colour manicure


Candy nails. Apply one coat of light pink polish and then, with a very thin brush, some lines of yellow, green, white, blue, pink and orange polishes.

Hello girls!! For this week I have chosen these beautiful purple nails, perfect for autumn. They make you look mysterious and romantic. Combine them with dark clothes, red clothes, golden clothes or white shirts. There are unlimited possibilities!

Ombre | Nailing It

This week’s nail tutorial is another great option for those who aren’t the best artists.  No fancy painting required!  Ombre nails are a super easy way to change up your standard solid-coloured manicure.  I chose to do a soft ombre of pink to white, but you can choose whatever colours you’d like!  Experiment with different colour combinations and see what you like best.


1) Base Coat

2) Top Coat

3) Three Nail Polish Colours (Choose colours that will have a fairly smooth transition of dark to light.  I picked pink, a second lighter shade of pink, and white.)

4) Tape

5) Makeup Sponge


1) Begin with a base coat.

2) Paint your nails with one coat of your lightest nail polish.  In my case, this is white.

3) To prevent mess, tape the area of your finger directly surrounding the nail.

4) At the very tip of your makeup sponge, paint a stripe of your darkest nail colour.

5) Immediately below, paint a stripe of your middle shade.

6) Lastly, paint a stripe of your lightest polish.  Make sure to complete steps 4-6 quickly so that the polish does not dry in the sponge.

7) Carefully, dab the sponge onto your nail to transfer the polish. Try not to shift the sponge location too much.  Some blending is fine, but not all of the colours should mix.

8) Optional: Depending on how opaque you want the effect, repeat steps 4-7 once your first coat dries.

9) Remove the tape and smooth out the ombre look with a final layer of top coat.  Note: Depending on how close to the nail you placed the tape, you may need to clean the area surrounding the nail with a brush and nail polish remover.