colourful lipstick

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I just bought a black lipstick and i’m loving it!🖤

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relationship status: forever single
favourite colour: green/blue
lipstick or chapstick: chapstick
last song I listened to: again to goshintai //  radwimps (kimi no na wa ost)
last movie I watched: покровские ворота (1982)
top 3 fictional characters: (i have too many,,,, but i’ll try to mention the ones who influenced me most) - grigory pechorin (a hero of our time), amy elliot dunne (gone girl), henry winter (the secret history), daryl dixon (the walking dead), steven holder (the killing)
top 3 ships: ah man probably just harvey/donna (suits) and even them in a platonic way tbh. i think broships is all i care about? troy/abed (community), rick/daryl (twd), and so many others i don’t remember lmao
books I’m reading: almost finished 1984 by george orwell, i’m going to read ‘gone girl’ by gillian flynn next

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relationship status: single
favourite colour: blue, red, black
lipstick or chapstick:
last song you listened to:
white noise - exo
last movie you watched: alien: covenant
top 3 characters: zer0, prompto argentum, kazuhira miller
top 3 ships: idk man any f/f ship w the boss in it, vkaz, promptis
books you are currently reading: none
top 5 musicals: i saw two musicals in my entire life so chicago, the rocky horror picture show

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Getting to know me

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Relationship status: Taken

Favourite colour: Purple or red

Lipstick or chapstick: I tend to use lip balm. Burt’s Bees Vanilla Bean being my favourite!

Last song I listened to: Song 4 by Babymetal

Last movie I watched: Guardians of the Galaxy being one I saw in the cinema. Watched Dead Awake a couple nights ago.

Top three TV shows: Game of Thrones, Go 8 Bit and House

Top three characters: Being the obvious one, IGNIS STUPEO SCIENTIA! Gladio Amacitia and Cor Leonis (all from FFXV) 👍🏻

Top three ships: Gladio x Ignis (Gladnis), Cullen x Dorian (Cullrian) and Basch x Balthier


hey guys!
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