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Heyaaaaa everyone! Thank you for 10K, you guys are amazing! I’ve been really busy with midterms but I decided to get you a lil surprise ✿ After @athenastudying #octoberstudychallenge, here I come to introduce you to the #novemberstudychallenge.

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  8. Studying with music or silence?
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28-30/100 days of productivity Last three days revolved basically around me writing my essay and sleeping. Also I started annotating my history books so it would be easier for me to write my essay. And honestly I kind of love it and I feel good about the colour coding, but as a book lover at first I felt like I was just destroy it. Anyway, word limit on my essay is killing me and I have no idea how I’m going to fit everything in! Also I’m kind of obsessed with dried mango and that’s all I want to eat right now.


Everyone can enter!

• you just have to use the hashtag #novemberstudychallenge

• you don’t have to post everyday, just whenever you feel like it!

And of course.. It will start on the 1st of November!

Here’s what you will have to post:

  1. Hello November
  2. Goal for this month
  3. Productivity
  4. Favourite stationery
  5. Study places
  6. Colour code you’re using
  7. Book you’re currently reading/studying
  8. Studying with music or silence?
  9. Handwriting
  10. Bujo spread of the week
  11. What kind of learner are you: visual, auditory or kinesthetic?
  12. Worst studying habit
  13. Last homework you did
  14. What’s in your bag?
  15. #studyblrgetsreal
  16. Favourite quote
  17. Your best study tip
  18. Best school memory
  19. Future goal(s)?
  20. Study snacks
  21. Bookshelf
  22. Favourite subject
  23. Handwritten or typed notes?
  24. Best tips to get motivation
  25. How do you organise yourself?
  26. Study alone or with friends?
  27. To-do list
  28. Favourite doodles (bujo or notes)
  29. Self-care tips
  30. What did you achieve this month?

Why not ? I’ll do it !

l need to delve into the Harry Potter fandom more often, because I had no idea there was a lot of mockery circling around about Hufflepuff House and it’s reputation. I always knew it was the most overlooked House in the books (at least until Goblet of Fire where the best student to represent their school was a Hufflepuff). Characters openly discredit Hufflepuff for not performing nearly as well when competing for the House Cup, and that they don’t really stand out from the crowd. They just sorta keep their heads down and do their own thing. That, and they have a reputation for producing the least amount of Dark Wizard, which isn’t really a negative if the least amount of criminals come from your House.

But I keep reading things like, “What are Hufflepuff’s values beyond being the leftover house?” or “the house of being particularly good finders” or “the house that eats a lot of does drugs.” (like, seriously, where did that last one even come from? That’s hilarious! XD)

Hufflepuffs value hard work, patience, loyalty, and fair play. The house has produced its share of great wizards – not least Newt Scamander, author of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.” ~Pottermore

The answer is right there in the text. Helga Hufflepuff values hardworking, patience, loyalty and fair play. Pretty clear and straight to the point.

“Hufflepuff is the most inclusive among the four houses; valuing hard work, dedication, patience, loyalty, and fair play rather than a particular aptitude in its members.” ~Harry Potter wiki

Again, hardworking, patience, loyalty and a sense of fair play. Only this time we’ve added dedication into the mix and a bit of Helga’s own character trait, inclusiveness. Students in her House are also accepting of others and forming strong bonds of friendship.

You might belong in Hufflepuff,
Where they are just and loyal,
Those patient Hufflepuffs are true,
And unafraid of toil.
” ~Sorting hat song 1991 (The Philospher’s Stone)

There’s that word patience again, only this time the hat makes it a point to say that Hufflepuffs are not afraid of a little bit of hard labour or strive. They don’t shy away difficulty, they carry on because they’re that dedicated to their work.

“For Hufflepuff, hard workers were
Most worthy of admission
 ~Sorting Hat song 1994 (The Goblet of Fire)

Same thing is repeated over and over again. It’s her mantra. Helga Hufflepuff values handwork over cleverness and bravery in the face of adversity. Hardworking is not better than wit or courage, it’s just another human aspect everyone has inside of them and the one aspect Helga in particular holds at great value.

