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Hey guys!!

So yep! I’m moving out of my parents house and it’s about time! I’ve been dying to do this for years, but I never could save up the money nor could I as an 18 year old with a part time job afford to do. But me and two friends have decided that we are sick of our abusive parents and that we need to get out, and quick.

All three of us have jobs, but they are all part time jobs being that we all have classes, which means we only make about $200 every two weeks. And while that’s enough to rent a place we fall a little short on the down payment plus pet deposit ( one dog and a snake ). So I’m here to ask out of the kindness of your hearts to commission me.

I can do anything from sketches to paintings to digital art. Prices vary depending on the complexity of what your wanting and the character.

But I do understand that not everyone can afford to commission me so if you can’t please please reblog this. 

and if you can and are wanting to commission me please contact me through Tumblrs messenger or through asks.


Water colour paintings

Digital paintings

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i’m still falling for you.


A quick follow-up to reassure you that, yes, I am aware that being bad at video games is a Joestar family tradition.  This was another tangent–next time, things get a little more serious. Stay tuned!

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Hey all, opening some commissions for some extra cash! I’m limiting this to THREE SLOTS, since they’re at a special lowered price. First come first served!

Contact me via Note on DeviantART or FurAffinity, or via e-mail at: 


- The piece will be full body, full shading with small background details like in the examples. You get a lot!

- I’ll draw any character, ocs, official, you name it. Dragons, anthros/furries, humans, all good by me.

- I’ll do blood/ a little bit of gore, but NO body horror.

- I can draw nude characters, but will not draw anything sexual/smutty.

- I reserve the right to deny any commission request, and to also give a full refund if I am unable to complete it.


- You must be able to pay through PayPal. Payment is in USD (American Dollars), $30 flat price, with an additional $5USD on top if you want another character.

- If you want to see the rough sketch before the inking stage, please let me know before payment, as I tend to work fast and need to know if I have to pause for confirmation of the sketch.

Reblogs are appreciated! :D


GRIMM | 1.17

I’m not going to let this happen.

It’s not hard to guess who inspired this, hm?

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#85 & #144 please

I’ll do 85 separately.

144. I cheated.

don’t worry, it’s not what you think ;)

“One thousand five hundred!”

Robert nodded, smiling back at his sister, his grin reaching across the whole width of his face.

“Yep,” he beamed, glancing across at Aaron who looked set to burst out laughing at the Sugden siblings.

“How the hell is – show me!” Vic ordered as she leant over, grabbing the small white card from where Robert had proudly laid it out in front of him, along with his other purchases.

“See,” he explained smugly, pointing at the bottom half of the card. “Rent, with hotel, £1,500.”

She sighed, defeated.

“How much have we even got left?” she turned to ask Adam, who she caught mouthing something over at Aaron, the pair of them glancing across at each other amusedly.

“Err, don’t know, babe, I’ll count it up,” Adam insisted as he shuffled to sit upright, grabbing their pile of multi-coloured money and starting to separate it out into colour coded piles.

“I’ll accept property if your cash is tied up in assets,” Robert smarmed, the smug smile still plastered across his face. “For mortgage value, of course.”

Aaron laughed, getting himself a sideways glance from his husband in return.

“You’re such a businessman,” Aaron lamented him, quickly finding himself having to swallow down the lump in his throat with the suggestive way that Robert looked back at him, winking seductively.

“You love it,” Robert flirted back at him, capturing his husband’s gaze as they said so much between them without uttering a single word.

He really did love it. He couldn’t get enough of that side to Robert, sometimes – the side that was smart, and capable, and ruthless sometimes in his pursuit of what he wanted.

He felt the sudden urge to call an end to the evening and to take his husband home; something coiling deep inside of him that he desperately needed Robert’s expert touch to unravel.

“Erm,” Aaron coughed, breaking their heated gaze and gesturing casually towards the dwindling pile of notes spread out in front of Adam and Vic. “Think you’re going broke with this one, shall we call it a – ”

“No!” Vic interrupted, getting out her phone calculator and tapping in the values printed in red on the reverse of each of their four property cards.

Robert raised his eyebrows.

“There’s no way you’ve got enough,” he told her, self-satisfaction oozing from him.

It turned out they didn’t have enough, and when Vic finally managed to accept their defeat after adding all of their cash together, she flung their notes across the room in Robert’s direction as he laughed at her, and she stormed out of the room.

Aaron and Adam had sat and stared at each other wide-eyed as they’d watched her impending realisation of defeat; realising that maybe a Sugden siblings’ monopoly game hadn’t been the best of ideas.

“Um, well, shall we get off then,” Aaron suggested, smirking at Adam who laughed as the three of them stood up.

“Yes mate,” he smiled back, glancing down at the monopoly money littered around their front room. “I’ll put all of this away, and I’ll tell Vic you said bye, yeah.”

“Yeah, tell her it’s not her fault she’s just not as good as her big brother –”

“Shut it, you,” Aaron cut him off, laughing as he bundled his husband towards the door. “See you later, mate,” he said as he gave Adam a playful shove on his shoulder, before opening the door for himself and Robert to leave.

As soon as Adam shut the door behind them, Robert reached down and took Aaron’s hand for their short walk back to the Mill, interlinking their fingers as they smiled up at one another.

“You’re feeling smug then,” Aaron teased.

“When am I ever not,” Robert smirked back at him, leaning across for a quick kiss as they meandered slowly through the village; enjoying the mild summer evening as the sun set slowly in the distance.

“Not sure how we won, though,” Aaron muttered under his breath. “I didn’t have a clue what we were doing.”

Robert looked across at his husband and smiled with a hint of mischief.

“What?” Aaron questioned, eyes narrowed.

“I cheated,” he admitted, brazenly.

Aaron stopped walking, their conjoined hands forcing Robert to stop a couple of paces ahead, where he looked back and faced his husband’s disapproving glare.

“What! You put me in charge of the bank,” Robert protested. “Of course I was going to siphon off a few notes when I could get away with it!”

“You’re unbelievable,” Aaron muttered under his breath after a short pause, shaking his head as he started walking again beside his husband.

“Yeah, I know,” Robert purred back at him, leaning in to whisper into his husband’s ear. “You can punish me for it when we get home.”