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Went to a used bookstore today to complete my Harry Potter Collection!

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Forgotten Secrets

So here’s a silly little fic I wrote for things you said at 4am for my wonderful, friend who unwittingly chose the prompt for me. Thank you to all you wonderful people who have liked/reblogged the little things I’ve written so far. It honestly means so much to me. 

Things you said on the phone at 4am | msr fluff 

Scully can’t say she was entirely surprised to see Mulder rather closely resembling hell as she walked into the basement on Tuesday morning and she certainly wasn’t offended at the groan he omitted at the sight of her. She’d been humming obtusely in a rather un-Scully-like manner and had placed the Starbucks cup down in front of him with more vigour than strictly required, earning her a scowl from her partner which did nothing but make her laugh brightly. She was pretty sure this is the opposite of his desired effect.

“Can’t you turn the volume of your hair down or something? It’s way too bright”

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