fire in the sky no.12 - monday morning fire! - so I decided to pull the sigma DP1 Merrill out of the closet, it’s a clunky little camera I bought ages ago and never put any time into working out how to use it - I probably should have, while it blows out highlights the colour and sharpness are next level for a little fixed lens camera.

♫ The untold adventures of Ojamajo Doremi ~ Doremi ver.

Aah, this brings back memories. Please excuse me, because pictures of this series (as in, where they’re wearing this dress) are very old - but I still like them a lot and want to share them with you!

There’s actually no (fully completed) story or fanfiction whatsoever behind this, just some design ideas I wanted to do. The dress you see Doremi wearing here is heavily inspired by my favourite artist back in the day, Yaji-P. (I love you, my biggest childhood inspiration.) My goal was to draw every Ojamajo in this, but I only ever got around to do her, Onpu and Momoko. But, well? You never know what might happen in the future~