02/10/17 - It felt good for Friday to come after a very long and busy week. I was scrambling around in court all morning. I had a couple of pleas in Federal Court, and a couple other clients in custody. I managed to finish in court by lunch and caught up on things in the office in the afternoon. I got my preorder of the new Weeknd album on vinyl, and bumped that at home. Steph and I ordered pizza from Rustic Slice and watched Silk, which is fantastic.

Nirvana singles on coloured vinyl:
- Sliver (UK, 1991, limited to 2000 copies)
- Puss / Oh, the Guilt (UK, 1993, split single with The Jesus Lizard)
- Heart-Shaped Box (Germany, 1993)


Author: @eradikeats-writes as part of Exordia Academy - a series of ongoing one shots with @kpopfanfictrash and @the-porcelain-doll-xo
Creative Content Contributors: moodboard by @baebae-goodnight (LOOK AT IT, IT IS GORGEOUS)
Pairing: Junmyeon x Reader (oc; female)
Summary: Junmyeon thinks of himself as cursed. Every time he touches things, he gets visions of all those who held it before him; when he touches people, he gets their lived experiences and all their feelings regarding those experiences. Junmyeon doesn’t like touching anything at all. Until one day he sees you. Until one day, he realizes he wants to touch you.
Superpower: Psychokinesis
Rating: NC-17
Warning: explicit sex
Word Count: 10,960

This is not his house.

Yet, this is his kitchen. Or, rather, it was.

This space, tilted and cavernous, is not a tangible reality.

But it could be.

It could be - it feels frighteningly as though it is, and so it is the spoon that makes him unsettled.

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