colour of flame


The fields, right there, and it brings back all those summer memories, all those times spent driving, driving, and the canola flowers set heart-stoppingly bright against a sky the colour of a propane flame.

- excerpt from “Running on Air”

I started to read this story right before I wanted to go to bed, and finished it, breathless, in the early morning hours. Some stories are just that well written.


Rin confesses to Shiemi requested by @hogeky

Me? Draw in a consistent style??
Me? Draw more than just same person over the course of two months??
I think not…

I haven’t posted any art here for while. It’s okay. You only missed some @ogchanyt fanart.

{PART 2} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut 

Summary; You’ve entered Jungkooks’ house, but will you be able to leave in one piece?

{Part 1} {Part 2} {Part 3}

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time)

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Truth Is [ A.A ]

Pairing: Archie Andrews x Reader

Request: Archie Andrews imagine where the reader and Archie are best friends & they’re cuddling & watching a movie and he confesses his love for her? Thank youu !

Warnings: None

Word Count: 575

A/N: Lol this kinda sucks I’m so sorry to the anon who requested this!

You and Archie sat with your backs to the headboard of your bed, your laptop placed carefully on your lap. Archie’s legs were almost tangled with your own, his shoulder pressed against yours. His eyes were drooping and his head began to lean forward.

“Are you sleepy, Arch?” You ask him, chuckling lightly. “Do you want to get some sleep? We can finish the movie tomorrow, you know.”

“No, it’s okay. I’ll get over it soon.” Archie insists, placing an arm around your shoulders.

You and Archie had always been two peas in a pod. Sure, there was Betty and Kevin but there had always been something special between you two. Something that neither Archie nor you had ever felt towards anybody else.

“Fine.” You shake your head, smirking as Archie brings his fist up to his eyes in attempt to rub away the sleepiness. “But we’re sleeping as soon as this is over.”

The both of you return to watching the movie in silence, the light emitting from your laptop illuminating your faces. Archie was more aware of your closeness than ever, struggling to keep his breathing even. He had the biggest crush on you yet he lacked the courage to do anything about it until now. Archie was too scared to tell you that he loved you.

He had always tried to plan things or have things sorted so that they go a certain way, when it came to admitting his feelings for you but he always chickened out when the time came. Naturally, he was scared that you wouldn’t return his feelings and that it would cause a rift in your friendship. But what he didn’t know was that you had loved him just as long as he had loved you.

“I want to kiss you and hold your hand any time I want.” Archie blurts. A blush rises to his cheeks, his palms growing sweaty as you suddenly tense.

“What?” You ask, cocking your head to the side as you send archie a questioning look. “Archie, what are you on about?”

“You’re just so wonderful - you’re intoxicating to me and I can never stop thinking about you. I can’t. You’re-you’re probably the most important person in my life.”

“Arch-” He cuts you off, shaking his head as his eyebrows furrow. His eyes sparkle from the light of your laptop, the flaming colour of his hair only being seen by you in specific places. You both hoped the darkness would cover up the blush that coats your cheeks.

“Truth is, Y/N,” Archie takes a deep breath, gently taking hold of your chin between his fingers and tilting your head so that your gaze meets his own. “I’m in love with you.”

You don’t answer him. Instead, you close the gap between the two of you, placing your lips onto his in a soft yet passionate kiss. You didn’t have to say it but Archie knew from this kiss that you loved him back. A weight was lifted from his shoulders as he pulls away to see you smile at him, knowing that he no longer had to hide his love for you.

He was giddy with relief and happiness, pulling your body as close to his as possible, tangling your limbs together. The movie played on the screen but neither of you payed it any attention, too caught up in finally being able to love each other as you had wished.


Bowerbirds are a family of birds linked by their unique and spectacular courtship behaviours.  Formed of 8 genera and 20 species, bowerbirds range from the rather plain great bowerbird (middle image) to the spectacularly colourful flame bowerbird (bottom image).  Bowerbirds are found only in Australia and Papua New Guinea.

for klance week

My first collab ever! Big thanks to the lovely viane-art, who coloured the lineart for this and made it absolutely gorgeous (look at that lighting!) Please check out her blog, her art is amazing and she’s also keep in klance hell !

process art x

It was supposed to be a regular mission.

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spacequnari  asked:

" you don't have to be alone. "

Reyes’ eyes glowed like embers in the dying light of the fire, and the flickering shadows cast from the flames danced across his features; throwing his face half in shadow. He was as handsome as I remember him, Sirius thought, maybe even more so. 

So handsome that it hurt to look at him.

