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This has been in the works for a while now, but I can now say FOR CERTAIN that we will relaunch on JANUARY FIRST! With the relaunch we will be reboot for the final time as I’ve finally worked out all the kinks in the script.

THIS BEING SAID, to make up for this not only will we relaunch into a much STRONGER comic, but I will be bulk-updating a minimum of TEN PAGES as well as changing the update schedule to TWICE A WEEK! :D

THANKS FOR BEING PATIENT WITH ME DUDES, I’ll make sure y’all don’t regret it! ;D (More details about the reboot beneath the cut)

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Victor with flowers in his hair probably felt lonely at the top.

Victor with actually thinning hair, though…

…he’s never alone again. Yuuri will love him even when he’s bald.

(*whispers* Basically, 離れずにそばにいて, but forever.)