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I have been thinking about the use of a red flag in les mis

That’s actually innaccurate…

I’ve actually been thinking about the red flag usage in actual history and the real June Rebellion….

So we all know that a white flag in the military is code for surrender.

But raising a red flag was a sign to the other side that they wished for a fight to the death

The June Rebellion was triggered when a red flag was raised at Lamarque’s funeral bearing the words “La Liberté ou la Mort”.

This was the first use of the red flag as a symbol of the future and revolution (Red goes from “The blood of angry men” to “A world about to dawn” aaaaaah symbolism)

The people seemed shocked by the brutality of which the national guard reacted to the rebels but by raising the red flag the rebels instigated a fight to the death. 

just something I thought about…

though they’ve both been “sitting eyes wide open” and are dressed in black throughout the entire video to reflect the treacherous emotions evoked from their separation, zayn is notably surrounded by blue shades, and with lyrics like “it’s just a cruel existence, like there’s no point hoping at all” this poignantly symbolises the painful, destructive doubts associated with waiting around for what is seemingly a lost love

whereas taylor is tinged in deep reds, and with words like “or just lost the love of my life” this echoes how the memories that often powerfully haunt us in the most quiet of moments are those that burn with a light so overwhelmingly bright, loud and intense, and it’s those passionate, thrilling emotions that can ignite newfound hope, and rekindle a flame once more

10 Losses

I know it hasn’t even been 24 hours but I’m wrecked and I stayed up all night just to share this with you guys

Things you could put in a devotional journal

•Their names in Ancient Greek, transliterated, translated, and pronunciation
•Epithets (traditional and upg)
•Favourite myths
•Retelling/interpretation of the myths
•Other information about Them
•A photo or drawing of how They appear to you or that you think of as resembling Them
•Delphic maxims
•Key words in both languages and what they mean
•An altar page or photo of an altar
•Hymns, prayers, poems and stories
•Pictures of other things you’ve made for Them
•Updates on skills you’re learning in worship of Them
•Letters you write to Them about anything at all (could just be telling them about your day or whatever)
•Specific tarot spreads
•Readings and conversations you’ve had with Them
•Sacred animals/plants/colours/food/symbols etc (or just ones that make you think of Them)
•Drawings/paintings/collages for Them
•Experiences and encounters
•Worship days/holidays/celebrations
•Ideas for things you could do/make/give in offering (including low spoons devotional ideas)
•Books and movies that remind you of them
•Aesthetic and word associations lists
•Places that remind you of Them
•Any other upg stuff
•Any signs or dreams etc you think might have been from them
•Checklists for things you want to do for Them or have done and want to do again
•Stick in pictures or dried flowers
•Charities or other causes you can give to

*I’m mostly posting this for myself just to have the list saved but if anyone has any other ideas please feel free to add to it! I love having new things to add to my journals

Reylo shippers/Kylo redemption believers if Kylo wears anything in The Last Jedi with a hint of white, grey or even a lighter shade of black in it…

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(I mean if we go by the reaction to rey wearing black god help us if kylo also reflects that change like rey seems to be doing, for the record this WILL be my reaction too)

Listen to autistic people.

Don’t support Autism Speaks. Don’t ‘Light it Up Blue’ this April. Go red instead and support autistic people and our voices.

[ Image Description: A picture with a red background and a rainbow coloured neurodiversity ‘infinity’ symbol in the middle. In front of the neurodiversity symbol is a drawing of an autistic person stimming. 

They are wearing red headphones, a red pendant chew necklace, and a grey hoodie. A red tangle is poking out of the hoodie pocket. They are smiling with their eyes closed and stimming by flapping their hands. 

On the top of the picture, above the symbol, it says in capital letters “Listen to autistic people”. Below the symbol, at the bottom of the picture, it says “#REDinstead for Autism Acceptance”.

This is version 2. Version 1 of this picture with just the symbol and no person can be found here: version 1 link

I wanted to make a picture for Autism Acceptance and anti “autism awareness” this April so here it is.