Said Hufflepuff, “I’ll teach the lot
And treat them just the same.
Sorting hat song 1995 (The Order of the Phoenix)

A lot people seem to focus on the verse where Helga says she’ll take the rest, but choose to ignore the part where she clearly says, she’ll teach the LOT. Not just “those whose ancestry’s purest.”, or “those whose intelligence is surest.“, or ”those with brave deeds to their name.“ She clearly states, she would teach ALL OF THEM if given the chance and treat them as if they all belonged to her, because she’s a TEACHER and she’s here to TEACH.

When I was first sorted into Hufflepuff on Pottermore I wasn’t disappointed by my results. Sure, I didn’t get to associate my house with any of my favourite characters (outside of Tonks and now Newt) but just reading it made me realise why the test put me in Hufflepuff in the first and I was actually pretty happy about it. I do value handwork over all the other house traits and taking away my knowledge of the Four Houses doesn’t change that.

Slytherin’s obsession with blood purity not withstanding, the word cunning has also been a bit iffy with me because the very word itself implies evasion and deceit in order to reach a desired goal, and that seems like such a weird trait for a school to value because it almost sounds like it encourages cheating (unless cunning just means thinking outside the box.). I saw no reason for bravery to be a deal breaker for a school house, even though it does make sense from a individual aspect to install courage, a sense boldness and integrity to help a student develop into a properly adjusted adult (or maybe it’s just the house of jocks, who knows?). Ravenclaw sounds more like a proper academic quality to admire in any student, but I never associated myself with Ravenclaw solely because she admires cleverness, wit and wisdom.

Hufflepuff seemed more grounded to me (perhaps explaining why it’s linked to the Earth element). It is the house of handwork and dedication, giving me the impression that even if Hufflepuffs were not initially good at something, they were willing to keep at it and improve until they got it right, whereas Ravenclaw seemed more flighty, as the House was far more interested in excelling in the subjects they were naturally good at and could excel in (which is a very valid point, I’m not denying that).

Hufflepuff felt like something I could work with, and help mould me into the person I wanted to become, as anyone can work hard if they are willing to put in the time and effort. I was never naturally gifted at school, academically or athletically. I had to research my notes over and over again until the information finally sunk in. I had to practise more times then the person who figured it out first time and performed it flawlessly. I had to learn to be patient with myself and stop comparing myself to others. Just because I didn’t get their first didn’t mean I was going to be the last. And I do have a sense of loyalty to others I love and/or respect, like most people do. I’m just far more likely to stand up for a friend than myself, and will hold my ground if it means defending them.

I always got the impression Hufflepuff usually came third or fourth in the running for the House cup because the majority of students acted the way I did in class. I was a very quiet child and I was particularly nervous about raising my hand or having any sort of attention pointed at me. Even if I knew the answer I still felt my throat close up at the very thought of being wrong, so I wouldn’t even risk raising me voice, unless the teacher personally asked me and I was forced to give an answer. Since the majority of house points seem to come from Quidditch and class performance, it made perfect sense to me why the house got so fewer points if the student body was anything like I was as a child. There is no evidence of any teacher awarding points based on how good their homework was or how good their written theory work is. So the only way a student like me could obtain points would be in the practise aspect of class, limiting the number of opportunities to gain said points.

At least, that’s how I always looked at it. At the end of the day everyone exhibits all of these traits. We’re all courageous, we’re all clever, we’re all cunning, and we’re all hardworking. But we’re all still individuals and we don’t act on all of these evenly, even if we value certain ones more than others.

Give Me Love. -Joe Sugg Imagine.

Please listen to Give Me Love -Ed Sheeran before reading this imagine. You do not have to but it is completely up to you :)

•Joe Sugg•

I slowly open my eyes, watching the morning sunlight peak in through my curtains. Huffing as I awoke from a peaceful slumber, I turn on my side in hope. I hope that she would be there. I could feel my heart drop with heaviness as I glared at the empty space beside me on my bed.

It is cold.
It is empty.

It’s been like this for six months.

I’m so angry.
I’m so furious.

The bedside clock glowed a red colour.

I hate the colour red.
It only reminds me of her.

