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#5 and #80 with Q?

5. “Amazing, isn’t it?”
80. “It looked like it was getting fun so I decided to join in.”

The beach on this planet was without a doubt much prettier than a beach on, say, Earth. And you’ve been to a lot of them. But between the sunset of twin suns and the white sand under your toes, this beach definitely took the cake for being one of the prettiest.

“Amazing, isn’t it?” A new voice startled you. And with a small yelp of surprise, you whirled around to face the newcomer.

But you recognized him instantly. “Q? What the hell are you doing here?” You demanded.

He gave a shrug, strolling up to your side. Q was dressed in a comically-coloured Hawaiian shirt; something that would be hard to ignore if he hadn’t just scared you. “I saw you alone. On this beach. It looked like it was getting fun so I decided to join in.” 

“Well, I don’t remember inviting you.”

“That’s the beauty of it!” Q spouted out, an arm going over your shoulders. “I invited myself. Isn’t that much easier?”

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Because some men aren’t looking for anything logical, like money. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn - Batman Begins (2005) The Dark Knight (2008) The Dark Knight Rises (2012)


Drew a sad little comic of a “Kakyoin comes back alive” AU. Not sure if this really counts as that kind of AU though.

(Been thinking about Jotaro thinking about getting to grow up and pursue a career and start a family when Kak died so young.)


here we are now, with the falling sky and the rain
     we’re awakening ♪

one of the scenes I would really love to see (as I’m sure many people have thought of!) is Rey experiencing her first rainfall ☺ also because “Awakening” has become one of my theme songs for TFA and all the new kids, there’s something about it which is very beautiful and fits so well thematically ;;

AND BONUS PIC: Finn + Rey (+ Poe’s jacket of a thousand uses (〃▽〃) )


OK the book is fixed, yayyy! 

I’m going to stop selling the SONS OF GASTER book after March 1st, this is the last chance sale! 

[update: it’s overrrrr!]

  • 124 pages, 4.25″ x 6.88″
  • Black and white with spots of colour (like in the comic)
  • Ships from USA
  • CONTAINS: Darker Yet Darker and all 3 chapters of The Second Son of Gaster
  • Unofficial Undertale Fan comic, it’s a sad story that will make you feel sad, no makeouts

Oh my GOSH it took 5 weeks for the stupid proof to get to me, I’m so sorry for the delay. I’m sorry I live on the moon as far as the Post is concerned. 


Last time, Jotaro earned his Dad of the Year award. This time, he tries a little harder with his one-liners and dad skills.  I built this comic out of a pile of Dadtaro jokes I’d been saving up. :> 

Reminder: this guy’s punchghost is basically just a very happy buff dude in a loincloth. No one ever comments on this.

e: By the way, my ask box is always open for prompts or comic suggestions! (And, of course, if I roll with something you suggest, I’ll credit you!)

ok but….damian wayne is my grumpy bird son.

ive been experimenting with comic book styles and colouring! this is one of many doodles


I FINISHED IT!! Finally! After 5 thousand years!!
Honestly I’m very relieved the deadline was extended or I’d never have made it!
And this is why I don’t colour my comics very often @__@

Anyway, this is for the contest being run by @absolutedream-undertaleart

The goal of the contest was to create something inspired by their Undertale comics of the Skelebros.

This was not very hard in the inspiration part at least, because AbsoluteDream really heavily influenced how I write Sans in general. And really so much of what I put into Sans came from the stories they wrote and although I never copy things, a lot of Sans’ expressions in my art came from AbsoluteDream’s comics.

As for AbsoluteDream’s comics themselves, I always love how they’re usually slice of life comics, but have a small underlying sense of danger to them. It never comes to a head as it does here as I’ve drawn it, but there’s always a very slight suggestion of more serious consequences, even if they never come to the forefront. I love slice of life, and I love dramatic events! And his comics have an amazing balance of both! So much so I hope that we can get some more continuation comics of the Sick Day comic series u.u I wanna know what happens!!

As for the comic itself, this was actually going to be a scene that’s a flashback in Time Scar itself much later on in the story. But in the end, I decided to cut it from the story completely because it completely derailed the flow of the events and since there’s no other flashback in the story at all it didn’t make much sense to suddenly divert into this.
Within the context of Time Scar, Papyrus relates the event to illustrate a point that sometimes we do bad things to other people we never ever intended, but events just roll that way, and we can’t blame ourselves for it. Or something. As I said I cut the scene so I haven’t developed it as strongly within Time Scar as I would’ve had I included it.
However, I am very happy this contest gave me a reason to draw it! As otherwise it never would’ve seen the light of day.

I have no idea why I decided to make it a silent comic. I think that was a relic from when it was a flashback within Time Scar and I just couldn’t let go of the idea because that’s how I had it planned out. I don’t know how successful I was considering I had to rely on “speech bubbles” twice. This is also the first fully coloured comic I’ve attempted like this X’D it was maybe more work than I anticipated.

To answer your first question; no, I didn’t kill Sans. Obviously if this was a flashback in Time Scar it would’ve been more obvious. But as it’s no longer part of the story, don’t worry, Sans isn’t dead.

It was a bad day though. Papyrus doesn’t remember it very fondly.

I have a vague idea of what happens next but it doesn’t really lead anywhere so there’s literally no point in including it at all. I feel this says everything it should and leave on a punchier ending.

ANYWAY IT IS NOW COMPLETE!! I can’t even believe it….


I finally had time to draw something other than Uni assignments for the first time in like a month so I decided to do a two page coloured comic because I hate myself.

I feel like the reason no one in the series has ever pointed out natsume’s weird kitty eyes is because only people w the ability to see youkai can see them.

Aka tanuma can sorta see them sometimes and thinks it’s fucking RAD.

edit: tumblr is an asshole and making this blurry just click it.