coloured napkin

So far on the menu...

For Super Bowl we will be making…(let’s be real… I will be making..)…

- mac and cheese
- beef ribs
- pork ribs
- corn dip
- nacho dip
- potato salad
- fried chicken sliders
- some type of themed dessert

Then other people are bringing
- chips
- spinach dip
- wings
- pizza
- mozza sticks

We also have on the list 5 different soft drinks and 2 kinds of mini Gatorade.

I’ve been trying to test the waters to see just how into it J will let me get… see, when I host a party I like to decorate and theme it and have everything set up so detailed like it’s a goddamn wedding. Here I’m thinking I can at least get away with colour coordinated table cloth, napkins, plates, etc. Originally I had wanted to use my nice baking dishes and really have everything put out on platters and arranged, but now I’ve gotten lazy and will probably just use throw away dishes to bake everything in. I mean I want it to look fun and I want to be the super host, but there’s that fine line between “your girlfriend is so good at this!” And “does your girlfriend know we are grown men?”….