I watched the digital numbers notify me that it was now seven minutes past ten. I didn’t want to move. I wanted nothing more than to lay under these covers and allow images of her to invade my vision. I wanted nothing more than to wrap my arms around her and nestle my face into the crook of he neck while I leave good morning kisses along her neck. I wanted nothing more than to serenade her with breakfast, of course her favorite which consisted of two sunny side up eggs and two slices of toast which I would cut into slices to make them ‘soldiers’ so she could dip them into the yolk.

I wanted so much.
I didn’t receive.

Suddenly I could feel my shirt go damp. I looked down to it to see many stains of droplets. I raise my hand to my cheeks, feeling the tears cascade down them rapidly at the thought of her. It happens every morning. Almost like an instinct as I brush the droplets of tears away roughly with the back of my hand, standing to my feet shakily as I did so. 

I wanted for this to be a nightmare.

The more I pinched myself, the more I had to come to terms with that I was living in the present and that this was reality.

I kept my lips sealed as I walked up the stairs and to my kitchen. The silence was deadly, the only thing I could only hear was the creak of my footsteps that merged in with my thoughts of nothing. Dirty washing thrown everywhere, something that I promised my mother that I would do all those months ago.

What was the point? Who was there to impress? I had no one.

Shuffling to the fridge, I grimaced at the sight of mouldy cheese and stale milk. I grabbed the only thing that I wanted. The only thing I needed. The only thing I made sure I kept stocked. The only thing that never abounded me. I grabbed four bottles of beer. The only thing that would only help numb my pain to a certain extent.

I gave up everything ever since it happened. My youtube career went down the drain. I shut down all of my social media. I cut out all connections with my friends, only allowing my family to see me on certain days. It was rare. I just want to be alone. I want to be myself. I want to be with her. I couldn’t continue on without her. Life is hard enough. It is now much harder not having her here with me.

She was my one and only. She was my best friend and my lover. She was my world and my stars.

As I dropped the beer bottles on the sofa, I cracked one open, wolfing down the scorching liquid feeling my eyes tear up immediately as I glimpsed at the photo frame that sits over our- my tv. That photo was taken at the annual Sugg barbecue. Her hair was gleaming and shining underneath the golden sun. Her eyes were shining with joy, the beautiful colour of those orbs shining more and more with colour and happiness. Her lips that were tinted with a pink lipstick were widened into a radiant and bright smile while she sat on my back, my arms supporting her legs as I gave her a piggy back ride.

I could feel my throat tighten as I began to reminisce. Something that always happened on a daily basis. Something I don’t want to get used to. Knocking back the alcoholic liquid, I could feel my mind sway as I now held my third bottle in my hand. I could feel my blood switching and merging into the alcohol I just consumed. My body warming up at the liquid that now traveled deeply into my soul.

I just want to hold her. I need to have her hold me. I need to breathe in that overly expensive perfume she loved to wear. I need to inhale her coconut shampoo and feel her skin press against mine. With every passing moment, I crave for her love more and more. I’m screaming from the inside like a hideous monster. Her love is what kept me running and thriving but now I’m running lower every day. I’m like a car without petrol. I’m no use without her love.

I need to call her.

How can I call her?

It’s impossible.

We’re playing hide and seek. She’s hiding and I’m desperately seeking. I’m desperately seeking because I need to know she’s safe. I need to know that she’s coming back. I need to know she loves me. I need to know so much.

Suddenly I feel rage soar through my veins, my fists and muscles clenching as I grab the empty, brown glass bottle and throw it at the picture above the tv. I watched as the bottle collided with picture, the glass frame and the glass bottle now smashing into smithereens, sprawling across the floor the way confetti would splutter from a party popper.

“Why did you have to leave me!? Why didn’t I get hit!? Why did you walk out ahead of me!? Why!? Why aren’t you still here!? Can’t you see that I need you!?” I yelled desperately, my voice straining as I yelled louder and louder, hoping that somehow she could hear me. I raked my fingers through my hair before my hands began to tug at it in frustration. I could feel the walls closing in on me. I could feel myself growing smaller.

“You were so young! We had our lives in front of us! We were going to get married! You were going to be a successful lawyer and you were going to travel the world with me! Why  did you leave me!? God, I’m going out of my mind without you! Can’t you see that!? Can’t you see the state I’m in!? You need to come back!” I cried out, my chest tightening and heaving as I desperately tried to catch my breath. I could feel my heart hammering roughly against my rib cage while my vision swayed and my mid tensed, my body shrivelling up as I tried to open my lungs for air.

