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„You cannot just go through town and tell people you’re in love with them.“ He exclaims, his accent thickening with every word. 

“And why not?” Solo asks, the grin on his face widening infuriatingly, “are you jealous?”

Alternatively Solo is totally grabbing Illya’s butt… 

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can we get some angsty and/or fluffy karchie headcanons pls? (i live for ur headcanons lol)

Anon I’m SCREAMING I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

Damn omg you got it pal, Kevarchie coming your way. (Also I apologise for this being so fucking long I just had so many Ideas)

- It’s some unspecified future time. Kevin and Archie are living together, with Jughead too. Kevin and Archie are boyfriends and they both have qpr’s with our aroace Jughead.
- It’s their anniversary. They decided years ago that they’d take turns of who planned it each year, it’s Kevin’s year. He takes Archie to that new superhero movie he’s been dying to watch, then up to the observatory hill after grabbing some food to star gaze.
- Kevin’s watching Archie beaming in the moonlight, happily stimming as he talks about his favourite parts of the movie inbetween bites of ketchup dipped chips and he’s struck by the thought that he wants to marry this man.
- Kevin’s driving them home, one hand on the wheel, the other in Archie’s hand. Kevin laughs at one of Archie’s stupid jokes while driving under a street lamp, the warm yellow lighting up his face. Archie’s struck by the same thought; I want to marry this man.
- Kevin always has to leave early for his shifts at the hospital as a nurse so it’s just Archie and Jughead sitting at the table eating breakfast.
“Jug, I… I want to propose to Kevin.”
“Okay. Figured out how yet?”
“Wha-? No I- Jug-”
“Arch, I love you, and I love Kevin too. But I don’t love you guys the way you two love each other. I know you both love me. If this is something you want, go for it. There’s nothing in your way.”
- They get a few minutes together when Kevin gets home from work, but Archie has to run off to a gig that night and then it’s just Kevin and Jughead.
“Yeah, what’s up Kev?”
“I want to ask Archie to marry me. Just want to make sure that’s okay with you.”
Holy fuck, Jughead thinks, a grin spreading across his face but not for the reason Kevin thinks.
“Totally okay with me.”
- The next few months are Stressful™. Archie is running around behind Kevin’s back trying to create a perfect proposal, Kevin is running around behind Archie’s back trying to create the perfect proposal. Jughead is laughing to himself eating cereal in the background.
- But it wears on them. They’ve both pulled away from each other and neither can figure out why the other would do that. It’s been five months since their anniversary and Archie realises they haven’t even been together since then. Nothing beyond couch cuddles and kisses on the way to work, no more than an hour or two at a time.
- Archie freaks out, stress stimming all day in their room until Kevin gets home. “I miss you.” He whispers, the tightly squeezed play-dough in his hands giving away how anxious he is.
- Kevin’s shoulders slump, because he’s been freaking out about the same thing for about two weeks now. “I miss you too.” He says back softly, walking over and taking Archie in his arms.
- They talk it out, both of them knowing how busy they’ve each been now. They both take the next day off to just be with each other again. It’s the most relaxed they’ve been in months, and Jughead feels a little bad for not noticing sooner. But they’re happy now, kissing his cheek or squeezing his shoulder every time they pass by to get more tea or snacks.
- Tour season for the band starts up again in a month.
- Kevin: “I’m finally gonna propose after their first concert on the tour.”
Archie, fifteen minutes later: “I’m gonna propose to Kev after our first concert.”
Jughead, eating cereal: “This is gonna be so fucking funny.”
- So the concert has ended, Kevin’s out on stage congratulating his boyfriend, nothing out of the ordinary with that.
- Then Archie grabs the mic again, he’s blushing and shaky and stuttering. “Uh, Kev, there- there’s um. Something I wanna ask you…”
- Kevin knows this Archie. This was the Archie that approached him when he was questioning, who asked him out for their first date, when they first came out, and he’s PISSED
- “Oh hell NO!! There’s no way you’re asking me first!” Kevin yells, scrambling in his pocket for his ring.
- Archie catches on and instantly drops to his knee, scrambling for his own box.
- They both yell “MARRY ME, YOU DORK!” And “MARRY ME, DAMNIT!” At the same time, kneeling and holding their rings out at each other.
- Jughead is laughing so hard he’s fallen to the ground clutching his sides
- Archie takes a moment and just looks at the sight in front of him. The love of his life kneeling and offering him his heart. He can’t help but beam, placing the ring he’d bought down and holding out his left hand for Kevin. “Absolutely.”
- Kevin melts a little bit, sliding the ring onto Archie’s finger only to watch the redhead melt completely. He blushes darkly right to the tips of his ears, sinking all the way to the floor as he stares at the ring, his free hand flapping.
- So Kevin laughs softly, heart bursting with love for this man. He grabs Archie’s ring himself, noting that they matched (bc of course Jughead made sure they matched), and sliding it onto his own hand.
- When he gently tips Archie’s head up to show him the ring on his own hand, Archie tears up and starts flapping both his hands, before Kevin pulls him into a hug and the hands end up clutched in Kevin’s sweater.
- They have a long, long night together, and are woken much sooner than they’d like by heavy binders being dropped on their chests.
“Let’s talk napkin colours.”
“Veronica it’s six am.”
“You were in New York last night.”
“I’m thinking some soft blues and yellows, a real summery feel.”
- Jughead makes waffles for breakfast as an apology for not stopping Veronica on her way in (Though he’s not completely sorry bc his boys are most adorable when sleepy).
- About a month after the engagement.
Archie: “You know I’m surprised Jug never figured out we were planning the same thing.”
Kevin: “What??”
Archie: “Well, I told him how I was gonna propose to you.”
Kevin: “What the fuck?? I told him how I was gonna propose to you too!”
Both of them: “JUGHEAD!!”
Jughead: drops his spoon into his cereal “I suddenly remembered I have to leave right now immediately.”

