I like the idea that love governs all […] like Eryximachus said, but I would add that true love is comfort with someone as well as comfort in silence […] feeling comfortable with someone is a big thing. You can feel excited, you can feel embarrassed, even giddy, but feeling comfortable with someone else is extremely difficult. Right now, I feel most comfortable with myself. I guess I haven’t gotten to the point where I feel that way with someone else. Besides family – but that’s a very different type of love.

Sabrina Carpenter for Flaunt Magazine.

V3 sticker previews: part 1/3

First half of the V3 students! Now I gotta finish the second half and the Monokubs :0

(Just wondering, would people actually be interested if I made these a thing? I’m just doing these for fun rn )

as a super late birthday present/ general appreciation receipt, i drew a you picture, @skadventuretime

this is based on In The Silence I Hear You which everyone should read. it will break your heart and then mend it and make it 142% warmer