It was almost like I was watching my life flash before my eyes.

Images of her.

Images of me.

Images of us.

All flashing by within the blink of an eye.

Suddenly, I was there. I was back at the exact moment that happened over six months ago.

It was a hot Summer’s day. July 27th to be exact. We were walking around the city of London, making our way towards Hyde Park to enjoy a picnic I prepared all morning. We were now walking down the pathway and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She looked so beautiful. She had braided her hair into one of those messy styles she loved so dearly. Large circular glasses were shielding her eyes from the blinding sun. Her smile wide and bright as she spoke to me about what her plans were for when she was going back to University in August.

I couldn’t have been any more proud of her. Her goal was to always become one of London’s best and most wanted lawyers. She loved the law and she undoubtedly had the brains and the skills to do it. She knuckled down every day to study and work. She loved and enjoyed studying the different laws and mesmerizing different sections of the law that she would repeat to me out of the blue, but it was one of my favorite things about her. So studious and determined. Something I always admired about her.

“So, I’ve got all of my books ready to go and guess what? I colour coded all of my books and notes so it’s going to make my life a lot easier when it comes to revising before my Christmas exams!” She grinned, laughing as I rolled my eyes at her.

“Of course, you’re probably the only one who has even bothered to get prepared for university in the middle of the Summer! Now your getting prepared for your Christmas exams? You’re crazy!” I chuckled, nudging her side in a playful manner making her bubble up with laughter and roll her eyes yet again.

“Well, won’t everyone be jealous when they realize that I’m way ahead of the game and I’m prepared? Now I won’t have to stress myself out in a few weeks because I’m already organized! I’m even organised for Christmas too! So, who’s the real winner then?” She grinned, poking her tongue out at me and wiggling it around making me only smile wider in return as we continued to walk down the pathway, basking in the hot summer sun that was so rare for London.

Suddenly someone called her name loudly. She turned only to see three of her best friends across the road and that’s when it all happened. I couldn’t stop her. It all went so fast yet so slow. She powered out across the road, not daring to glance side to side to check. I wish she did. I could hear the sound of the tires that were quickly screeching across the road. My face dropped in horror seeing the car that was now speeding over the driving limits. I ran out. I ran out to reach for her hand and yank her back.

It was too late.
It was almost like a stunt from an action movie.

I could feel my heart stop abruptly as her body was flown into the air, almost like she was flying with the birds among the clouds.  I could hear the crunch and crackle of her bones as she hit the ground, blood now filling pavement as my legs shook.

'This isn’t real.’ 'This isn’t happening.’ 'Joe, wake up.’ 'This is a nightmare, Joe. Don’t worry.’

I repeated the words to myself again and again as I shakily rushed to her fragile body. I whimpered feeling her forehead feeling how icy cold it was. Her lips that she coated with a nude lipstick were now a deep blue that would shame the deep blue ocean. Her face had paled and I could now feel vomit swirling around in my stomach.

This is real. This is happening. Make yourself go back in time and do to her. Stop her. Stop her. Stop her.

I could feel myself go speechless as tears spilled from my eyes. My entire world was now spiraling out of control as I sobbed into her unresponsive body, hearing the faint voices of people calling for ambulances desperately while I cried for her to stay with me.

“Why!? Why have you left me!? please, just tell me!” I cried, heaving in a large breath as my mind brought me back to reality. I could feel the shattered piece of glass in my hand pierce my skin as I smashed another bottle to the wall in anger.

“I can’t do this without you! I need you! Please just come back to me! You need to be here with me! Give me your love, please!” I screamed in fury, dragging my hands from my hair down to my face as I sobbed against the palm of my clammy hands.

Everything hurts. My chest is burning. My head is pounding. My throat is tight and I can feel my lungs crushing in on one another. My nose is blocked and I forget how to breathe.

“Oh darling, you silly, silly boy..” A voice called out. I could feel my body grow stiff. It’s an all too familiar voice. It can’t be.

Can it?

I could feel my heart leap as I squinted my eyes open and pulled my hands away from my face. I could feel a peaceful feeling just cover me like a blanket as I turned to face the voice I haven’t heard in so long.

