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Young Love (Kurt Wagner X Fem!Reader)

Character: Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler) X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Xmen

Warnings: None


Request: Can you write something with Kurt Wagner (night crawler) x reader? They’re in the school together. She’s very popular and pretty she falls for him. But some other students say she can do better and she should leave the freak. She defends him and starts lots of pda cause she loves him so much and doesn’t care what other people think

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They say that your mutations reflect you in some way or other. Your mutation was seen as beautiful and eye catching, like you. You had the ability to control light. This meant you could adjust the light around your hair and skin to give it a glow and to make your hair appear a different colour. You could blind someone and create rainbows. It was pretty awesome.

Not only did you have an impressive power, but you were also known as one of the most popular girls in the school, but despite this, you were known to be very kind.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I have a female green parrotlet and lately i've noticed that she is growing in a few cobalt blue feathers for some reason? She has two on her back and one on her coverts (i think thats the name of that feather lol) Do you have any idea why this would be happening, im quite curious about it! Thanks in advance

can just be a genetic thing, pied colour mutations can cause irregular colour patterns (although it’s dominantly yellow feathers that will be displaced). They sometimes don’t start showing these changes until they get older, many birds just have a couple of randomly misplaced feathers as opposed to the fully marbled appearance of your typical pied parrotlet.



Random blue feathers showing up isn’t really a sign of anything I’d be worried about, the only other option is that this bird may actually be male (along the wing, above the eye, and on the lower back are where the bright cobalt blues come in for male parrotlets) but if they’re randomly scattered it’s more likely just the genetics of your bird.

This was my mom’s coworkers’s Arctic Marble (red fox). She is a sweetie. Arctic Marbles are not arctic foxes, they are a colour mutation of the red fox, that occurs in captivity. 

I actually almost got her. He had to rehome her and asked us to take her and we were going to build an outdoor enclosure for her to accommodate her (and I planned on having her inside when my sister’s indoor dog was put up), but I decided to direct him to a fox group and he found her a home that had foxes to play with and wonderful enclosures. 

The reason I changed my mind was because my sister and inlaw have coonhounds and I just didn’t want to risk them getting her since she had escape tendencies and was friendly to every dog she met, which posed a danger for her safety. But yeah, that’s the story of how I almost got a fox lol. 

Actually planning on getting a fox in the future once my sister’s family moves out and takes all the hounds with them (and this might be a couple years down the road). They have been legalized in my state a while and I’ve interacted with a few pet ranch foxes people in my state own too. Pretty awesome animals but difficult, not at all “like a dog/cat” as trendy DoDo videos claim, and not something to jump into because it’s “cool”. They also have a terrible hormonal phase where they get mean and skittish called the “October Crazies” that you have to deal with during their first autumn and they are quite stinky! Even though ranch foxes are usually considered domestic as a livestock animal, they’re still an exotic animal truly, and still have wild behaviours that can be extremely frustrating to handle. 

Anyways I wanted to share her picture. I miss her adventures but she’s living it up in a nice big place with foxy pals. 

“Bubblegum pink really ain’t my colour, doll”

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Pairing: Bucky x reader

Warnings: FLUFFY

Word count: 3.634

Summary & A/N: It’s originally based on an idea I got from @hymnofthevalkyries but then I saw this prompt and it actually comes pretty close to what I had in mind. I also took the liberty to use the four prompts (in bold) provided by @the-vigilante who requested a fluffy Bucky x reader. Here you go hun ❤

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Most shiny pokémon are alternately coloured due to random mutations, so no species has a consistent shiny form. However, in the cases of silver eevee, blue ponyta, golden shinx and numerous other pokémon, the coveted shiny forms have been preserved through selective breeding, making them far more common.

Some people theorize that (if you don’t want to just outright say “It’s magic, Gerudo women always make Gerudo babies”) Gerudo are a sex-linked colour mutation of Hylians that work in a similar way to Calico cats, where the variant gene is attached to the X-Chromosome and you need to have two affected X-Chromosomes for the offspring to express the mutation. Males are extremely rare because they need to be XXY rather than the typical XY. It would also mean the males have klinefelter syndrome (which Ganondorf doesn’t exactly look like the poster boy of) but if you’re playing fast and loose with fantasy genetics anyway I guess you can say hylians with two X-chromosomes end up eight feet tall and built like brick shithouses if it helps your headcanon sleep at night.


