coloured pencil

Telegraph Photoshoot (Benedict Cumberbatch)                                   (Coloured pencils - 3 hours)

Project Inspiration #8 - Don’t let your fear decide your fate

Requested by gniynah

Watercolour brush lettering with coloured pencil blending. 

I was not patient enough to let the watercolour dry so there are smudges all over the page. And my palm. 

I really want some different colours to play with. I will finish this project before I decided on a new palette though. 


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Hey guys, guess what? I’ve just finished another art of danisnotonfire and amazingphil

I’m just in love with the result. I’m gonna attach it to a wall and worship it

Check that out and please reblog (I really want Phil and Dan to notice me) (It won’t happen… you’re massive loser) 

And also I’d like to thank them for doing their amazing videos that makes us happy and brighten up our gloomy days xoxo