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Smiling Titan Theory

So I just read the SnK chapter 86 spoilers and I have come to a rather disturbing conclusion. I don’t know if this has been said already but I have a theory as to the identity of the Smiling Titan.

So as you may or may not know this is Dina Fritz/Yeager. She was the first wife of Grisha Yeager and the Mother of Zeke (the beast titan). When Zeke was 7 he reported his parents to the Marley government. As a result, all the Eldia Restorationists were sent to ‘Utopia’- they got turned into titans. Now compare her features to that of the Smiling Titan:

Notice the similarities. Both have light eyes the same eyebrows and the hair is the EXACT SAME. This could mean that DINA WAS THE ONE WHO ATE CARLA YEAGER.

You can actually see the moment he realized he was instinctively asking for help from his enemies, who were all happy or indifferent in his last moments. The moment he realized he was alone and only Reiner and Annie ever were his comrades, and even they weren’t there for him.

No, this wasn’t justice and it wasn’t fitting, he at least deserved a moment where we could see how he felt, anything but this rushed death that only lasted one page and then everyone forgot about it.

His death was cruel and inhumane, and way too rushed for a character who was supposed to represent everything humanity hated, the colossal titan, designed to be the god of the series.