colour me jealous

A smol Panda told me you like rainbows :3

Heheh, keep on being awesome… I have no idea why life… why God let us be friends… but I am sure glad that He did. Enjoy some art, rainbows, and soft snuggly panda. I feel privileged to know someone who will do great things like you will. I believe in you, and I know God does to, maybe I am here just to tell you that XD, Have Fun!!!

Art by @calvaryknight

You’re spoiling me at this rate! Staaaaaahp

Oh man though, more rainbows, and also happy sparkles. My deep thanks! This looks adorable. I will cuddle with Oreo anytime.

eugh today i feel super bad because there is a person i strongly dislike and i know i only feel that way because im jealous, so heres a parsee whilst we’re on the topic in hopes to make things seem a little better (´∀`)