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Commission post! Here’s a piece I did of Transformers Prime’s Soundwave with my takes on Ravage and Laserbeak!
This was a real challenge for me - coloured with my copic and chameleon markers!
This was a Christmas gift commissioned late last year that I thought I posted - but fell ill right at Christmas and completely forgot. ;-;


How “Chameleons” change color

Many chameleons, and panther chameleons in particular, have the remarkable ability to exhibit complex and rapid colour changes during social interactions such as male contests or courtship. It is generally interpreted that these changes are due to dispersion/aggregation of pigment-containing organelles within dermal chromatophores. 

But, combining microscopy, photometric videography and photonic band-gap modelling, we show that chameleons shift colour through active tuning of a lattice of guanine nanocrystals within a superficial thick layer of dermal iridophores. In addition, we show that a deeper population of iridophores with larger crystals reflects a substantial proportion of sunlight especially in the near-infrared range.

 The organization of iridophores into two superposed layers constitutes an evolutionary novelty for chameleons, which allows some species to combine efficient camouflage with spectacular display, while potentially providing passive thermal protection. -src

Giffed by: rudescience  From: This video

One Week (Connor Murphy x Reader)

TW: EVEN SMUTTIER THAN THE LAST ONE, swearing, a whole lot of innuendos

Words: 1,700 ish

Disclaimer: I may edit this a tiny bit more in the future. But enjoy, kiddos!

“Oh here they come,” Alanna groaned to the rest of your friends, spotting you and Connor walking towards the lunch table. 
“Wow, and a whole new gallery of hickeys to go along with it!” Jared nodded towards the faint purple bruises on Connor’s neck. 
“Ugh, seriously, can we stop talking about this? He’s my brother. The last thing I want to think about is him… doing it,” Zoe basically cringed at her last words. She folded up her half eaten sandwich, clearly having a loss of appetite.

You and Connor sat down, smiling. Your boyfriend slung his arm around your shoulder, pulling you into his side.
“What were you guys talking about?” You asked curiously. 
“Oh, just how you and Connor can’t keep it in your goddamn pants,” Jared snorted casually.

“I mean, I’ve never heard Y/N complain-“

Zoe groaned. “Okay, that’s all I can take. Come on, Evan, let’s go eat outside,” she stood up and the blue boy followed. His ears were pink just from listening to the conversation.

“See? Even tree-nut over there can’t be around you two,” Jared remarked.

“What the hell do you mean, Kleinman?” Connor rolled his eyes. 
“I MEAN that we all know how much you guys fuck. My god, look at you; your neck could be a Picasso sunrise!” Jared laughed in between his words. Connor’s hand shot up to his neck immediately, in attempt to hide them.

“Every time we get together, you guys always leave early to have sex,” Alanna pointed out, taking a bite of a baby carrot.

“Do not! When was the last time we did that?” You looked at Alanna with disbelief.

“Literally last week we watched Schindler’s List at my house, and you sucked Connor off in the bathroom,” Alanna stated.

Your face turned bright red. Connor’s ears changed colour like a chameleon to match.

“Who the fuck gets turned on by dead Jews? You guys are messed up,” Jared joked.

You rolled your head back and groaned. “Ugh, you guys are exaggerating! We don’t do it that often.”

Alanna and Jared bounced back and forth.

“Last week. Schindler’s List.”
“Week before that, we went to the arcade. You guys left and had sex at Y/N’s house.”

“Week before that, we all went out to eat and you guys dashed before dessert came.”

“Ok, ok! I get it. We have a lot of sex. But what’s wrong with that?” Connor let out an annoyed sigh.

“There’s nothing wrong with it, scientifically speaking, but it’s just… annoying,” Alanna concluded.

“Yeah, I bet you two couldn’t go a week without having sex.” Jared took a sip of his juice box, giving you both a judgemental glare above the rim of his glasses.

“You’re on,” you shook his hand. Connor choked on his own spit, eyes growing wide.

“Wait, babe, are you sure-”

“Quitting already, Murphy?” Jared spoke as he reached out his hands to shake yours.

Connor gulped, looking between the two of you. “Ok. Fine,” he finally sighed.

Alanna checked her watch, “ok, so this time in exactly a week, you guys cannot have ANY sexual intercourse. That includes anything in sexual nature.”

You nodded with a confident smirk on your face.

Two days have already passed, and it’s been a lot harder than you thought. You have been so used to having little quickies and long nights with Connor, that you felt… frustrated. It was almost as if your nerves were just asking to be trampled on. Even worse, Connor was getting antsy.

