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klance movie theater au where keith just had to fall for the employee whose favourite movie is this terrible lowbudget 80′s sci-fi film called voltron which happens to be keith’s favourite, too

plus he’s cute


Here’s another improvement post. All of these are approximately three-four months apart, so there’s something to say about practice(I think I Said the exact same thing before).

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waverly earp in season one → purgatory

I am a 30+ woman of colour who works as an admin assistant for a white male boss, in Canada. I have been taught all my life to treat such men with respect - a by product of always living in colonized countries. When I speak to my boss, he always cuts me off. He talks over me. When our team gets together and he asks them about their day, he never asks me. When I offer an opinion, the team talks over me, dismisses what I am saying or just ignores me as they take their cues from him. I’ve noticed my boss in other situations, and when it is women who are subordinate to him, regardless of colour, he will disrespect them the same way he does to me. When it is his colleagues, he will only disrespect women of colour. When it is women in a higher position, he will be very deferential to them in public. I’ve heard the argument that this type of sexism isn’t really bad and it isn’t dangerous or harmful. But the team and those around him take their cues from him, and believe that his behaviour is acceptable. It is very dangerous.

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Why is so difficult to accept that maybe the person who won really deserved it, regardless the colour of the skin? You think you are doing something good but in fact you are only making it about the colour of someone's skin.



Favourite Rhett Shirts Part 2: Roll ‘em up (x, x, x, x) [more]

I’m very happy to lose how ever many followers disagree with this, I think that Muslim communities will be targeted and it is a real shame, I will intervene if I ever see anyone being abused because of their religion or skin colour regardless if it puts me in danger.

shoplifting is good imo

‘because capitalism is fundamentally racist, PoC get followed around in stores. the solution to this is to condemn shoplifting as immoral and do everything we can to conform to the forms of production required by capitalism to function, specifically by paying for everything we want from it.’

are ppl even reading what they’re typing? even if nobody ever shoplifted ever brown ppl would still get treated like shit by capitalism because capitalism is fucking racist. 

the issue isn’t that capitalism is punishing us for our moral failings and, if we would only stop sinning before it, we could return to some antediluvian period where capitalism treated brown people as equals

the issue is that capitalism is a white supremacist technology which demands the suffering and exploitation of people of colour to survive and, regardless of whether or not people are liberating commodities from it, it will continue to harm brown ppl.

‘people are stealing from capitalism, aren’t you concerned you will get stereotyped as a thief’ bitch i’m already stereotyped as a thief, capitalism is still bullshit though so i’m glad people are getting things they want from it for free

the injustices of capitalism will not end when we all comply with capitalism’s demands. the demands are the injustice.

Fuck Feminism

I have had enough of this black vs white feminism shit!!!

What happened to everyone in the world being equal, feminism started as a United front for women regardless of colour and was for equal rights for women now its all about opressing men or how white women can’t understand black feminism and vice versa… It’s ridiculous…

And while I’m on the subject the whole black lives matter thing… No ALL lives matter whether you’re black white Orange or purple with blue spots….

Tumblr is stupid