Finally making my post about my 50k drawing contest! Details and prizes are mentioned in my giveaway video on my channel.

Basically, colour the blank lineart any way you want! Feel free to make some small changes to it if needed and be creative; the coloured version here is just an example (and pretty basic) so you don’t need to stick to the same colour scheme, feel free to get creative since I know you can all do much better than that lol

Good luck!

Nintendo’s really been going hard on colourful, family-friendly versions of genres that have traditionally been considered the province of the “hardcore” crowd: first role-based multiplayer online shooters with Splatoon, and now post-apoc wilderness survival games with Breath of the Wild.

I’m seriously wondering what genre they’ll tackle next if, indeed, this proves to be a trend.

Like, can you picture what Nintendo would do with a 4X space sim?

Or what they’d have to do to make tactical stealth assassination gameplay family-friendly?

(’cause you know they could totally do it - the question is how.)