You were at his house, in an attempt to study. But he couldn’t sit still. He was full of energy and in a pissed off mood.

“Connor, just come sit down,” you pinched the bridge of your nose with your fingers.

“I can’t fucking sit down. I can’t just sit, I-I need something,” he ran his hand through his long hair, pulling at the roots.

Connor had quit smoking after you two started having sex. When he smoked weed, he felt a release of stress. Then when he became intimate with you, he didn’t need that other outlet. Of course, you were over-the-moon when he told you that he had stopped smoking. And the sex wasn’t too bad either. You stood up from his bed, walking over to him and placed your hand on his arm.

“Look, I get that this is all a shitty bet made by Kleinman, but we have to prove to ourselves that this relationship is more than just sex,” you gave him an endearing look, searching his eyes.

Connor dropped his hands to his sides, nodding. “Yeah. You’re right,” he sighed softly.

The two of you were laying on his bed, staring at the ceiling.

“Do you remember that time, we were on a date, and you laughed so hard that soda came out of your nose?” Connor teases with a grin.

“Oh don’t remind me,” you giggled.

“I think that’s when I fell in love with you. I mean, who wouldn’t want a girl who has Dr.Pepper for snot?” He tickled your side softly.

“Ok, seriously, shut up. Remember the time you peed yourself in second grade? Yeah, don’t start shit, Murphy.” You jokingly growled back with a laugh.

The two of you continued to joke and share the odd memory or two. You reminisced on embarrassing moments, your firsts, and plans for the future. It had been so long since you two had just sat down spoke to each other. It felt… nice.

Connor must have been thinking the same thing, because when you looked to your right, he was looking right at you. There was something in his eyes that you hadn’t seen in a very long time. It was the look of genuine care and love. His pupils were enlarged and his eyebrows were relaxed. His mind looked like it was put at ease with something other than physical pleasure.

As much as you hated to admit it, Jared might have actually done something useful.


Time wore on and your patience grew both thick and thin. A week without sex was a week full of love and frustration. You and Connor took the extra time you had to get to know each other. But your time alone was the most frustrating. 3 days into the week, he had tried to sext you. Sending you teasing messages and pictures of himself that were not-safe-for-work. By the fourth day, he couldn’t keep his hands off of you. When you sat near each other, his hand would run up your leg and be hiked dangerously north. By the fifth day, Connor’s eyes were glued to your neck. He stared at the skin that resembled a blank canvas. He wanted to litter it with bruises created by his lips. He wanted to make sure that everyone knew you were his. And by the sixth day, you couldn’t take it anymore.


Connor growled as he shoved you into his room, slamming the door closed. You attacked his lips, pressing so hard that he almost lost balance. Connor yanked your jacket off of your arms, throwing it on the floor. The zipper hit the floor, making a loud noise. But you didn’t care. Every sensation that wasn’t caused by Connor – faded into white noise.

He quickly grabbed your thighs, throwing you onto his double bed. He tucked his head in your neck, biting and finally creating a piece of art that couldn’t be graded. His hands quickly moved under your shirt, grabbing onto your breasts roughly.

“God, I fucking missed these,” he breathed out messily.

“Connor, w-what about your parents? W-What about Zoe?” you whispered in between hot breaths.

His hands grabbed your thighs and pulled them apart roughly, slipping his torso between them. “At work. I don’t fucking care about Zoe,” he grumbled against your skin.

You tipped your head backwards, letting your boyfriend catch up on all the missed time. Every tick, emotion, or outlet he needed was now all in for your pleasure. His anger built up from the week is pushed onto his muscles: carrying out the pleasure that he dedicates to you.

Connor sat on his knees. Stripping off his shirt, he presented the pale torso that you know all-too-well. You placed your hand on the line of hair beneath his belly button. You wanted to admire his beauty, but Connor had other plans. He attached his lips to yours and the two of you continued to remove your clothes, throwing them to the side of his bedroom.

His kisses trailed down your bare body. His movements resembled a waterfall, graceful and with a plan. He got dangerously close to where you wanted him the most. Slipping under the covers, he threw your legs onto his shoulders, burying his face in your thighs. He kissed up them, his nose nuzzling into the soft skin.

“I’m so lucky. So goddamn lucky,” he murmured.

You sucked in your breath, leaning onto your elbows as you watched his every move.

