colour of flame


The fields, right there, and it brings back all those summer memories, all those times spent driving, driving, and the canola flowers set heart-stoppingly bright against a sky the colour of a propane flame.

- excerpt from “Running on Air”

I started to read this story right before I wanted to go to bed, and finished it, breathless, in the early morning hours. Some stories are just that well written.


└ Power of five connect in a powerful storm.

Cr: Tsunagu PV + Making of + JAL CM + MS Ultra FES 2017

{PART 2} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut 

Summary; You’ve entered Jungkooks’ house, but will you be able to leave in one piece?

{Part 1} {Part 2} {Part 3}

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time)

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Starlight Bar

There was a bar that could not be found by those who are willingly submissive to the constrictions of what they call “reality” and the chains of society. No, only dreamers were able to see the neon sign in the darkest nights when the stars and the moon were hidden behind clouds. Artists of all kinds – writers, painters, poets, sculptors – stumbled through the door from wherever they were in the world.

They found themselves in a room lit by stars inside spheres of stained glass. Soft, otherworldly music floated through the air with no discernible source. And behind the bar of purple, polished wood that was not of Earth stood a woman with eyes like the far reaches of the universe: Dark, endlessly deep, constantly changing.

Whenever a new guest stumbled in through the door, confused as to where they had gotten themselves into, she smiled and beckoned them over to the bar. They sat down on the empty stool in front of her. There was always an empty stool right in front of her at the bar. The guest sat there, unable to tear their gaze away from the woman’s eyes until she would set a glass down in front of them. Her speciality was pine sap liquor, set aflame with the Northern Lights. It forced a peculiar wanderlust, drawing imbibers to mountaintops.

The new guest took the first sip, wary of the strange, colourful flame that reminded them of the Aurora Borealis. But then the bitter sweet taste of the liquor hit their tongue and their eyes sparked with new inspirations. In silence, they finished their drink, worlds forming in their mind with every sip, waiting to be put into words, or banned on canvas, or given form in the contours of a sculpture.

And the woman behind the bar smiled, watching and waiting. The guest jumped from their stool, knowing that they could not put their ideas into tangible shape just yet. There were mountains to conquer first. They had to bask in the grandeur of the world lying spread before them and only the stars above them. Almost as an afterthought, the guest remembered to pay and reached for their wallet. But the woman shook her head.

“Next time.” She told them, her voice a soft whisper, her eyes sparkling with an eternity of untold stories.

The guest just nodded and walked out the door. They would come back. They always came back after they found the bar once.

And the woman cleaned their glass, smiling to herself, knowing that she had done nothing but unlock the vast treasury inside her guests mind and that both they and the world would become a lot brighter for it. The starlight lamps kept shining in the bar, the woman kept serving her special liquor to those who could find her bar, never ageing, never changing, while the world outside the door kept turning.

This was inspired by this tweet from @quietpinetrees


Rin confesses to Shiemi requested by @hogeky

Fact: Pansexuals are capable of generating small flickers of flame from their hands in the colours of the pansexual flag. The blue and yellow flames operate much like any other flame of the same colour, but the pink flame can be touched without burning the skin. In fact, the pink flame only burns trashy romance novels, the definition of “trashy” being dependent on the opinion of the pansexual generating the flame.

for klance week

My first collab ever! Big thanks to the lovely viane-art, who coloured the lineart for this and made it absolutely gorgeous (look at that lighting!) Please check out her blog, her art is amazing and she’s also keep in klance hell !

process art x

It was supposed to be a regular mission.

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