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9:39 am : 3/100 - 2.0

I hadn’t done that much art for my IB art journal, so I figured might as well do some experimenting with markers in class. :) It actually started as a study in freckles using different colours haha. I really like the results though. 

anonymous asked:

for this Another Thing 👀 ur planning what kinda stuff wld u like to see in the art portfolio

character design, landscapes, some examples of colour use. typical portfolio stuff  👀

The Monk and The Goddess - Photoshop, Ink

This idea came to me half way into sleep. i’d had this seed in my head for a while revolving around gods, goddesses and meta humans, i think because it suited preferences in how my work likes to manifest, that being, characters exposed to a stream of consciousness. The focus here was on internal guides, i added the monk to create a contextual link for the viewer, the space they sit in representing the third eye.


Day 2: A photo of your study space - Today I’m working on my portfolio so my study space is my art table :)

Watercolours: Not sure the brand of this particular set but a very similar one is from “Winsor & Newton” (Cotman Water Colours). I highly recommend watercolours like these which are more oil based than the cheaper ones and so have a much stronger pigmentation
Paint brushes: Daler Rowney - Graduate brushes (bright) in sizes 16, 8 and 4
Pens (top photo): Berol (by papermate) - Colour Fine (the thicker one) and Fineline (the thinner one)
Laptop: Macbook Pro

(study-read-study’s 30 Day Studyblr Challenge)