over a black base, I just dabbed a small amount of polish of various colours in a random fashion. I really love this look. It’s really flashy and festive. And it looks just like foil paper without the hassle. Hope you like it.


Day 11

Hedgehog Nails!

It’s been getting really cold and windy here and it finally feels like it really is Autumn so I wanted to do something to reflect the season. So here’s two little hedgehogs enjoying the cold!

Products used-

Base/sky- OPI in I Can Never Hut Up

Grass- Rimmel in Loosey Goosey mixed with Sinful Colors in Voodoo

Hedgehog- OPI in Coconuts Over OPI, mixed with Rimmel in White Hot Love for lighter shade and with Sinful Colors in Voodoo for darker shade

Tree bark- OPI in Coconuts Over OPI mixed with Sinful Colors in Voodoo

Tree leaves- OPI in No Tan Lines and Living On The Bula-Vard!

Topcoat- Barry M in Plumpy Topcoat


Day 7

Patterned Nails!

For some reason I decided to do this before my fine detail brushes arrived…so not quite as neat as I would have liked but the good news is that my new brushes are arriving today so expect some less sloppy designs as of tomorrow!

Products used-

Purple- OPI in Polly Want a Lacquer?

YellowOPI in Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet

PinkOPI in Getting Nadi On My Honeymoon

OrangeOPI in No Tan Lines

Black- Sinful Colors in Voodoo

Topcoat- Barry M in Plumpy Topcoat


@thelunarelixir​ some post-viktuuri wedding drunkenness, god bless

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