My breath hitched at the sight of he. My eyes were now taking in all of her beauty. I could feel my eyes water up as I allowed myself to take in her glorious sight. There she stood wearing a beautiful snow white flowing dress. Her hair was glowing as it strung over her shoulder in her famous messy braid that she adored.

Is this a dream?

This feels too real.

I’m hallucinating.

“You’re not dreaming my precious boy.” She giggled, throwing her head back as she did so. I can feel my heart stop at her words.

“I’m not?” I question quietly, looking at the figure before me. I could feel my heavy heart suddenly uplift hearing her joyful laugh ring in my ears, her hand caressing my cheek. I nuzzled my face into the palm of her hand quietly like a new born puppy, capturing her hand in mine, afraid that she would vanish suddenly.

“No you’re not sweetheart.” She whispered, rubbing small circles onto my cheek with the pad of her thumb. “This is very much real. I’ve come here to talk to you.” She whispered, reaching out her other hand as she pushed back my hair. As her fingers grazed my scalp, I could feel nothing but tingles run through my body.

“I-I..You need to come back. Why have you left me? I begged you again and again in the hospital to come back but you didn’t! I need to be with you..” I whimpered, the tears that I’ve been holding back now flying down my cheeks. I watched her eyes look into mine with sympathy, a sad smile now forming on her lips only making my heart crack more.

“Oh my sweet boy, I heard you crying over my bed..I heard you cry out my name and call for me again and again to come back..” She whispered, a weak smile on her face as she caressed my cheek.

“Then why didn’t you!? Can’t you see what I’m going through without you!? I’m losing my mind!” I cried, allowing the tears to fall faster while my heart pounded with heaviness.

“I can’t come back, sweet Joe..”

“Why not!?” I interjected, keeping her comforting hand pressed to my cheek, gazing into her eyes desperately, needing to know the answers.

“I’m needed here, Joe. Where I am is where I need to be right now. I’m very happy where I am. Oh Joe, I was so over joyed and purely happy with you. I always have been. Now, I’m in a world where I’m in no pain. I’m in a world where you can feel nothing but happiness at every minute. I’m in a world where I can look down on you and guide you in the right direction.” She explained, the tone in her voice very soft and gentle, almost like she was speaking to a child, which I was most likely.

“B-but..” I stuttered, my voice wavering as I tried to speak my thoughts that were now suffocating me.

“I can’t return Joe. I need to tell you this face to face.” She whispered, her hand now dropping to my arm as I felt her squeeze it reassuringly.

“You need to let me go. You need to let us go. I have seen the life that you are going to live and I promise you that you are going to be so happy..” She smiled softly, her hold on my arm keeping my body from falling.

“I-I cant let you go!” I frowned, shaking my head quickly in disagreement knowing I could never let her go. I can never move on.

“Yes you can. You will.” She spoke sternly, her eyes flashing me a pointed look as I frowned in frustration.

“What happened to the clean, sharp and funny Joe?” She questioned, her head tilting to look at me curiously.

“He died when you did..” I whispered almost inaudibly, I could barely hear myself say those words as I watched her face fall.

“Joe..I’m happier where I am. Yes, it was an awful mistake of me to run out like that. I should have looked before I ran out on the road but it was meant to happen. I’m needed where I am..” She explained, her hand now running down my chest before she pressed it over my heart. I could feel my breath hitch as I felt an overwhelming feeling of love pass through my heart, feeling her love soar through my veins and in through my soul.

“Joe, I have seen your life. I know what’s going to happen on every single day of your life and I promise you that you will be nothing but happy. You need to let me go. I will always be apart of your life and I will always be here when you need me. You won’t need me though. Your life is going to be so happy and exciting, I promise.” Her voice whispered, her words now sinking into my body as her arms wrapped around me. “You will be just fine, Joe Sugg. Life is going to treat you with nothing but good and I am forever proud of you. I will forever love you but you need to let me go..” She whispered delicately, her lips pressing against my forehead while my heart yearned for her touch and her presence to stay.

“I must go now..” She spoke, a gentle smile on her face while tears framed her eyes. I could feel her warmth suddenly leave as she took a step away from me.

“N-no! You can’t leave me again!” I frowned, trying to reach out for her desperately but I watched as my hands only went through her like she was a ghost making my heart stop.

