colour palette doodle

[throws markers across room] ugh

i’m not a huge fan of his artwork in heroes so

more of this totally accidental AU, which i did not mean to create, in which lance is a sk8r boi and keith does ballet and no avril lavigne songs were involved at all whatsoever until y’all barged in with y’all’s “see ya l8r boi”s except sk8r boi lance is definitely good enough for keith *bows out*

I have zero motivation but at least I managed to get this Lara sketch/doodle done. It started as a colour palette practice, then an attempt to practice lineart, then I was almost stupid enough to think I’d turn it into a fancy realistic portrait, but I can’t be bothered anymore.

@outsideallboxes​ said: I associate you with Blooming and foxes

3 months ago i asked for palette/subject suggestions and i’m just now getting around to the rest of them :x i’ve been getting strong sleepover vibes lately so ! here’s me living vicariously through some fox girls 💖

also! i’m opening up commissions for the break! hit me up if you’re interested!