Total event collapse means that every star in the Universe never happened. Not one single one of them ever shone, so if all the stars that ever were are gone then what—is that? Like I said, I’m looking for an exploding TARDIS.

But that’s the sun.

Episode 37, Yugi and Yami’s tag team spectacular! 

I’ve been looking forward to this since this duel started. Fun as it is to watch Yami struggle valiantly against Pegasus, watching these two really work together for the first time is awesome!

Yami hides Black Magician in the Silk Hats, hoping Pegasus won’t be able to tell which one he’s in, but he can, because the Silk Hats aren’t random - Yami has to choose which Hat he’s in. Luckily, just as it seems everyone’s favourite colour-blind magician is doomed, the Puzzle glows…

This all just happens, and it takes everyone by surprise. I do like (in the second last screencap) it keeps Yugi’s face in shadow for the audience reveal a moment later … but Yugi’s already done up his white shirt. The hair and eyes are good giveaways but the easiest difference to spot is the effect they have on their shared outfit!

(My headcanon is they couldn’t agree on what to wear, so agreed to wear Yami’s choice of shirt underneath Yugi’s, so when they switched they could just open or close Yugi’s neat white shirt to reveal or hide Yami’s leather bondage vest.) (My headcanon does not explain how Yami manages to turn Yugi’s sneakers into heeled booties that are clearly attached to his trousers. Nothing can explain that.)

Pegasus freaks out a bit, but not as much as Jounouchi.

Anzu, meanwhile, is revealed to have listened to Yugi’s confidential trusting confession of mystical split-personality issues with extreme skepticism. 

Jeez, Anzu, he’s only saved your life like, three or four times, isn’t that enough to rate a “he”, not an “it”? Rude.

Then it’s revealed that Yugi didn’t just pop out suddenly, he and Yami had a mental conversation in their soul corridor where they decided to tag Yugi in.

I think this is the first time they really meet face to face! Turns out this is where Yugi hangs out when Yami’s duelling, he can watch.

… I don’t think he’s quite forgiven him for that almost-killed-Kaiba thing.

But they guess that Pegasus is only reading _Yami’s_ mind, not Yugi’s, and by extension, can only read the mind of whoever is “out”, and not whoever is in the soul rooms.

This is so sweet and Yugi is SO SHORT HOLY CRAP WOULD YOU LOOK AT HIM! But just so sweet. Bbys.

And it works! Yugi draws a card and plays it face down, then challenges Pegasus to come read his mind to see what it is. Pegasus gets his glow on, but when he looks, all he sees is the back of the card, and that’s because…

Yami’s back, and Yugi and the knowledge of that card are hidden away!

Yugi takes their turns, drawing and setting cards, and Yami takes over for Pegasus’s turns. This is presumably because they’re both good at duelling, but Yami is about a thousand times better at being a rude and cocky motherfucker to ruffle Pegasus’s feathers and make him make a mistake, which he does, to the cost of Toon World.


How the fuck do these outlandishly-haired dorks give me such feelings?!

Aside: everything is going totally fine for Honda, Bakura and The Body Formerly Known As Mokuba.

Ah, for how many people was this phrase coming from this face the last thing they ever saw? Spoiler alert! By the end of this episode, that number rises by five!

These are four of them. The guns do nothing. (Although they do shoot up the stairs, at the top of which is Bakura and Honda, and the bullets go through the Man-Eating Bug Bakura magically summoned into reality like it’s smoke, but don’t hit Bakura, even though he’s standing directly behind it and it doesn’t stop the bullets….) But whatever. They all die.

Back at the duel, with the loss of Toon World and a Millennium Item holder posing a real threat to Pegasus, he decides it’s time to stop playing around.

That’s a hell of a compliment! I mean that almost literally; he immediately plunges them into hell The Shadow Realm…

Hannictober Day 8: Woods

Such a clear path through the thickets and branches that blanketed everything else- it was almost too good to be true.