“I must Joseph..I will always love you but now it is your time to move on..I’ll always be with you..You’ll see me soon again but it will only be in your wildest dream..” She whispered, as she turned to face me. I watched as her eyes welled up ever so slightly before she pressed her lips together and blew me a kiss. I quickly caught it, placing the kiss over my heart causing her to laugh before suddenly a large bang of light appeared in the room, knocking me to the floor in shock.

I fluttered my eyes open slowly, afraid to see what has happened. As I glance up to the ceiling, I notice that it’s just a little brighter. Steadily I sit up, not wanting to disturb any of my surroundings in case I have damaged something. As I stand to my feet, I feel my jaw drop as I glance at my appearance in the mirror. My stubble is now completely gone and I am no longer wearing my pajamas. I am now dressed in a pair of black jeans and a long white shirt, my leather jacket covering me up. I look at myself completely puzzled.

When did this happen?
How did this happen?

I knit my brows together as my eyes get distracted by a large brown box that sits on my sofa. I bring my legs over to it cautiously, unsure of what it contains. As I approach the box, I feel my jaw drop and my heart beat slow down. Sat on the large box was the picture I had smashed into smithereens only minutes ago. It was in perfect. Indicting almost like I never smashed it at all. I allow my hands to rummage through the box and find myself looking at more and more photo albums and scrap books as well as items that we bought together.

I can feel my chest ever so slightly tighten. Glancing around my sitting room, I notice that my place looks immaculate. There is no sign of dirty laundry or old beer bottles any where, the house smells of nothing but a clean and fresh smell.

I didn’t pack away any of this?

I didn’t clean any of this?

How is this possible?

I jump from fright feeling a buzzing in my pocket. I slide out my phone curiously and notice that it’s a text message from Caspar.

'Hey Joe, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you pal. Can’t wait to see you at our local place later mate. It will be great to catch up buddy! :)’

I look down at my phone confused. I’m meeting Caspar? Since when? How?

Suddenly I feel a natural pulling me in my chest, almost like her voice whispering in my ear, encouraging me to go and I allowed her to pull me. I allowed her to pull me and walk me right out my front door to see my good friend.


I sigh slightly as I stand at the end of the line, waiting for my hot beverage to arrive. A sour frown rests on my lips. Im not happy. I’m annoyed that I have arrived at mine and Caspar’s local coffee shop only to receive a text moments later from Caspar telling me that at the last minute he got an upset stomach.

Of course, it’s not his fault but I’m feeling out of my comfort zone and I’m feeling anxious. This has been the first time that I’ve been here in over six months. It’s the first time I’ve had such a large amount of human contact in six months and I am feeling nothing by anxious and alone. As I look around at the happy couples, I feel my heart ache but I have forgotten how much I love the smell of the coffee shops freshly made cookies and the wafting smell of their coffee that I would never order since I wasn’t a fan of the liquid.

“Tea for Joe?” A barista chirped happily.

“Here I am.” I smile slightly, handing over the money to pay for my beverage while taking it greatly from the girl.

“Enjoy, Sir.” She smiles giving me a gentle nod.

I grin at her in thanks, nodding back to her before I turned on my feet. Raising the cup to my lips, I feel my eyes widen and a loud wince leave my lips as my body crashed into someone, causing both of us to fall to the floor and land in a puddle of what looks like my tea and hot chocolate merged together.

“Oh my gosh! I am so sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going and I am so sorry, this is all of my fault!” The girl rambled, her cheeks shading a crimson colour as she blushed.

It was almost like time had stopped as I gazed into her eye/colour orbs making me go speechless. They are such a beautiful colour.  I could feel myself grow loss for words as I listened to her delicate voice ramble and repeat how sorry and clumsy she was. A small grin played on my lips hearing her ramble to herself as she looked to my eyes panicked.

I smiled gratefully as two waitresses helped us to our feet and took us down to a booth at the back of the coffee shop. The waitress took our two new orders and put them on the house before she left us with napkins to clean ourselves off.

“I am so sorry, it really was my fault!” The girl sighed, rubbing at her jeans with a white tissue.