Stuff I’m excited to see in Justice League

I can’t fucking contain my excitement for this movie, I need to get my thoughts out so;

- Diana and Bruce interacting

- The recruitment of Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg

- Seeing them all in costume and awkwardly being like “hello yes i came via invitation with a bat on it, and you?” at the welcome to the group of supers party

- Naming their group Justice League (imagine that brainstorming session)

- Learning about each other and building trust

- Dynamics

- Imagine how they all react when/if Diana reveals she is over 100 years old

- The world building, the references and the easter eggs because it’s gonna be the most

- Unlocking tragic backstories when the friendship is leveled up high enough


- Steppenwolf

- The Amazons fighting Steppenwolf

- Jim Gordon and more Gotham

- Superman returning

- Superman meeting the team and reuniting with Lois and his mom

- Him discovering that Lois has the ring on

- Hal Jordan maybe?

- Alfred sassing and drinking because he is done™

- Zack Snyders cinematography and colour palette, motifs, symbols, allusions to paintings and art etc because like the world building it’s the most

- The action sequences oh my lord 

- The score

- Bruce being his extra self and riding the horse to the fishing village where Aquaman is instead of just driving a car  because it’s not like there’s no roads in Iceland Bruce

- Barry playing around with the Speedforce and discovering his powers

- (Hopefully) more references to the Batfamily

- Aquaman shamelessly riding the Batmobile and wrecking shit when fighting Parademons

- All the groupshots and the team acting like a team and cooperating to kick ass

- Getting answer to this quote: “They said the age of heroes would never come again” Who are “they”? what age of heroes? which heroes? are they referencing Diana in WW1? does it reference what might happen in Wonder Woman 2? why would the age of heroes never come again? seriously the world building in this universe is insane

- Bruce learning to trust people again and restoring his faith in humanity through the group

- A taste of Atlantis and Aquaman’s realm

- The plot and story itself duh

- All the sass, especially Bruce

- The advertisement for whatever shampoo Diana and Arthur uses

- All of the beautiful edits and gifs that comes after the movie’s release on this site made by fans

- Superman giving Bruce a “really bitch. you try to kill me but assemble a team with these guys”  

- Diana and Bruce having each other’s backs and becoming bffs

- Seeing these characters whom I love with actors whom I love

- Gush about and over this movie with other fans

feel free to add more!! 

@piligy’s Anti character is really cool just sayin

thank you for letting me draw him!!

Traditional Peasant Bread

30 g fresh yeast /11g dry yeast

500 ml warm water

2 tbsp honey

1 tbsp salt

600 g bread flour

Mix the yeast with warm water and honey (or according to package instructions) in a big bowl.

Add salt and then add most of the flour, making sure the dough does not turn dry, kneading at the same time. The dough should come off from the edges of the bowl and when stretched between four fingers, stretch easily to be paper thin (if it remains too wet, add some flour.).

Cover the bowl with moist towel and leave to raise in warm place for about an hour (if your house is very drafty this might take bit longer. You can encourage the raise by heating water in plate or tray in microwave or oven (on low heat) and then putting the dough in there to raise. Remember to turn off the oven!

After the dough has risen, bake on flour dusted surface into two loaves. Cut a pattern of your choise on the top of the loaves to bless or decorate them and flour the tops well. Let rest on top of baking tray for 30 -40 minutes, lightly covered with towel.

Meanwhile preheat the oven to 225 Celsius (437 F). When the breads are ready,  place tray of water into the bottom of the oven (this will make the crust of the bread nice and crunchy) and bake the breads in the middle of the oven for roughly 25 minutes.

Baked bread is beautiful and golden brown, and sounds “hollow” when you gently tap the bottom.


This bread is nice and traditional bread that is easy to modify according to occasion with addition of herbs, nuts, seeds, dried fruits or grated beetroot or carrot… possibilities are endless.

You can use sugar instead of honey if you wish, but honey brings out nice and slightly malty flavor in bread, and makes the crust especially nice and golden colour. It is also symbol of prosperity, community, blessing and healing and can be used to sweeten people’s feelings towards you and others (great, for example, for those difficult family dinners!).

Traditionally the first cut of the fresh loaf is left out for home-spirit, one’s gods or just as a way to “give back to earth”.

I personally sing magic song for the bread while I leave it to raise to enchant the raising, but I am sure the bread raises perfectly fine if you choose not to do this step as well.

Simon is blue and Baz is yellow

Blue is often used to represent honesty, loyalty, and sincerity.

