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are you a terf? i was scrolling your blog and you've got a lot of terf stuff but i didn't know if you were agreeing or disagreeing with it

I am not a terf, because I do not exclude trans people from my feminism.

I’m a radical feminist. This means that I seek to challenge patriarchal oppression by opposing things like gender roles and the exploitation of women. 

It means I believe that women are oppressed because of their sex.

It means that I believe that porn is harmful to the people who make it and the people who consume it.

It means I believe coercing lesbians into heterosexual sex is rape.

It means I believe that heterosexual sex is sex between two people of different sexes, regardless of what they call themselves.

It means I believe that female infants are being murdered worldwide because they have two X chromosomes - not because they like the colour pink.

It means I believe Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head because she did not conform to the Taliban’s ideals of femininity.

It means I believe the fourteen women massacred at the  École Polytechnique were murdered because they had vaginas - not because they wore lipstick.

It means I believe that every girl who has been denied an education, had acid thrown in her face, been raped or sexually assaulted, been married off while still a child, been forced to dress modestly, been victim blamed, been underrepresented in media and in politics - all these things have happened because of their sex, not because they like high-heels and flowery dresses.

I believe these things because I can prove them to be true. I can cite hundreds of studies, thousands of historical documents, and literally millions of witness statements to prove it. 

I believe these things happen and I believe that they are wrong. And I want to change it. That’s why I’m a radical feminist.

i am in love with art school graffiti tracer
(there’s a colour breakdown of this piece on my patreon!)


Drew a sad little comic of a “Kakyoin comes back alive” AU. Not sure if this really counts as that kind of AU though.

(Been thinking about Jotaro thinking about getting to grow up and pursue a career and start a family when Kak died so young.)


→ GOT with actors of colour. (Q’orianka Kilcher as Sansa Stark, Kalani Queypo as Jon Snow, Ruth Negga as Margaery Tyrell, Mahershala Ali as Stannis Baratheon, Dev Patel as Theon Greyjoy, Gong Li as Cersei Lannister)



[Insp] from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Original here


Daisy Johnson in Agents of SHIELD: ‘Farewell, Cruel World!’