Up until now she had tried not to, just quick sneaky glances when she hoped he wouldn’t notice. But tonight, with the inky-black night wrapped tight around them and Reyes watching her so intently from across the fire, she couldn’t seem to look away. It was as though a spell had been cast over both of them, and the pretense they had been keeping up of working professionally was melting away under the starry sky and the endless stretch of barren wastes.

They were alone together, and Sirius was helplessly, hopelessly, aware of it.

It was fitting, she thought as she watched the darkness and light chase each other across the curve of his cheek and the fullness of his lips, for him to always be half in the shadows. She doubted Reyes knew how to operate without keeping his true motives concealed from the people around him.

The pain of his betrayal still stung like salt in a raw wound, and her stomach twisted with remembered humiliation; she’d laid herself bare to him, had fallen in love with him, had been honest and open with him, but Reyes had only ever given her half of himself. He was like a tarnished coin found half buried in sand; all she’d seen was the shiny side lying sun up. She’d been blind to his faults. Blind to his imperfections. Blind to everything but that which he had wanted her to see.

Reyes had successfully kept his darker side hidden from her until the damage was done and he had wormed his way into her heart.

Bitterly, Sirius made herself look away from his face and into the flames. He probably laughed at me the whole time we were together, she thought sourly, clinging to her anger when he turned his head at an especially attractive angle and caught her attention again; plainly continuing to watch her with the same intense look. All she had ever been to him was a pawn in his little power play for Kadara; a Pathfinder who was easily manipulative and susceptible to his charms.

You would have supported him anyway, a tiny voice reminded her. Even if you hadn’t fallen in love with him, you would have supported him against Sloane.

She sighed and poked at the fire with a stick. It was true, and more so was the pity. Reyes could have been honest with her and she still would have been by his side supporting him. He hadn’t need to seduce her; to use her.

Sirius’ eyes prickled with tears and she tossed the stick aside. It was too late now. Reyes could say what he liked. He could howl black and blue that it hadn’t been all lies, that he did care for her, but his actions, his lies, said otherwise. She would help him out with the Outcast rebels on Kadara who were threatening her Outpost, and then that was it.

He would never see her again.

“Thank you,” Reyes spoke softly, breaking the silence so abruptly that for a moment Sirius wasn’t even sure if he’d really spoken or if she’d imagined it. “I know you didn’t want to see me again after what happened,” he continued after a moment, “so thank you.”

She nodded stiffly, not trusting herself to speak as her throat burned with words of hurt that she yearned to hurl at him. I trusted you. I loved you. How could you? I hate you!

“I know you don’t believe me after I lied to you so often, but I meant what I said the day you left; I only lied because I was scared of losing you-”

A sharp bark of angry laughter escaped before Sirius could hold it back. “Well, that worked out great for you, didn’t it?” she snapped, curling her legs up to her chest protectively and wrapping her arms around them.

Reyes smiled sadly and looked down into the dying embers. “My biggest regret is hiding the truth from you, but at the time I thought it best.” He met her eyes again, the molten colours shifting with the flames. “I know you hate me, but I still feel the same about you as I always did. I miss you, and I don’t want to just give up on us. I tried and … I can’t. When this is over I’m going to find a way to show you how much you mean to me.”

His voice rung with the passion of his statement, and Sirius swallowed, her heart lurching at the familiar way he was watching her and at the small catch in his breath when she didn’t reply. Their eyes met across the fire and the moment seemed to stretch, longer and longer as they watched one another, until just for an instant the impossible didn’t seem so impossible. Until it seemed as though she could reach out and touch Reyes and everything would be like it was.

You don’t have to be alone anymore, the same little voice spoke up again. He’s hurting just as much as you are … .

But an animal roared in the distance and Sirius snapped back to reality. Furious at herself, she beat the futile emotion down, cramming the hope and the desperate lonely longing back inside where it belonged.

“And if it’s too late?” she asked, her nails digging into her palms, the pain helping to ground her as she waited for his reply; her heartbeat pounding in her ears.

Reyes gave her a determined smile that made her poor heart hammer, and pushed himself to his feet. “I’m a romantic, Bluebird. I came 600 years and all the way to a new galaxy chasing my dreams.” He gave her a long look, something other than firelight burning in his eyes. “Besides, it’s never too late for love.”

He melted into the shadows before she could reply, and Sirius was left gaping in the flickering light staring after him. Her heart fluttered, her mouth ran dry, and her thoughts tumbled uselessly over each other as she flopped backwards into the sand and stared up into the blue-black Andromeda sky. A single thought managed to worm through her tangled brain to land with ringing clarity in her thoughts.

Reyes Vidal loved her.