colourful fishing village

Islands of Light

The islands in the vast Greek archipelago are all together composed of tradition, culture and natural beauty. This island state attracts travellers who are often bewitched by one particular island and return there every year.
The large islands, like Rhodes, Corfu, Crete, Lesvos and many others are among the favourite destinations worldwide; the smaller ones acquire devoted friends who adore the peace and quiet and their authentic colours.

Little picturesque fishing villages and harbours, monuments and remains of Greek culture, Byzantine churches and living tradition make the island part of Greece a true paradise. The warm, Mediterranean climate allows you to bask in the sun and the sea from early spring until late autumn. September and October in Greece are renowned for their pleasant temperatures. The Greek seas stay warm until November and you can enjoy an extended summer which is unique the world over - what the Greeks call “Mini summer"…

Been playing a tooon of Animal Crossing lately.

Coco asked me for an Arapaima tonight. Shes one of my favourite villagers I’ve got, so I went on the hunt for a while but didn’t find any… but I already had one just chilling out in my house so I gave it to her. Then caught another one on my way over to Re-Tail. So everything is happy. 

(Also gave her the Groovy Tank recently and I really really like the way she looks in it)