colour wax art


//inhale…  collapses on the floor heckie ye i did it. pff i’ve changed their races by now and the season in the background to match the time of year. (it’s from mal au, which i’ve had on deviantart for a while. basically it’s an au where lapis n jasper have an edgy band)

old is from 3october16 new is 5may17

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Orochimaru - the colour version. For @blackkatmagic this is a colour version of the one I drew for you yesterday - nothing new I am afraid but I thought I would give colour a try. Sorry to bother you again with my tagging. As for the flowers? Well…

Sakumo grinned. Kakashi gazed up expectantly at the tall pale man from his spot on his hip and dropped a pair of hair pins into his palm. They were exquisite pieces of work, each handmade into the shape of flowers - nightshade and foxtrot to be precise - and were carved out of ebony.

Orochimaru made to slip them into his pocket for later but their usually laid back cub was insistent.

“Oro! Wear now!”

Tsunade was snickering from behind him, Orochimaru could tell. Before he could switch his hair into a bun, Kakashi grabbed them and awkwardly stuck them into the front of his hair. With a long suffering sigh, Orochimaru tried to take them out, but Kakashi was having none of it. He brought out his trump card. As the toddler’s eyes began to water Orochimaru acquiesced to the slightly ridiculous hairstyle for the rest of the evening.

“Well lovely, I think you look perfectly beautiful.” Came from his right as Sakumo held in his laughter. Orochimaru gave him his most lethal glare and swept gracefully off further into the festival grounds with a murmured

“Come on cub, your father is being ridiculous.”

Sakumo stared after the two, shining in the stall-lanterns warm glow.

His pack was finally complete.

Hahaha sorry I think you just got a drabble of Snake and Wolf too. I can’t even write fanfic well, there were so many changes of perspective.

I just changed the way the hair fell a little as well but that’s it.

Sorry to bother you with my art again Kat but I thought you might want to see a colour version. Um I hope you like it.