“See I can reach you!”
“You’re literally standing on my foot,” he laughed.

Thank you @yandesurei for the prompt! Sorry the colouring is not great I tried so many other things and it was one of those days where no matter how you coloured it just did not work XD. Hope you still enjoy cause it was super fun to draw out. 

Witchblr, I need to have a rant.

I love this friend so much. Bit of a background, she’s an empath who can read auras. Now, we were in a shop discussing candle colours and their associations. She was horrified to learn that I used black candles in my practice.

Now, to me, black represents banishing, protection, resetting.

To her black = evil black magic of nasty evilness.

I was baffled by what I perceived as absolute ignorance, both for the colour and the whole witchcraft practice in itself. I learned that she views the practice as only consisting of two sides; good and bad. I felt looked down upon and judged for something that I have studied and practiced for my entire life.

I do realise that each and every person has their own take and twist on the craft. I now understand where she is coming from. When she reads auras, black means someone is in a rage or has less than stellar intentions. My point is that she did not have to actively shame me. She could have at least tried to understand where I was coming from and that no one practices the craft all in one way. Her way is not my way.

Please don’t get me started on what she thinks of voodoo and hoodoo.

Rant = over