colourful design


2017-06-19, Lounge, Lounge 2, Bedroom, by Trine Watkins

I’ve been thinking about when I move out and what my apartment/ house would look like. I sometimes have a hard time visualizing things together though, so I decided to draw it. I think the bedroom would be the most different  in real life since I prefer warm and bright colours. However, I tried to compensate for the idea of living with my boyfriend and what he would like. I also tried to incorporate furniture and stuff I already have, or that my boyfriend has, which is mainly why the bedroom is mismatched.

ok but….damian wayne is my grumpy bird son.

ive been experimenting with comic book styles and colouring! this is one of many doodles


day 5: road trip

A series of snapchats sent to les amis on a cross-Europe roadtrip! Highlights include Dublin, Gibraltar, Edinburgh, Salzburg, and the English coast

All based on photos taken on my own Europe trip!

The Insomnian Aquarium has a new attraction!

I finished it! And just in time for the end of #MerMay too. This is the most completed thing I’ve done ever. I do sketches not… stuff like this. It was a nice experiment.