you know how little kids are taught that the primary colours are red and blue and yellow? and then when they get older they have to unlearn that. 

or how they’re taught that this peach colour is “flesh toned”. and they have to unlearn that mindset. 

or how they’re taught that this is what a person looks like–two arms, two legs, a head, a body–different sizes, but this is a person. and they have to unlearn that mindset. 

i feel like Rhett had picked up the tshirt Link was wearing in todays ep

i don’t know if it is the colour or the fit of it but i imagine something like this:

Rhett and Link were out for lunch and after finishing their meal they decided to take the long road back to the office.
on their way back Rhett saw a little shop that he hasn’t seen before which had some colourful shirts on display we know how he likes those colourful shirts/hoodies with repetitive prints :D. so they went in.
Rhett knows that Link likes those tshirts with designs in the front middle so when he saw this tshirt with an earth tone colour (which he himself loves) and a squirrel in the middle he knew he had to buy it for Link.
he realised it was a bit more loose fitting then Link’s other tshirts but he had made up his mind, he could practically picture Link in it.
Link protested at first, not wanting to make his best friend buy stuff for him but nevertheless the tshirt was purchased.
Link actually loved the tshirt and wore it for the show the next morning.
just seeing Rhett’s eyes light up with happiness was enough to make it Link’s favourite tshirt
The Harry Potter Lexicon
The most complete and accurate reference resource for HP canon!

Many of you, like me, write fanfiction. We all suffer from the problem of not always being able to remember every detail of canon, so having a quick way of checking those details is invaluable.

For a few years now, the go-to resource for the HP fandom has been the Harry Potter Wiki. The only problem? It’s not reliable. It treats information from the books, Pottermore, the movies, the video games, and even the theme parks as equally canon, and isn’t always great about sourcing where its info comes from. For example, characters who were not described in the books are given the hair and eye colour, skin tone, and heights of the actors who played them.

But do not despair! The HP Lexicon exists, and is a great and well-sourced resource for all things canon! 

“the Harry Potter Lexicon has always focused only on what Rowling herself created. That means that we don’t reference the films, the video games, or any other source of information. As a result, some fans read an entry on the Lexicon and email us that we’re missing facts, while in actuality these facts are not attributable to Rowling and therefore we leave them out intentionally.”

Even better, the website has recently been revamped and is being updated again! (Caveat: some parts are still under construction.) I find it much easier to navigate than the Wiki, and its layout is prettier, too. Check it out and bookmark it, if you haven’t already!

If you love and use the Lexicon as much as I do, you might also consider supporting it on Patreon.

Shoreline stone yesterday- textures, tones, form and surfaces. Love the scattering of holes in the surface.
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