colour mutation

Most shiny pokémon are alternately coloured due to random mutations, so no species has a consistent shiny form. However, in the cases of silver eevee, blue ponyta, golden shinx and numerous other pokémon, the coveted shiny forms have been preserved through selective breeding, making them far more common.


I have been struggling on my colour palette for a while now because I have this idea in my head that I just can’t seem to put in colours. I started with toned down pastel decor colours but I don’t really think that rolls to the persona of my genre of music. And better yet to the experience Ame has to offer. I want people to enjoy music and I want my brand identity to be unique and pop out of other 

Then I started to tone down the colours and better yet cut it out because I had this minimalism style in my head. The colours are starting to resemble a traditional/cultural Japanese Edo era colour palette which could really blend in the location of the festival.

I probably wanted to take inspiration to the black and white / mutated colours from the music genre album so that fans would know and recognise it. However despite the classic black and white geometric and ‘trippy’ patterns, there’s also these bright and fantasy-like illustrations. I might have to look at more inspirations for colours because I’m starting see that having unique shapes is not the only factor of a brand identity. I believe the use of colours in the identity has distinct factor to the mood and atmosphere.

A cat eye chart, because I’m getting a lil’ sick of seeing sparkle cats.

The topline is normal line of moggie eye colours! Albino is of course, albino.

White cat eyes are the normal eye colours excluding albino.

The bottom right corner is eye colour mutations, found in all cats.


Wow I’m stupid, I labelled two of them the same colour. I Meant to put “Iceblue” and “Gray”! (Gray is a mutation of blue eyes)

Also I left off blue eyes for moggies. (puts face on desk) I failed.

Cecil was kidding around in the lab once, and playfully dipped his fingers in a chemical (being immune to most chemical burns) and ran them across his cheeks while teasing Carlos about blushing.

The upshot is, he now blushes in interesting colours. If Carlos can keep him blushing long enough (complimenting his tattoos usually works) the colours will slowly mutate, and Carlos calls him his own little Glow Cloud.

Cecil, of course, knows this is blasphemous, but when his cute boyfriend is blaspheming for him….

Some people theorize that (if you don’t want to just outright say “It’s magic, Gerudo women always make Gerudo babies”) Gerudo are a sex-linked colour mutation of Hylians that work in a similar way to Calico cats, where the variant gene is attached to the X-Chromosome and you need to have two affected X-Chromosomes for the offspring to express the mutation. Males are extremely rare because they need to be XXY rather than the typical XY. It would also mean the males have klinefelter syndrome (which Ganondorf doesn’t exactly look like the poster boy of) but if you’re playing fast and loose with fantasy genetics anyway I guess you can say hylians with two X-chromosomes end up eight feet tall and built like brick shithouses if it helps your headcanon sleep at night.

Most people who subscribe to the “Gerudo is a sex-linked colour mutation” theory also run with the idea that they produce a lot of Hylian-looking babies who get handed back over to Hyrule. Or you know, left to get raised by the Deku tree or something like that.