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Book Colour Challenge - January (Grey)

I’m doing a new challenge for myself this year to try and help me read more books from my tbr. I have so many books that have been sitting on my bookcase for so long but I keep putting them off for newer books. I though this would be a good way to still have some choice but also make myself read books from my shelf.

I’m trying to read three books of a certain colour each month, this month was Grey because January feels like a very grey month. I really enjoyed all the books I read for this in January and I’m excited to cross some books off my tbr!

I’m putting a list of the colours below if anyone is interested.

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{Just One Word March Book Photo Challenge}

8. Death.

“…while I am Death’s daughter and walk in His dark shadow, surely the darkness can give way to light sometimes.”
The His Fair Assassin trilogy by Robin LaFevers, which I have yet to finish.