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Eye shadow set “Peachy Keen” from Colourpop Cosmetics! •Crimper (Metallic) •Kennedy (Matte)
•Cornelius (Matte) •Bandit (Matte)

Liquid Lipstick Set “Just Peachy” •Instigator (Matte)
•Screenshot (Satin) •Speed dial (Matte)

Available Tomorrow Online at ColourPop.


I don’t know how many of you have heard about MAC’s upcoming collection. Apparently it’s called Colour Rocker and it’ll include other things than just these lipsticks. I first saw the collection on Instagram.

But the lipsticks have definitely caught my eye and I will be purchasing a particular blue shade that I liked the look of. I read somewhere that the collection will be available from 26/01/17 until March, online and in store.

me, starting overwatch: i don’t get the deal with the skins, it’s just cosmetic
me, now: a leGENDARY SKIN AND A CHRISTMAS SKIN????? FOR cHAracters i pLAY?!?! thank you blizzard gods for i am so blessed, praise be to the lootboxes