Connor kissed up your legs, and placed a soft kiss to your core. You hissed in delight, mouth hanging agape. Connor licked a single stride, smirking as you squirmed beneath his touch. He alternated between his tongue and fingertips, making sure to give you his undivided attention.

“You’re such a pretty girl, so so pretty,” he murmured against your heat.

You grabbed onto his locks, throwing your head back with your eyes closed. You could feel him humming the tune to your favourite song. You felt so close to the brim and then he pulled away.

Whining, you looked at him. Usually, he would give you 2-3 orgasms a night. But he was too eager to finish what he started. Throwing open his bedside drawer, he reached for a condom and slipped it on.

“Ride me,” he spoke quickly. You nodded and straddled him. You slipped him into you and rested your forehead against his.


Zoe walked through the front door of her house. Her mom and dad were at work, but had texted her to ask Connor what he wanted for dinner. Running upstairs, she was already dialing the number to her favourite pizza place.

She swung his bedroom door open, “Hey Connor, what do you want for- OH DEAR GOD.”

The Spirit of Spring, and the Guardian of Creativity and Life, Fleur Rampion, from my Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons fanfiction, One Step at a Time (will add a link once I’m off mobile).

By the Moon! I am in love with these Chameleon pens! I’ve never been able to achieve shading like this with my alcoholic marker pens before, they are amazing! I’ve been putting off drawing the designs for the Season Spirits from One Step at a Time for ages, and now I cannot wait to get started on the other three. Used an image of Rapunzel as a reference.

Today’s work in progress shot - a little marker colouring of some line art I did last year! Everyone’s favourite pretty boy elf mage Silas from ‘A Brush With Magic ’ published with Sweatdrop Studios. Look out for a future step-by-step write up by me for Chameleon Art Products ♡

Finally i got a new video up and running, it was one of the last vids i took with my old camera before it really became close to giving up and you can sort of tell by the video quality unfortunately, but on the bright side i did get a new camcorder so hopefully that one will last me a little longer then the previous one (that one did not even live trough 2 full years of use -_-)
Watch at


Everyone has been asking me to try the silver chrome powder for nails… HOW ABOUT RAINBOW CHROME INSTEAD YAASSS

The Results of Looking Through my first Hobbit Book...

… the one I got as a present for my 8th birthday. It’s a Russian translation of several English stories for children (The Hobbit was my favourite, Peter Pan a close second, and it’s obvious from the way the pages look), and it used to have small black-and-white illustrations at the beginning of each chapter.

However, at that age I strongly disliked “colourless” illustrations - so of course I decided to “fix” them.

The first one, at the beginning, still looks nice:

​Here’s Bilbo in the first chapter, with overly red cheeks and bright blue smoke. But as I just noticed there’s a line about Hobbits liking to dress in green and yellow, so kudos to little me for keeping that in mind.

The Dwarves all got sufficiently colourful cloaks. It’s really not surprising they were noticed by every single enemy they encountered.

Then there’s an Elf of Rivendell (who probably looks best), a really colourful goblin, and an Elf of Mirkwood (who would’ve looked better if i hadn’t used a yellow text marker for his hair, skin, cloak and the torch):

Of course, I generally liked that yellow text marker way too much. You see, my parents were using it to mark keywords at the time. I didn’t care about keywords at all and did this:

While not every page looks like that, there are a lot. Most of them, really. At some point the text marker ran out and I continued with a yellow pencil. I still remember feeling really smart and grown-up because it seemed like such an adult thing.

Here’s Smaug setting Esgaroth on fire. For some reason, he is green this time. With lilac wings. Look, it’s not absurd at all for dragons to be able to change colours like chameleons!

Then we have these warriors with their lovely pink and yellow armour:

The Battle of the Five Armies:

The elf’s red hair means I’ve predicted Tauriel! (On the other hand, this looks like it might be Maedhros, if you ignore that he has no way to be there). It’s also interesting how I gave everyone the same liver problems admittedly horrible skin color. Of course, the goblins already looked more like the other species than in most other depictions, the major difference is their hateful expression (and their fashion :D). I like how it shows they’re evil and hated because of what they are like on the inside, not because of the way they look. (The idea of a completely evil race is still problematic, but less so if they don’t look that much uglier than the good guys.)

The last interesting illustration is this one with Thranduil, Bilbo, and Bard:

I really did have some weird thing for pink armour (with some green parts). Also, Bard is… Blueb(e)ard. But hey, I made Thranduil blond. I’m so good at predictions :)

Anyway, all this shows how much I loved that book, and it’s absolutely not surprising that I’m in the Tolkien fandom now.