Life hack: use nicely coloured serviettes/napkins even if you’re only eating by yourself. Pour yourself a glass of wine in the evening. Enjoy yourself sometimes. Replenish your energy so you can work even harder the next day and accomplish all your goals.

A Look Into Home Styling

While Instagram pictures do nothing for our self esteem, they do provide peeks into people’s houses that we weren’t allowed before. When used to our advantage this can help keep our house updated with all the latest trends to match our wardrobe. After scouring instagram for a considerable amount of time I came up with 7 trends that popped up more often than others.

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Don’t tell the bride AU!

Don’t tell the Bride Groom AU where Harry and Eggsy are sent undercover on the ridiculous show for reasons (lets say someone’s sneaking weapons in the gear across the country) and Eggsy gets to play the dippy clueless overenthusiastic groom while Harry is the worried nervous annoyed bride groom! 

The producers love the ‘gay dudes’ angle. Merlin loves screwing with Harry. Roxy is flat-out laughing her ass off at the briefing.

They’re not supposed to talk to each other during the 3 weeks before the wedding but Eggsy has to (secretly) report to Harry every night anyway, and Harry asks how the preparations are going. Eggsy starts talking about all the ridiculous things he hadn’t even known went into a wedding (What the hell is a boutonniere anyway???? What is the bloody difference between navy and royal navy??? I didn’t know paper came in types!!!!) and then he mentions how he kinda hoped he could have a romantic wedding in the country; Harry surprises him by mentioning how he always liked more rustic themes, smaller parties, less formality. Eggsy mentions that he’s got to handle the cake and invitations the next day and somehow they spend the next hour talking flavours and colour schemes. The nightly reports become more planning sessions, where Eggsy tells Harry what he’s doing the next day and Harry gives his input. 

Eggsy has a ball dragging Ryan, Jamal and Roxy around London, looking at venues and suits and decor. Roxy puts her foot down when Ryan suggests she try on wedding dresses for a lark, literally and figuratively. Jamal is scared at how into ‘all this frilly shit’ Eggsy is- there may be footage of Eggsy cackling madly while caressing tablerunners. Daisy looks absolutely adorable the afternoon they spend having her try on different dresses- after 5 hours Eggsy has to be dragged away. Michelle is about ready to track Harry down and find out just what the bloody hell he’s gotten her boy into now! The producers are cackling with glee.

Harry drives the film crew nuts by being boring Harry. He refuses to cry over something like the colour of napkins, thank you. He trusts his fiance to make the right choices and is quite happy getting on with things in the shop. Wait, what do you mean Kingsman can’t make the suits? Um, sorry, sir, your fiance didn’t select full suits…sir. What. (Merlin, you better find a way to replace those suits before the ceremony!) Oh good lord, what are Mummy and Father going to say! (Your parents are aware it’s a mission, Harry, your father was the old Tristan after all.Your mother is about to adopt Eggsy, as it is.)

And somewhere along the line they sort of forget that it’s all pretend. It’s Harry and Eggsy’s mutual design and desired wedding. The big day arrives, the suits have been swopped, the few guests await the small wedding party and they’re ready to get on with the vows when Merlin tells them that he’s detected something. There’s a chase and a gunfight and explosions (Damnit Gawain! You said that was a normal lighter! It was, the cigarette was explosive :D) and they get the bad guy. Thank god they hosted it at the estate.

Harry finds Eggsy and they talk. Their relationship is young and still growing. Their future is uncertain. They’re also spies, every mission could be their last and Eggsy already knows what a life without Harry feels like. Their future is uncertain. Harry never thought he’d marry, not after realising how sexually flexible he was, not after Kingsman, not after so many years. Eggsy fantasized he’d meet some sweet girl, that he’d meet some brave lad; he wanted the dream which no one had. Their future is uncertain.  

Oh hell, why not? Not filling me with confidence here. Having something explode seems oddly appropriate for my wedding. Oddly enough, me too.

Harry and Eggsy always watch a recording of their episode on their anniversary, even if Harry despairs that he got married on national television.

It’s romantic! It’s tacky, I’m not a bloody royal.