colourful manicure


Candy nails. Apply one coat of light pink polish and then, with a very thin brush, some lines of yellow, green, white, blue, pink and orange polishes.

Hello girls!! For this week I have chosen these beautiful purple nails, perfect for autumn. They make you look mysterious and romantic. Combine them with dark clothes, red clothes, golden clothes or white shirts. There are unlimited possibilities!

Things that remind me of the signs

Aries: Red lipstick, concerts, lip biting.

Taurus: Floppy beach hats, freshly baked cookies, the first day of spring.

Gemini: Sunflowers, pixies, bright colours.

Cancer: When a butterfly lands on ur finger, baby laughs, flower crowns.

Leo: Big sunglasses, glitter, Hollywood smiles.

Virgo: Laying in a field of flowers, old books, fluttery eyelashes.

Libra: Fresh manicures , the colour pink, Disney music.

Scorpio: Winged eyeliner , those seductive side of the mouth smiles, rock music.

Sagittarius: mischievous smirks, laughing until you cry, fresh air.

Capricorn: Vintage ornaments, the face of concentration, shooting stars.

Aquarius: Fairy lights, the sound of waves crashing onto the shore, cloud gazing.

Pisces: The smell of baby powder, cherry blossom, pastel colours.