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PART 1: Yesterday I was walking with my mum and we were discussing how the buildings in our street, which are very old but somehow pretty, should be repainted. I was telling my mum about my favourite colours for facades and didn't see the hole in pavement, so I fell, and for a few seconds I didn't know what was happening. I started crying because I was shocked, it didn't hurt at all.

PART 2: My mum told me we’re going home to clean my wound and handed me my sunglasses, but I threw them on the grass and sat on the pavement and continued crying. Finally. I stood up and let my mum clean the wound with a tissue, but I continued crying until we got home. Then I laughed at my own stupidity. Sometimes I can’t tell if I’m 7 or 17.
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London, UK: Sir John Soane’s Museum. 🇬🇧 Set in a quiet square central London’s Holborn, an architectural gem lies quietly only recognisable by it’s light-coloured facade, known by most as one of the city’s most significant designs by architect Sir John Soane.

Formerly the architect’s house, No.13 Sir Lincoln’s Inn Fields has served as a museum, open free to the public, since the 19th century. Architect and designer of the Bank of England, Soane was also philanthropist, whom collected many sculptures, paintings, books, classical and historic antiquities, one of which was the sarcophagus of the former Egyptian King Sety I. Bought at the price of £2,000, Soane purchased the historic item in 1824 when the British Musuem changed their minds on their choice, whereby Soane celebrated with a three-day party on the premises, inviting London’s finest guests to join the oil-lamped filled rooms.

Brought to London by the Italian explorer Giovanni Belzoni, the sarcophagus was initially offered to the British Museum, whom turned down the sale due to the price being too high at £2,000. Offered to Soane soon after, he purchased the historic item in 1824, and celebrated with a three-day party on the premises, inviting London’s finest guests to join the oil-lamped filled rooms.

Soane was, and still is, one of Britain’s great men of architecure and exploration. Appointed as Professor of Architecture at the Royal Academy, he had quite an admiration for another visionary, the famous Napolean Bonaparte, and although they never met, they both had a passion for architectural urban improvement. They were both self made and owed their careers to their vision and not social status.

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Ildebrandshuse, or firehouses, build after the fire in 1728. They are everywhere in Copenhagen changing the view of the city with their colourful facades, white windows and gables. #copenhagen #copenhagenfavorites #cph #kbh #københavn #voreskbh #visitcopenhagen #sharingcph #deldinby #delditkbh #copenhagenize #kigopkbh #visitdenmark #scandinavia #north #nordic #History #discover #vesterbro #nørrebro #østerbro #Vesterbro #christianshavn #amager #indreby #staden #Christania