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I absolutely adore that headcanon that went around a while ago where the layout of the Fenton household is constantly shifting and changing

but what if we took it a step further

what if the WHOLE OF AMITY PARK was affected by the portal, being in such close proximity to a tear between dimensions and effectively SOAKING in all the ectoplasmic radiation it’s been pumping out over the years

so this quaint little town starts to develop a few rather odd… quirks

like the water fountain in the park turns strange colours on occasion and smells (and tastes as Tucker discovered on a dare) strongly of burnt sugar

there’s this one road on the edge of town that, though it appears to be straight, somehow loops back on itself so that you end up back where you started, but only if you’re wearing shoes, this odd detail was discovered when Paulina’s heel broke as she and Star were writing a school paper on the landmark and she had to continue barefoot

the local shopping mall has its strange traits too, the glass ceiling of the food court shows an odd stormy red sky no matter the weather outside, except for once every seventeen days when it randomly turns into an aurora borealis-esque light show for differing periods of time, Kwan has these days marked on his calendar and sometimes skips school to see it, sometimes Danny joins him

a lot of the stores reach much farther back than physics says they really should, clerks always remember to clear the back of the shops on Monday afternoons, some of the stores like to revert back to regular size on Tuesdays

the parking lot behind the bowling alley is a favourite of Ida Manson’s, she and the elderly of Amity frequent the spot on Saturday mornings as the strange gravity shifts do wonders for their aching joints, being able to dance and leap like they’re light as a feather makes them feel young again

the walk to school could take someone five minutes one day, and an hour the next, Lancer has added ‘spacial disturbances’ to his list of acceptable excuses for being late

there’s this one tree in the park that every child feels compelled to climb, because halfway up they discover that they’re suddenly climbing back towards the ground upside down, their friends have to grab hold of their arms to stop them from falling into the sky until they climb back down the tree again and gravity goes back to normal

the Mansons lobby to have the tree cut down after catching their daughter climbing it, Sam and the neighbourhood children protest by climbing the tree and hanging upwards from the lower branches like reverse bats, the parents refuse to let the tree be destroyed until their childrens’ sense of gravity is restored

nobody goes down the slide at the Nasty Burger playground any more, the last three kids to do so still haven’t stopped screaming, nobody can figure out why

a majority of the residents of Amity Park overlook most of these strange occurrences, or put police tape around the dangerous ones and ignore them, they live in a town where ghosts attack regularly, changes like these have become not only unsurprising, but expected

and then the animals start to mutate, dogs are born with unnaturally coloured fur, fish are leaping out of their tanks and floating above the water, cats slip behind one object and come out behind another across the yard, some herbivorous animals gain a craving for meat and all of the local pigeons decide that flying in a spiral shape above the public library for three hours every morning is a productive start to the day

even plants start to grow into weird shapes and sizes, fruits with strange tastes and colours become a trend at local Sunday markets, seeds grow without even being planted or watered, root vegetables are found on above-ground vines, berries start growing out of the painted wood of a backyard fence

and then the children start to change

the only trend among the human mutations that local doctors can find is that every person identified had been a child or young teenager whose body had yet to finish developing when the ghosts had first started attacking (or, more accurately, when the portal had first been opened)

mutations range from purely harmless to downright disturbing, a teenager with blue eyebrows, a child with horns growing from the back of their left hand, a little girl whose hair drips down her back as though it’s made of liquid, an older boy whose teeth all fell out and grew back seemingly normal but turned out to be diamond hard and capable of biting through solid steel

the mutations only grow as the years pass, the older children developing dangerous abilities that could rival some of the local ghosts, kids being capable of duplicating themselves, a girl spotted flying to school, someone with green skin seen at the local supermarket, it’s even said that the Fenton’s kid can knock buildings over just by screaming at them

the Guys in White stop trying to protect the town, it becomes very clear that it doesn’t need protecting, it needs CONTAINING, but they soon discover that this is a far more difficult task than first assumed

because the overpowered youth of Amity Park have grown accustomed to a new-found sense of freedom the likes they’d never experienced before

and they don’t like being contained


A Bisexual autistic boy loving a bisexual boy of colour is today’s trend 👀💞

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The Plan

Edited by the lovely Christine!

Veronica Lodge was standing behind Kevin Keller’s locker door when he closed it, ready to go meet his friends outside for lunch. Raising an immaculately groomed black eyebrow she offered her arm which he quickly accepted and linked together as they began to walk.

“So our dear Betty has been getting awfully close to Jughead lately” she started, a playful, knowing glint in her eye

“I noticed,” he started before he noticed the smirk on her face, “Wait, what do you know that I don’t? Ronnie, spill!”

“Welllll,” she drawled slowly, teasing him with a gloating smile dawning her perfectly lined lips

“Betty may have mentioned that he’s ‘really been there for her’ lately….” she hinted

“They’d make a cute couple” Kevin concluded tilting his head slightly, brown hair coming out of place as he considered the possibility, before giving his dark haired companion a mischievous smile.

“I’m glad we’re on the same page Kev.” A playful glint came to dark her eyes as they met his.

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B E A U T Y   M A K E U P   -   B E H I N D   T H E   S C E N E S

A few weeks ago I shared with you some images from my professional portfolio which were taken from a recent Beauty shoot with model, Caitlin Burles.
FYI, Caitlin was a stand-in for Gal Gadot on the Wonder Woman film. Pretty cool huh? 

During the shoot my makeup assistant, Yasmin Lovece, kindly filmed some behind the scenes of the makeup and I filmed some of the products used. So this week I edited and uploaded the footage for those of you who are interested in seeing how these looks came together.


Alot of yous asking(tumblr not letting me reply to a comment, big post), so here’s some histogram basics if you don’t wanna google..

It’s a tool in Photoshop(Window>Histogram) that you can expand for the colour channels of the entire image(default is RGB mode). It’s like the Levels adjustment tool, but without the adjustments. It represents information nicely in a handy chart.

What it does is graph the amount of pixels along two axis’. It’s an objective tool that quantifies the information of the image- in the case you’re unsure of your own natural judgement.

I like to use it when I paint, just to check the ‘colour trends’ going on in my work, especially whenever I feel like I’m lost in the mess of colours. What I usually observe is the relative balance of warm/cool colour; Where are my cool/warm zones? etc

The histogram is not something you adjust- nor let control- your painting. I may guess that some artists have found a way working like that, but in my method of painting I like to vomit whatever colours I want down, and then siphon through the mess, with the occasional help of the histogram.

It allows me to make decisions on directing colours trends– like in here, I painted it such that my midtone range is warm, and the low/dark range is cool. Hence the histo shows the obvious spikes in temperature of values.

Please note– The histo is not a tool to help you paint- it’s only a graph of information, for whenever you need it! Traditionally photographers use it to check the exposure in their work.

Which makes me wonder how these splash artists go about painting, it’s like they worked each colour separately to produce such pretty histograms.. it’s almost UNNATURAL, haha!

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