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I have been thinking about the use of a red flag in les mis

That’s actually innaccurate…

I’ve actually been thinking about the red flag usage in actual history and the real June Rebellion….

So we all know that a white flag in the military is code for surrender.

But raising a red flag was a sign to the other side that they wished for a fight to the death

The June Rebellion was triggered when a red flag was raised at Lamarque’s funeral bearing the words “La Liberté ou la Mort”.

This was the first use of the red flag as a symbol of the future and revolution (Red goes from “The blood of angry men” to “A world about to dawn” aaaaaah symbolism)

The people seemed shocked by the brutality of which the national guard reacted to the rebels but by raising the red flag the rebels instigated a fight to the death. 

just something I thought about…

Reylo shippers/Kylo redemption believers if Kylo wears anything in The Last Jedi with a hint of white, grey or even a lighter shade of black in it…

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(I mean if we go by the reaction to rey wearing black god help us if kylo also reflects that change like rey seems to be doing, for the record this WILL be my reaction too)

10x02 “Reichenbach” / 10x03 “Soul Survivor” / 10x10 “The Hunter Games”
10x11 “There’s No Place Like Home” / 10x14 “The Executioner’s Song”
10x17 “Inside Man” / 10x23 “Brother’s Keeper”

Dean + Season 10 + Red Shirts
Season 10 connected Dean’s red shirts unmistakably with the MoC-arc and moments when he was especially vulnerable to its influence and power over him. One could say that red has sort of become indicative of the Darkness. This gets particularly clear when looking at the current season in which Amara is constantly wrapped in clothing of this very colour combined with dark blues/black, which not only serves to connect Dean and her, but also alludes to a lot in terms of how the colours black, blue and red are used in religious settings. Because in connection among a couple of things they stand for the divine.

Another autistic drawing. I wanted to draw Dory from Finding Nemo saying it but unfortunately I cant draw fish. So instead here is an autistic girl stimming. She is repeating the words “Just keep stimming” which is an altered version of Dory’s “Just keep swimming” quote. 

[Image Description: Picture is a drawing of an autistic girl with light brown hair, wearing headphones and a red shirt with the neurodiversity symbol on it, as well as a chew necklace.

 She is stimming with echolalia, repeating the words ‘Just keep stimming’. She is also using her headphones to block out overstimulating auditory input, has her eyes closed and is stimming by flapping her hands happily. 

Beneath her is the rainbow coloured neurodiversity symbol, with the words ‘Always Stimming’ inside the loops.] 

Hanakotoba in RWBY

We’ve had two very significant flowers in this weeks episode. Namely the Kuchinashi (gardenia) and the Kuroyuri (basically a black lily)

Many are now searching for their meaning and possible hints for the next episode in those flowers and I felt like I should put this together as a bit of an over view and what my theory is. 

Note: I think it is important to point out that RWBY also plays heavily into colour symbolism so I will get into that as well. 

First the Kuchinashi:

In Hanakotoba it means “Secret Love”. It’s primarily white with a yellow center. Kuchinashi can also be translated as “no mouth”, or more loosely “unspoken”. 

Knowing RT the next episode will be focused on romance, probably sinking one ship and supporting another. For this, keep the colouring in mind. 

Ren and Nora are headed that way.

Then Kuroyuri:

In Hanakotoba this flower means “Love, Curse”. It’s a lily but unlike the more widely known white lily it’s purple with a yellow and green center. 

Jaune, Ruby and Qrow are headed this was.

As I said, Chapter 10 will probably focus on romance, so again I find the choice of flower interesting. Not even just for the names but for the colours as well.

I would also like to point out that Ren’s motive is the Lotus. In Hanakotoba this flower means “far from the one he loves” and also symbolizes Purity and Chastity. The first is most important for this.

First, Kuchinashi. We know for a fact that there is one secret love in this team, namely Nora’s crush on Ren. It’s been around since Volume 1 and has fueled an incredibly popular ship in the FNDM. Only, Nora’s oh so secret love isn’t particularly secret anymore. Even someone as oblivious as Jaune has picked up on it. So I don’t think it’s actually about her, but about Ren. Again, note the colour of the gardenia.

Kuroyuri is also an interesting one because “curse” can and probably does in a way reference Qrow and his Misfortune Semblance. He brings those around him bad luck so it wouldn’t be strange if he views himself as a curse. And that this “curse” could have some bad consequences for Ruby and Jaune. 

It could also reference Jaune and how he views his loss of Pyrrha. He finally found someone who believes in him, who supports him, who loves him for who he is and as soon as he realizes this…she dies. This must feel like a curse to him. Not to mention that Weiss, who he had a crush on first, a) rejected him repeatedly and b) was taken away around the same time Pyrrha died. Double whammy.

But at the same time Kuroyuri also means “Love”. And again, keep the colour in mind. 

So, in Chapter 9 Team RNJR separate, which sets up a whole new story line with these two groups. A story line, if I wrote it, that would combine all three flowers mentioned here. The gardenia, the black lily, and the lotus. 

Ren is on his way to a village named after the gardenia, which symbolizes “Secret Love” and is white with yellow. Jaune is represented by white and yellow.

Jaune is on his way to a village named after the black lily, which symbolizes “Love” as well as “Curse”. Jaune’s love live appears pretty damn cursed. The Kuroyuri is purple with a touch of green. Ren’s eye and hair colour has been toned down to a more purplish hue than the former bright pink and he wears green. (Note, purple could also reference Tyrian showing back up because his venom is purple but it doesn’t mean this is mutually exclusive. Would actually make for nice drama)

Ren’s name is derived from the lotus, which means “far from the one he loves”. He ain’t far from Nora at all. 

In short, unless RT is fucking with a real bad or just didn’t think their usage of flower through, Martial Arcs seems to be gearing up towards possibly becoming canon. 

Ren's Semblance

At first I thought Ren’s semblance was invisibility, and that still might be part of it, but grimm see emotions, as we know from volume two. So the loss of colour from Ren’s semblance being activated might not only represent invisibility, but also a lack of emotion. Notice how Nora and Ren both suddenly calm down when it’s activated, and how in RWBY losing colour is typically symbolic of losing emotions and humanity. In the WoR before Kuroyuri, it’s mentioned that many people thought eliminating the arts and their culture, to get rid of emotions, would keep the grimm away. The reason it didn’t work was because their emotions stayed. Ren’s semblance gets rid of his emotions entirely, which is why the grimm can’t find him and Nora: the emotions are what they actually track.

He might’ve realized how it worked, which might’ve played a part in how quiet he is nowadays. It could be part of his strategy, to be less visible to grimm by staying calm.

Also, it would be kind of cool if invisibility to humans was thrown in there too, because he’s also “basically a ninja.”

I never understood
why the colour Red
symbolizes both love and danger,
but then I fell in love with you
and build my life around it,
therefore I realized
that everything will crash
when you leave.
—  // and you’re not even mine