• Look through your notes and identify some key themes/areas. For example, I know that in my Psychology degree, theories, and methodologies come up a lot. 
  • Give each topic a colour.
  • Start with only a few areas. If you want to, you can put your colour code on a post it notes or flashcard somewhere that you can see it while you take your notes.
  • As you get more comfortable, your system can be developed to be something like this one:
  • The more that you use your system, the more used to it you’ll get. Soon you won’t even need the flashcard/post it note to remind you. It will become second nature.
  • When it comes to the actual coding you can do it in a few ways:
    • Highlighting the actual text.
    • Using different coloured pens.
    • Using coloured stickers or markers at the beginning of lines.
  • If you’re going to colour code using highlighting, then it’s useful to use a sticker to label each highlighter with it’s relevant topic. 

Emerald Green Guitars - as requested! 

2009 Music Man Axis Super Sport Hardtail Ball Family Reserve in Emerald Green  

I really adore the designs for Bartimaeus and Ptolemy by bart-mush so here’s a couple of Barts and a Ptolemy! If you thought I had forgotten about TBT you were wrong lol.