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Just a quick question but why are jin's eyes completely black? And also one of tae's like what's up with that?? Demons??? Magic???? Something even worse????

Seokjins ‘normal’ eye colour is white. (aka when he first wakes up) 

Though when he’s manipulating anyone they instantly fade black along with his scleras.

He’s basically satan period 

Camp Camp Colouring

So a while back @campdiem asked me how I coloured my camp camp gifs, so I’ve decided to show 4 different ways I colour them, sorry this took so long!

1.) Since camp camp is very heavily based on greens/yellows, they are typically the most saturated colours in the shows scenes. When colouring, I tend to try and mute the yellows slightly and add more red to my gifs so that other colours stand out etc, here’s an example:

By muting the yellows/greens beforehand, this allows me to make the gif more saturated without the yellows hurting my eyes, plus I’m also just a huge fan of gifs with warm colour tones. 

2.) Because of camp camp being very overly saturated, I personally prefer a muted palette for gifs because I find a “softer” look often suits the gifs more than a saturated and vibrant palette

In the image above you can see I’ve both reduced the yellows, and also muted the general colours so it’s easier on the eyes.

3.) If I DO want a more vibrant and saturated gif, I have to saturate the gif by muting certain colours first and then making the rest of the gif vibrant/saturated, rather than just making all colours more saturated.

In the gif above, I show that if I were to just make ALL colours equally as bright and saturated, it becomes a bit too much, and doesn’t really look that nice and David’s skin colour starts to look weird etc.

4.) After I’ve finished the base colour I’ll try to choose one specific colour in the gif to brighten/manipulate. As you can see in the previous gif, I manipulated David’s eyes to be blue, but typically I’ll go with the blue of max’s hoodie, or Nikki’s hair: 

Of course these are just a few styles of colouring that I use, I manipulate the colouring in a lot of ways but these four are what I believe affects my own gifs the most. Also although I prefer a more muted, red and warm palette for my gifs that doesn’t mean the reverse can’t look good. 

Thanks for reading! :) I hope people enjoyed it!

“Pot of Gold”

After making the “crystal ball” (previous photo) I thought it would be fun to throw a night sky into the mix.  
I looked through my photos for a good shot of the Milky Way, and thought this one would work well. It worked out even better than I expected, with a touch of serendipity, because there was a house (or some kind of light source) in the Milky Way photo that lined up with the end of the rainbow, which made me think of the the ol’ pot of gold myth, so I ran with it. I tried to make it look more like golden light coming from the woods. It gets the point across, but it’s not quite convincing. (though neither is a rainbow at night, at least like this. Moon bows are a real thing, but they lack the vibrant colours of a rainbow

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Hi~ so I've just been dying over your sets as of late and was wondering if you could ever make a tutorial that focused on the layers themselves and how it is to isolate a certain color by still making it vibrant but also not having it affect the parts that you don't want to be colored? I'm just having a real hard time trying to figure it out and it's overwhelming me to say the least. Thank you in advance :) 💕

hey pal !! of course i can!!! firstly, thank you so much for being so kind about my gifs, it really means a lot :). i use photoshop cc and we’ll be going from this

to this

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“The Future in the Crystal Ball”

I was messing around with this timelapse, and thought it would be fun to combine a photo from the beginning of the timelapse with one from the end, using the rainbow as the boundary between the two, like a window into the future.

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hello ! i really love your art and especially your color palettes :] how do you go about choosing your colors ? sorry if you've answered this before !

aww thank you! And i dont think i have ansvered this before!

I usually dont have any plan on what colour to use for my images i just kind of do em as they come! But i have several different techniques for finishing an image with colour!


The way I go about colouring like this is that i first create a sketch in grayscale and try to figure out shading and such to get some nice values. Then when im satesfied i eighter make a layer with colour as overlay or use the grayscaled layer as shading. but instead of keeping the grayscale gray I usualy colour it in with some purple or blue to avoid having the shading look dull.


THis is the kind of colouring I use most of the time! I just put a layer down on some kind of layer mode that shades the colours withouth it looking dull. Its much easier when useing a darker purple colour on that layer. The shading should match closely to the background colour. if there is none then just go nuts! If you are useing SAI i sugjest you put the shading layer to Lumi and shade if you are useing Clip studio paint use Linear burn.


This is the most complicated one and the same effect can be achived with overlays but sometimes you just want to pick your own colours for shading ya know! 

So basicaly I choose to shade with a darker blue as indicated by the white frills having a blue shading. You can spot this stuff in reall life when looking at a white wall you can see what colour everything is shaded with and blue is the most comon one! Cherrys furr is mostly pink/lavender so i picked shading that where closely saturated to that colour but the darker a colour i picked for the shading the more saturated I made it. I allso did not stay in the same hue as the pink/lavender I keept going for a blue hue (just like with the white).

This book is greate for going more in deepth about colour and shading:

This whole thing is not really about how i choose my base colours however. I have allways just known how to do that withouth reall training. But allot of times I pick insperation from allot of weird things! If you want to find some cool colours for your cool OC maby look at some  aesthetic pictures and make a mood board. I never colour pick things from reall images or anything Sometimes that can give you a wierd out of context colour! Try to look at the colour and pick the colour yourself from the colourwheel that you think match closely to what you see in the image!

As for colouring envirements i really sugjest looking up references (still dont colour pick just pick simular colours yourself)

But sometimes you might actually just want to get some colour down then I sugjest photomashing!

I did not completely draw this image from scratch! I took some free to use photos from google and pasted them together and drew them together as much as i could.

The colours came completely from the images themselfs but I had to manipulate the colour balance to get them to fit together better!

I learnt this technique from this video:

Hope this might ansver some of your colour questions!

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can you pleeease tell us how you color your gifs? they're amazing I can't get colors like that, like the make me choose malec or inverted one or the one for the latest episode you are not your own. please? they're gorgeous!

of course i can !!!! 

first of all, thank you so so much for saying that about my gifs !! it means so much that you like them !!!

so i’m gonna show you two examples if that’s cool? one from my you are not your own set and one from my 1x12 set.

you’ll need:
photoshop (i use cc)
basic knowledge on how to gif/base colour (i’m gonna focus on how to bring out/manipulate colours here rather than just general base colouring)

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