“It was my fault, I shouldn’t have turned so fast and not even take in my surroundings..” I chuckled, speaking up for the first time. I could feel my cheeks flush slightly seeing her eyes glance over to me, giving me the perfect opportunity to allow myself to scan her features.

Her hair/colour hair was thrown up into a messy pony tail, a term I had learned from my sister Zoe when I was fifteen. Her eyes were absolutely mesmerizing with their shade while her dark lashes framed them. Her cheeks were nothing but rosy since the accident occurred but it made her look even more stunning.

“No, no, it was my fault completely!” She interrupted, shaking her head at my words.

“How about we settle on the fact that it was both of our faults?” I suggested with a grin, looking into her eyes warmly and watching a smile of relief over take her plump lips.

“I’ll settle with that..It was still my fault though.” She grinned causing me to roll my eyes in a playful manner making her bubble up with laughter.

I could feel my heart race slightly at my bold thoughts while my hands grew clammy. Sucking I’m a deep breath, I motivate my mind quietly before out stretching my hand for hers.

“I’m Joe…” I smile widely, feeling my hand tingle as her petite hands slides into mine gently.

“My name is Y/N..” She grinned widely at me, flashing me all of her teeth as she did so only to make my stomach swarm with a fuzzy feeling.

“Y/N…What a beautiful name..” I beam, gazing into Y/N’s eyes with happiness knowing her eyes were holding nothing but the universe.

Just as she parted her lips to speak, the barista placed two new beverages in front of us and apologized for the accident that happened and informed us that the drinks were on the house.

I glanced down to my cup of coffee in satisfaction before my face scrunched up slightly, noticing that the fresh whipped cream was styled on top of my hot chocolate in words.

'All of my love x’

I could feel my eyes widen at those words. They are her words. I glance to the side rapidly where the waitress has left, only to see her. I can feel my heart fill with happiness and love as she smiled broadly at me, her eyes tearing up as she flashed me a thumbs up before she slowly began to walk backwards into the red and orange sunset that was now covering the sky.

“Joe, is everything alright?” Y/N asked me, my eyes now diverting back to her inviting eyes. As I gazed into her eye/colour eyes with mine, I watched worry and concern float around her orbs. Gazing into Y/N’s eyes deeply, it was almost like everything she told me was now making sense. I could feel nothing but happiness, love and encouragement pummel through my veins like an adrenaline rush. Allowing my lips to sip on the hot beverage, I couldn’t help but feel myself smile a true and genuine smile. A smile I haven’t shown to anyone for so long. A smile that I was more than happy to show Y/N.

“Everything is alright, Y/N..I think this is just the start of something beautiful.” I beamed, my hands now resting around the hot cup of hot chocolate, noticing the twinkle that glimmered in Y/N’s eyes as she smiled brightly at me.

And you know what?

Everything she had told me was completely true. That evening, Y/N and I talked right until the closing hours of the coffee shop. After leaving the shop, we swapped numbers and from that night we texted and then we met up which lead to a date that lead to another and then another. We dated for five years and that’s when I popped the question. Ever since we met that evening at the coffee shop, I’ve been nothing but purely happy and I know that she’s looking over me and sometimes I see her, even in my wildest dreams and you know what?

She’s received nothing but happiness too.

Y/N changed my life and made me see the bright colours that I could never see and she made me find sense and happiness again and that’s how I managed to find love and happiness all again. After finding Y/N, I have been nothing but truly happy and deeply in love, something that I hope everyone in this world can be lucky as me to find.

Hello lovelies, here’s a little imagine that I’ve been working on!

I hope that you enjoyed this imagine as much as I enjoyed writing it for you all!

I’m sorry if this imagine is confusing but I did not give 'she’ a name. I decided not to give 'she’ a name because I thought that maybe you’d like to play the role of 'she’ and then maybe give y/n another name. You can imagine 'she’ as you or maybe as someone else, I don’t mind, maybe you can tell me in the comments below? I would love it if you did!

Please don’t be afraid to message me your thoughts and feedback down because it really means the world to me and I would love to know what you thought of this imagine :)

I promise to be updating very soon again!

All of my love xxx

How to Feel Relieved

- Get rid of paper
Bin it. Shred it. Burn it. Whatever you don’t need, don’t keep

- Delete or deactivate social networks
If you haven’t gone on it for over a month you don’t need it. If you go on it for no productive reason, don’t keep it. Focus on something in the real world. Often times, seeing others ‘have fun’ on snapchat will make you feel down.

