stydia meme: [ 2/2 colours ] orange & blue

Okay, maybe orange and blue is not the best. Right, you know, sometimes there’s other things you wouldn’t think would be a good combination end up turning out to be, like, a perfect combination.

[throws markers across room] ugh

i’m not a huge fan of his artwork in heroes so

au where yoongi and jimin are on their first date and jimin playfully guesses yoongi’s favourite colour to be pink (because it’s the colour of his hair) and yoongi just kind of looks at him for a moment and takes in the soft pink of his hair, the natural blush of his cheeks, the tip of his nose which is a lil flushed from the cold, his full rosy lips, and blurts out that yeah, he’s totally right (though in all honesty, yoongi didn’t even have a favourite colour until that very moment).


For my romeo @christinelucka cz she asked so nicely<3

These chapters had so much friendship and i LOVE it!!, also I made my first gif dno if it will work but it’s pretty bad anyways XD I’ll get better though

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[TianShan Week]

Day 7: Freestyle

…Beach time!

Hurrah, I’ve finally done all the prompts, even though I was late for almost of them! XD It has been a blast, despite losing some sleep over this! It really did get me to think about different ideas and having to draw them out in such a limited time! :’D Cheers~


I don’t care what’s in your hair,
I just wanna know what’s on your mind,
I used to say, “I wanna die before I’m old,”
But because of you I might think twice.