Simon constantly feels the need to be honest with people (examples: telling Baz about his mom Visiting, the fact that he feels the need to tell the Mage when people do things that can harm him, but also feels like he has to tell people when he finds out the Mage is doing something that could harm them), unlike Baz, who feels much safer keeping things to himself.

Simon is unfalteringly loyal throughout the entire novel to the Mage, to Penny, to his duties as the Chosen One. He constantly tries to make people happy and never even considers changing sides in this war he was born into. Baz doesn’t fit this quality nearly as well, repeatedly saying how much he would prefer not to be a part of all of this, dies things for his own benefit rather than for the benefit of others, and literally falls in love with the enemy before the novel even begins. Simon didn’t return those feelings (or at the very least, didn’t let himself realise that he did) until he and Baz were on the same side in yet another fight bigger than they are. Once they are on the same side, Simon literally drops everything and immediately goes to see Baz the second he finds something out, because they’re on the same team and that means Baz deserves to know the same things as Simon as soon as Simon finds out.

Simon is also extremely sincere in everything he does and says. It’s one of the reasons his magic is so unstable. He wears his heart on his sleeve, and doesn’t hesitate in showing what he’s feeling. He may not be good at saying what those things are, but he always does make his emotions and intentions clear. He tells Baz when he wants to help him and why, he tells people how he feels about them, kisses Baz literally as soon as he’s realised he has feelings for him, makes it explicitly clear afterwards that it meant something to him and he wants to be Baz’s boyfriend, and is open about his feelings and thoughts throughout the entire novel.

Blue is also a colour that seeks peace. Simon consistently wants peace and a happy ending. He surrounds himself with grounding people such as Penny, who knows how to talk him down and make him feel wanted, or Agatha, who is constantly shown as very calm and tries to talk things out with Simon whenever there’s an issue. Even Baz becomes a calming presence in Simon’s life once the two of them start getting along. Throughout the entire story, Simon just wants peace and a way out so that he can have it. He literally gives up his magic, something that had finally given him a sense of identity, so the Humdrum would be defeated, a war would end, and he could finally live a proper life outside of all the fighting.

Yellow, on the other hand, is a colour that often represents the logical part of the brain, run by thoughts rather than emotion. Simon is known throughout the novel for his outbursts of emotion and inability to control his feelings, whereas Baz is known for being cold and, from Simon’s point of view, unfeeling. Yellow is practical, not hopeful. Baz wishes for a way out and fantasizes about a life where he and Simon are on the same side, but accepts that it’s unrealistic and something that is unlikely to ever happen. Instead, he plans for the future that’s been laid out for him, and plays his part to achieve it.

Yellow can also produce/increase anxiety in people. When Simon is about to go off, Baz always knows exactly what to say to tip him over the edge, and he actively enjoys making Simon paranoid about his whereabouts and ‘plotting’.

Traits associated with yellow include both egotistical and having an inferiority complex, something Baz completely embodies. He consistently says he’s smarter, more talented, and generally better than Simon while still consistently feeling like the opposite is true and trying to prove he’s better. Some shades of yellow, such as the one used on the cover of Carry On, can be indicative of a lonely person with interest in learning the finer details of their interests, such as Baz with the violin or his mother, or it can show an inclination toward depression, and someone with low self esteem. Baz has little self worth usually, and when something goes wrong, his first thought is that he’s a monster, or of how easy it would be to off himself because he’s so flammable and his family’s specialty is fire.

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Hey I just wanted to ask if you've ever heard of nudibranches! They're the family that includes sea slugs and some of them are... very yonic. Not to mention that some species fence with their peens to win a mate!

Yes! I love nudibranchs! I spend a fair bit of time on the sea, and there is nothing that makes my day quite the same way as happening across a nudibranch!

Nudibranchs are the frilliest, fluffiest, most multi-coloured sea dandies.


Spanish shawl nudibranch.

They don’t look quite real, right? Like something made out of candy or blown glass, wafting and wriggling through the sea.  Some nudibranchs get their vibrant hues from the things that they eat in an attempt to blend in with their environments - or let predators know that eating them would be a mistake.  This is called cryptic colouration.

Flame nudibranch.

Look at that.  Look at it.  Dale Chihuly in his wildest wet dreams could never invent that.

Nudibranchs exist all over the world, even in the Antarctic, and they come in all manner of wild varieties.

And some of them look like this:

Spanish dancer nudibranch