colour boom

Vogue Me April 2017 (special edition of Vogue China), Editorial “Colour Boom”, tulle blouse Maison Margiela by John Galliano, Défilé Spring 2017 collection.

Photographer Qiao Dacai, Model Cui Ding Yue, styled by Austin Wang


choromatsu’s a real cutie and OSOCHORO GIVES ME LIFE

this is probably the last i’ll be able to post in a while, new semester starts tomorrow CRIES TTATT

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i love all your ocs pls do tell about the new ones?

I tell u about one the i really got into developing and AAAAAH

Fansk is known as the Space Pirate/Fashion Queen and also Coran’s Auntie. She was close friends with Coran’s Mother who is dubbed as Dazzling Mova by her and they were part of the same band. her species design is based on spiders, their ‘hair’ on their heads isn’t actually hair but web silk, which is hella tough. They species are known for having this special ability if skilled enough singing, the frequency charges quintessence power. So like bards and Fansk is the Ultimate BARD.

She is deadly and a Fashion Icon, her whole crew are dressed to kill (really influenced Coran in that area ;>). If they’re going down, they’re gonna go down in STYLE!

she demands to be called Auntie by the gang when Coran introduces them to her.

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but the thing is with my art, whenever i look at my past drawings is see that my art style has only changed ever so slightly :p is that a bad thing? am i not improving? (btw whether your art is old or new it will always look like master piece to me ^u^)

art styles do that, don’t worry! 

My style changed a lot over time too. And you are most definitely improving, I think! Style changes whenever you notice something new and therefore try to draw it in a slightly different way. Even a tiny difference can change the overall look, I guess. You want to try something new with colouring? BOOM, it changes. You notice how the face shape works? BOOM, changes again. It’s a neverending process and if I’m honest it’s extreeeeeemely hard to stick to a certain style without making any changes at all.

So!! It’s not a bad thing, and you are improving! Look at art of people you like and follow say, a year ago. It’s almost always different.

I think the art style changes, but the feeling stays, so that’s what’s important! 

Snippet pages of the comic I’m drawing (Drawing sonic keeps me sane heh)) ,

The tense scene panel ..I think sonics gonna kick the shiz outta shadow for throwing his Wuman off a cliff 😆

(( Coloured Pencil ✏️ and pen 🖋 with some tipex for white 🎨))

The signs as Sonic games

Aries: Sonic and the Black Knight

Gemini: Sonic Lost World

Scorpio: Sonic Colours

Aquarius: Sonic Adventure 2

Cancer: Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

Leo: Sonic Unleashed

Virgo: Sonic Generations

Libra: Sonic Heroes

Pisces: Sonic Adventure

Taurus: Sonic Free Riders

Sagittarius: Sonic 06

Capricorn: Sonic and the Secret Rings


Alas, you get a flowery, dramatic dork presently oblivious to your feelings.

As for the circumstances leading up to that first scenario, I have nothing concrete, so make your own! AndmaybetagitwiththemsoIcanread'em.

Nobody asked but you’ll -shore- as fuck receive anyway! TROLL-FURBIES!!!

Here are three generations of troll furby, lovingly crafted by imperial crocker-tech and beloved of wigglers and hated by rebels everywhere (with the exception of the sometimes-rebellious circuit bending community!)

1. Original, sometimes referred to as ‘listeners’ by the educated. Comes in imperial red, black and white in various combos. They have glistening compound eyes and an antenna disguised as a horn. They detect heat signatures (good for telling castes apart! and if people are in the room!) and, as the name suggests, they -listen-. If they pick up certain keywords in speech, they will record and transmit to empire intelligence channels! Furby circuit benders sometimes reverse engineer them to listen in on empire systems, or just spy on people they don’t like. Some remove the horn on their furby, which is somewhat barbaric considering they’re biotech and probably feel some level of pain, but it effectively ‘disarms’ them from empire comm lines, making them a normal robotic pet.

2. ‘Boom’ edition. More up to date and cuter than ever! These have more aesthetic fur prints in grey and red- ‘diamonds’ is an extremely popular pelt variety and makes them seem like more of an ally and companion to owners. The screen ‘eyes’ will change caste colour depending on the treatment given to the furby. Treat it like trash? It will become a demure maroon! Pamper them? A demanding purple! The different caste modes have different attitudes and this furby can nip you during feeding. There’s also a ‘furby boom rainbow caste’ edition which is ‘caste locked’ with blood coloured fur! …. The ‘Boom’ part? Oh yeah. They can be remotely detonated by the empire. Fun! Be sure to diffuse yours, but be careful, they know if they’re being tampered with<333

3. CrockerNet edition! The fanciest, most up to date and arguably the friendliest on face value! They even have net connectivity and can send and receive your trillion messages for you, sing songs, and learn! Too bad they can also access all your digital devices, accounts, and report findings back to base. Comes in pastels as well as the traditional red-white-black combos.

There are also waterproof ‘sea dweller’ versions, not pictured here!

‘circuit bending’ is a real life phenomena where people hack and mod mechanical and robotic toys, often for use as electronic musical instruments, but sometimes as answering machines, gadgets and other cool robotic stuff! I figure that if humans can do it, trolls probably do this 200% better. I can also see it being popular with kid trolls who dream of being rebels or leet hackers.

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I have canon evidence that Marinette is Bi. Her eye colour? BLUE. The colour of almost everything she owns? PINK. Blue and pink (or red.. heh.. but it still works because of her red LB suit) mixed together? PURPLE. All of them bi colours. BOOM. CANON.

this is literally the best ask i’ve ever gotten in my life you’re so right the canon evidence is glaring

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Open Your Mind To The Unknown.

Request from anon:Can I request an avengers x reader where she’s very young like 18-20 physically but she’s actually a few 100 years old and a vampire? Fury assigns her as added protection for Barton’s family but he’s unsure of her because of what she is. He finds his family actually adores her and she’s very loving and gentle with his kids. She only drinks animal blood and rarely human unless they are deemed a threat to the family.

Note: I really enjoyed writing this so I hope you all like reading it just as much. It was a completely different kind of idea and so the way I wrote it is, fingers crossed, hopefully how anon had it in their mind :)

Clint Barton x Vampire!Reader

Words: 1,986

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their creators <3

“Sorry could you just repeat what you said….” The expression on Clint’s face as he sat in the briefing room with the rest of The Avengers was one of sheer astonishment as he turned his attention to Tony. “…I must have been concussed in the last mission because I could have sworn you just said that there was going to be a goddamn vampire looking after my family.”

“I checked you over in the infirmary…’re not concussed.”

Bruce’s voice was like that of a nervous child as he put this out into the open – he was fidgeting with the ends of his sleeves, the tension that was slowly beginning to build up inside the room making him a little more nervous than usual. Clint shot him a glare before throwing his chair backwards and standing himself up straight.

“Then obviously you have given me some kind of hallucinogenic drug because I am hearing insane things coming out of Stark’s mouth here.”

The doctor shook his head but refused to speak out this time, unsure of how Clint would react if he did.

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