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I plan to make mistakes for my crush and leave them anonymous. We are close friends so I'll probably hear her talking about it 😂 the thing is I'm gay af and she's straight but I thought making the mixtape would be fun even if nothing came out of it. I'm doing them themed around colours. My first one is blue, all the songs have blue in the title and they're pretty mellow songs ☺️ idk why I typed this but here you go haha

dude what that is such a cool idea!! have fun with that and I’d love to hear updates on how it’s going!

Scott Wills

Scott wills is a prominent background artist for shows such as Samurai Jack, Clone Wars, and Ren and Stimpy. He works in the traditional medium rather than digital despite the look of his work. His work process for designing his backgrounds is to meticulously sketch a variety of thumbnails to explore the use of colour, form, and composition. After that comes the final design which is sketched in line and then placed over a prepared piece of paper for painting.

A wash is applied to act as the main colour theme and as the background. From then he uses a variety of techniques to achieve the final look like cutting shapes out of acetate to act as templates, using sponges and brushes to achieve unique textures, and blending in a variety of colours to give a sense of space to his environments as well as to create a mood for a scene. I really like this idea of using quick but visually interesting techniques to create striking backgrounds.

He also sometimes foregoes the use of 3D perspective which sometimes gives the effect of cardboard cutouts or a movie set which gives it a unique charm that is hard to replicate when following all the rules of landscape drawing. In a way, he kind of reminds me of Noble but his style has more edge and a rougher texture to it. It gives grime and detail that can’t be found within Noble’s work which can be overly bright and be pushing a more aesthetically pleasing look. I think a washed out look like his paintings would suit a palette like the setting I’m constructing.


one step closer to the battle of the trash heap! *^*


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