White lion triplets born in a zoo in Borysew, Poland. 

2 & ½ year old white lioness Azira birthed the three cubs on January 28, to 3 & ½ year old white lion Sahim, who is housed nearby.

The white lion is a rare colour mutation of the African Kruger subspecies of lion (Panthera leo krugeri). These white lions are not albino, but are rather leucistic, and still display pigment in their paws, eyes, and lips. It is now known that white lions do not suffer from any disadvantages in the wild due to their colour.

Charles Xavier- Fooling Around (Request)

Request: May I request a oneshot where the reader is fooling around and is trying on Charles’ clothes and pretending to be him and he’s watching her do it but she doesn’t know but when she notices him it’s just fjakxnfjslsn and cute aksjsj thanks!!!!!!!

Hello :) I quite enjoyed your request, but I hope I’ve done it justice… Anyway, I hope it’s what you were after and I hope to anyone else reading that it is fjakxnfjslsn-y enough XP Happy Reading!


You were in Charles’ room at the manor. Charles had said you could borrow one of his books, so you grabbed it off his bookshelf and started to walk out the door. It was then that you thought, “Hey. I’m in Charles’ room. Why not have a peek? I’m allowed to be in here after all…”

You put the book down on the bed and strolled over to his closet. You opened the doors to see nothing interesting… Just his normal clothes. Something took over you and you grabbed the pinky-purpley shirt you’d seen Charles wearing that time they broke Magneto out of the prison. You put it on over your shirt, not bothering to do it up. The shirt smelled like Charles too. His particular sweet scent. You dug through, not trying to be nosy. You were just curious. Charles kept his cards close to his chest most of the time… You just wanted him to open up to you a little. You saw his brown jacket, so you put that on too, sliding your arms in and straightening the collar.

Not finding anything else interesting, you turned away and with an extravagant step you turned and started to imitate Charles. You pressed your fingers to your temple. You lowered your voice and started to declare loudly, “Ohh, look at me. I’m the professor. Charles Xavier. Oh yes. Did you know those different colour eyes are a mutation? Ah yes! It’s fascinating!!” You were swanning around the room, back to the door as you continued. You were just mucking around, nothing malicious. “Ah yes! You! Brunette Lady! That colour hair is also a mutation! Listen to me and my fabulous pick up line!” You shook your head and then turned to the door. Lo and behold, Charles was sat there in his wheelchair, in the doorway. Watching.

“If you’re trying to imitate me, I’m a lot less mobile.” He remarked with a smile, almost chuckling.

You raised your eyebrows in surprise. Whoops. Well… this was… awkward. Well, it would’ve been if he wasn’t laughing already.

Charles broke out into a massive belly laugh while you stood there, his jacket slightly too long, covering your hands.

“I… uh… well…” You started.

“Don’t… ha… you don’t need to… ha ha ha…  don’t need to… say anything…” Charles said, trying to catch his breath. “I haven’t laughed that hard in… a very long time.” He was breathing heavily, trying to calm down but failing miserably.

You walked over to him, shrugging off the jacket.

“Uh… you want… your jacket back?” You said, offering it up. He shook his head.

“No, it looks good on you” he replied, passing it back. You shook your head. You had the sudden overwhelming urge to kiss him. So you did. You leaned down and kissed him. When you broke apart, Charles started, “You know… your eye colour. It’s a genetic mutation…” You smiled, unable to help it.

“Shut up.” You said, kissing him again. Well, that adventure payed off.

Benigno Rabbits or “Bennies”

Benigno Rabbits, or “Bennies” as they are colloquially known, are small Leporids native to Italy, first discovered in 1967 by Benigno Bonaccurso of Tuscany, who first captured a few specimens of what he believed to be simply hyper-intelligent pygmy rabbits. After a few days of keeping the five he captured in a large pen in his home they replied to him when he went to feed them, asking what they wanted for dinner. One, a small pale gold female, which he later named Bona after Bona Dea, the Ancient Roman “Good Goddess”, piped up asking for carrots. Startled he dropped the food he held before nodding and going to get carrots. 