- Block negative people out of your life
This is difficult. There is a distinct difference between ignoring and fading though. Start by being with other friends or replying to their texts every once in a while.

- Have a wardrobe clear-out
If clothes or just a load of clutter are building up, take everything out and decide what you need. Give the rest either to charity or if they’re rubbish, throw them out.

- Start a bullet journal
Start mapping out your week. We can predict our week to some extent and organisation clears out the muddle that’s in your head. Also, knowing that you can fit in everything into the week feels especially good. It makes you procrastinate less.

- Clear your desk
Have designated locations for certain pens and pencils and books. The less you have on your desk, the less suffocated you’ll feel when working.

- Get rid of old post-its
Even though it looks aesthetic, it does not help you at all. Clear space, clear mind.

- Colour code your books
It makes them easier to find because it creates visual memory. It can also remind you to be orderly and make your mind more organised.


Aspiringbarrister’s Planner Organisation

if you’re interested, my planner is from Etsy and you can find it with a variety of covers.

1. Find a planner size that suits your needs. I needed one that was small enough for my backpack, handbag and lever arch folders while being big enough for my handwriting.

2. My planner is organised on a ‘one week on two pages’ style. I actually enjoy this look, and the hours that are used [7am-6pm] are my general working and school hours - granted I study well past 6pm. I’m utalising the white blank space at the top as a 'don’t forget’ and 'remember me’ section. For example, I’ve written a note to myself to remember that I need to bring in £3 for a workshop, you could easily make it stand out with highlighters or post it notes to remind you of important tests or when an essay is due.

3. Just prior to each month’s worth of 'one week on two pages’ section, there’s a month at a glance page. I’m currently using post it note flags to divide up each month to make it easier to find a certain day or week.

4. I’m using my usual colour coding system to organise my planner. The main events of each day are placed in the 'month at a glance’ section. As I haven’t exactly started school again, my September month is pretty blank so I’ve just given you guys a few examples to look at.

5. COLOUR CODE! I love nothing more than colour coding my books and planner. I use a five colour 'key’ for this planner. For example, everything to do with my shih tzu, Darcie is in orange so if I ever need to search for something related to her, all I have to do is look for the orange writing. Simple!

6. At the side of each 'month at a glance page’ is a miniature calendar. I’ve circled each date with the colour representing the most important event of each day. This makes it easier to plan days out, arrange time for study days or decide what days you’re going to relax on the sofa with a cup of tea and binge on tv show boxsets.

7. If I need to remember something with a certain deadline - or even to remember that I need to pick a gift up for someone - I use the space at the right hand corner of my month at a glance page to write myself a post it note reminder. For example, at the end of September, I’ve left a post it note to remember that my school fee comes out of my account on October 1st.

8. Motivational quotes always inspire me to work harder and to keep going. I carry my planners everywhere with me, so when I need a moment or two of inspiration to get me through my studying, all I need to do is open up the front of my planner and take a look at the quotes. Simple as. You could also fill it with pictures of your favourite things, people, places ect.

p.s I’m thinking of picking up some washi tape to bring my planner a little life, if you’re a creative sort of person then I highly suggest checking out Etsy for cute little planner organisation pieces!


Recently I’ve received quite a few asks about how I got my GCSE results. If you guys don’t know, I love my studying more than any other activity (more or less), and I got 12.5A* GCSE grades and an A* distinction in further maths.
Here’s my desk- a bit hectic for some but it works for me.
I thought I’d post a run down of my study techniques.
1. I love organisation- see picture one for all of my planning.
2. Have a relaxing atmosphere- I use scented candles
3. Colours are really useful, they help your brain make connections.
4. I colour code books I’m studying and write notes on post-it’s in the books.
5 and 6- these pictures show the posters I made last year and stuck up on my walls. Making them helps- use colours and pictures as well as notes, and reciting them to someone or even yourself really helps as well, as it further cements the knowledge. To give you an idea of scale, the long one is 4 A3 pieces of paper long.

As GCSEs and A Levels loom, I wanted to extend a helping hand to anyone who wants one- if you want any advice, feel free to message me.