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I Miss You

Anon request: Hello lovely! Can I just say how much I loved closer?? Can you do an imagine where it’s the summer holidays and Draco and reader write letters to each other? :) preferably the letters are really fluffy, thanks so much!!!

Of course Anon, I have tried my best :) ALSO - before anyone reads, I’m considering writing a part 2 because it is quite short, so holla at this post if that’s something you’d like, and I’ll add it to my list of things to do :)

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hello!! i felt my shadings been super bland lately, so if i could maybe get a critique that would mean a lot 2 me!! thank u in advance (also be as harsh as u like its ok!)

Okay so I think I can see what you’re trying to do here, but there’s a lack of direction and some rules that need to be adhered to with this kind of colouring. So what I can see you’re trying to do is add colour as a secondary light source, and generally switching the hues when going to a lighter or darker colour, which is good. However, one of the things you need to do is make sure that it’s consistent. If this isn’t the case I apologise, however it might be worthwhile addressing it anyways. This is pretty long so under the cut we go my dudes.

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bird of the day (3)!

ok its been a while since i did bird of the day but here we go. BAM


look at this beautiful tropical creature. it looks like a tropical fruity drink. those colours! that beautiful beak! that stunning look!

but of course.. theyre also super intelligent! 

and they have a LOT to say!

look at him. just waiting to burst with conversation.

and finally, a word from a very happy bird owner:

Help us identify this bird

me and my gf were out yesterday and we saw this bird and we don’t know what it is?? unfortunately we didn’t get chance to take a photo before it took off so I tried to draw it from memory (I don’t remember the colours of the beak and tail)

at first we wondered if it was some weird pink seagull but we can’t find anything that really matches it online and we’re really curious (the closest we found was maybe a Roseate Turn, but it doesn’t really match any pictures of them). we’re in north england, if that helps too.