Upon starting a conversation with the creatures he discovered they had been learning Italian from his conversations with his House Elf and his friends and practised among themselves before first addressing him, picking Bona to speak as the eldest female of the group. The small creatures learnt quickly and Benigno named them, Bona for the pale gold who first spoke to him, Eulalia for the next eldest, a golden-cream creature, and Ermelinda or “Irma” for her gold-buff younger sister. The remaining two, both males were named Claudio and Baldo, and told apart by Claudio being pale brown and Baldo, a more coppery-brown creature, and the first of the Bennies to bite Benigno, when Benigno first captured them.

Bennies have the potential to reach genius level IQs as well as learning to read but by and large their intelligence depends on who and how they are raised, varying between that of a 5 year old child, to that of a 15 year old teenager. Some Bennies, such as Benigno’s original, Eulalia, very much enjoy reading and listing their own observations, although they may need specially fitted spectacles as leporids tend toward farsightedness. Bennies are by nature highly trustworthy, as the first language they learn, before human tongues, is that of body language, and so find it near impossible to lie. They are also insatiably curious creatures, often greeting and questioning passers-by. On the rare occasion that Benny is mistreated they will quickly leave the human in question, often going to nearby wixes or even the proper authorities to report them. Due to their near-total inability to lie and their great disinclination to deception the most that is done to tell the truth of the facts is a minor truth-spell test to verify the matter from the humans side.

Bennies when born are barely even the size of a teabag, and fully grown are usually between the size of a baby domesticated rabbit or a small kitten. Bennies vary hugely in colouration, capable of all the same colour mutations as rabbits and hares, although their fur generally remains short and silky, with little variation. They have names among themselves consisting of certain scents and sounds, but love the, often flattering, names that humans give them. Bennies generally eat similar food to rabbits and hares but have a deep love for tomatoes, grapes and mozzarella, although personal tastes may vary from Benny to Benny. Bennies seem to prefer sweet and mildly salty food to strongly flavoured foods, but avoid strongly flavoured, spicy or overly sweet or salty foods, finding them too much. Bennies breed only rarely, coming into season once a year or two, and only have between 1-3 little ones. They are generally weaned by the mother between 6 and 8 weeks, and the mother is the one who dictates when her offspring are old enough to leave her and/or be rehomed.

The creatures also have magically reinforced immune systems, being totally immune to Myxomatosis, although they can get ill from overfeeding on certain foods. Pasta and Mozzarella for example will make them fat, but they adore these foods often asking politely and endearingly for more. It is said by many who care for Bennies, that the hardest part is being gentle yet firm about how much they can have.

In the wild Bennies are hard to find, and it is often easiest to already be in possession of a Benny who can find the creatures for you and communicate to them that you mean them no harm. Only native to Italy, Bennies can now be found in wixen homes around the world, but are only found wild in Italy. The creatures have a generally equal view of gender, although female rabbits are generally seen as somewhat stronger, as they not only seek out food and defend themselves, but also bear and care for young. Bennies can get a little loopy on basil, which affects them similarly to catnip on cats. They are also known to enjoy fish, though usually only once cooked, and some can be quite picky over which fish they will eat. Those that do like fish on the whole seem to prefer mildly flavoured fish, although a few like more strongly flavoured fish.

On the whole Benigno Rabbits make excellent pets and are increasingly being given to children to teach them to care for animals, as a Benny is perfectly capable of warning a child to look where its stepping, or to remind them it is food time. Small children ought not to be allowed to play with Bennies as the creatures are quite delicate, but children of around 7 years can be taught the careful handling techniques required to handle a Benny.

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(Image used with artists permission - I really recommend looking at this persons art they have some of the most adorable bubble-dragons and bunnies and adorableness. Idea and Info for the Bennies came from underwater-witchery, I simply wrote it up. I hate that I have to include this but PLEASE DO NOT DELETE THE IMAGE SOURCE OR MY CAPTION.)

A cat eye chart, because I’m getting a lil’ sick of seeing sparkle cats.

The topline is normal line of moggie eye colours! Albino is of course, albino.

White cat eyes are the normal eye colours excluding albino.

The bottom right corner is eye colour mutations, found in all cats.


Wow I’m stupid, I labelled two of them the same colour. I Meant to put “Iceblue” and “Gray”! (Gray is a mutation of blue eyes)

Also I left off blue eyes for moggies. (puts face on desk) I failed.