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Anime cliches I miss because they don’t really do them any more

The sweatdrop

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Liberal use of the V sign, even in situations that did not call for it and does not require a camera to be present.

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Falling over because someone said or did something so incredibly stupid it made you lose all strength and will to live.

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When they do the anime face thing

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Making characters squishy

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the dignity laugh

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#jaime is bi and had an enormous crush on ned and any other knight he casually mentions as honorable

@captainofalltheships perfect tag just perfect


i tried to do the 4+1 but there are only so many ways to carry a person.

bc let’s face it the only one kakashi will allow to touch him is gai the only person he can get drunk with is gai and gai is a mighty mighty guy and i might be in love with the idea of gai carrying kakashi and vice versa. there was originally supposed to be a de-aged kakashi being carried around by gai but it seemed forced ;_;



I didn’t know what to draw so yeah… I drew shindeku (now with updated colours lol ! ) just another silly comic ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

[throws markers across room] ugh

i’m not a huge fan of his artwork in heroes so