colour portfolio

Cartoon portrait of me but at the same time. Doesn’t really feel very me to me… you feel me? However I love this colouring method. I didn’t have to fight up with getting shades as much as I used to. But I’m currently struggling with lighter skin tones so maybe I should try using this on that. Then maybe work on backgrounds??? Please??? Jesus. Anyway That’s all I got to say really. Today was m rest day from drawing this yesterday. Spent it reading Empire of Storms. Such a good book. Later friends.

levis-bean  asked:

YOUR ART IS SO CUTESY AND SOFT I LOVE IT (*♡*) Did anyone inspire your art style? (Also!- if you don't mind me asking, may I repost your beautiful art over on my Instagram? With credit + links + tagging you ofc ^^)

asdfjkl; thank you so much TTATT <333 ahaha i think most artists have a giant list of inspirations (and it’s not just artists that inspire other artists! travelling and looking at your surroundings are inspirational too <3 and fanfiction ehehe) I can’t possibly tag them all, but I do have strong influences especially when I first started digital art with a pen tablet (not with a mouse guys ahaha) ;7; mainly most of the people I follow on all my art accounts > v < if I’ve commented on their art before, then they’re probably a major inspiration because they’re so inspirational I can’t contain it ahaha;;; looking at art books and speedpaints help too!

and ohmygosh im sorry im so late TToTT yes of course you may <333 thank you for asking! ;7;;;; <3


Hello everyone! I know I have been gone for a while but I am beginning A2 and I really need a favour for some of my work.

For my EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) I am looking at colour psychology and I need you all to fill in this questionnaire:


It could take you up to 10 minutes but I will love you for all time!

Thank you!