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News: Shingeki no Kyojin “attack on SKYTREE” Exclusive Merchandise

Original Release Date: April 10th to July 14th, 2017 (At Tokyo Skytree)
Retail Price: Various (See below)

Tokyo Skytree’s SnK exhibition will feature an array of exclusive goods with the event’s theme! From top to bottom:

  • Triple-link keychain featuring cleaning Eren, cleaning Levi, & the Skytree (1,058 Yen)
  • Set of 2 Eren & Levi can badges (734 Yen)
  • “1″ - LED light-up cubed key holders (648 Yen each)
  • “2″ - Double-link keychains featuring Eren & Levi with Survey Corps emblem (918 Yen each)
  • “3″ - Tote bag featuring Eren, Levi, & the Skytree (1,296 Yen)
  • “4″ - Engraved medals (900 Yen Each)
  • “6″ - Acrylic key holder featuring Eren & Levi with the Skytree (1,620 Yen each)
  • “5″ - Set of 2 attack on SKYTREE clear files (410 Yen) 
  • “7″ - Mimi pens (626 Yen each)
  • “8″ - Colossal Titan beef jerky (540 Yen)
  • “9″ - Set of 4 cord keychains (1,620 Yen)
  • Cafe exclusives: Chimi Chara table mat & coasters
  • Sticker sheets available throughout the Skytree when you reach certain points of the “adventure,” featuring Eren, Armin, Erwin, Levi, Mikasa, Hanji, and Colossal Titan

We’re supposed to play a private party, the fiftieth birthday bash of a prominent film actor who in the last few years has become a colossal movie star. The event is taking place at what used to be an old airplane hangar in Santa Monica. Well, I don’t think he’d mind if I give you just his initials: R.D. Jr.

Walter and I usually don’t do privates. Too many drunks with their escorts, heckling or not paying attention to the music at all. But I’ve always thought R.D. was a smart, soulful actor, and when I met him backstage at one of our shows, he seemed like a decent sort, an honest fan. Also he was a childhood buddy of my late stepson Ezra when Libby, my wife, used to be a singer (and a single mother) in L.A. … 

Last night’s party? A lot of cozy green couches and curtains, leafy indoor trees. Because R.D. can no longer righteously alter his consciousness by artificial means, music and dancing were the thing. Also, some sort of performance, dressing up in clever costumes for each decade, like a Nehru jacket for the Sixties. I heard there were titanic movie stars floating around, but I was working, I never saw them. By the time we got onstage — after Duran Duran — there were maybe 30 revelers left, but they seemed to be having fun, dancing and yelling.

adumbrant  asked:

Of everything you know so far about astronomy/cosmology what has stuck out to/really impressed you the most?

How persistent life seems to be. By looking at how it acts here on Earth across the animal kingdom you quickly realize that even though the universe has no intention of saving lives and nurturing everyone forever, it still allows for it to occur even if for a minimal extent. It’s impressive to me how we can be alive and existing and experiencing all this despite the craziness out there and all the colossal, cosmic events we’re also a part of.

The Starfruit and the Citrus [w/kitameguire]

Aaaah, how good it was to take a walk in the evenings. The sun was still mostly up, but he enjoyed watching its descent. When the skies were as clear as this and no colossal event was planned for the skies, he would hang outside until the stars showed up and admire their twinkling, brightly burning bodies until he judged it was time to head back to the dorms and to bed.

Tonight would not be one of these nights, for he had to make it to the observatory so he could observe the comet that would pass by Mars. Tonight would indeed be amazing.
It was a good thing he and his companions had not been knocked out for any longer, else he may very well have missed this.

Now he has recovered quite fantastically, and the fresh air felt heavenly.

That pink hair ahead… certainly is familiar…

anonymous asked:

Question: If you were to meet your favourite spn character, what would you do? Or what activity would you do with him/her?

listen to ‘em. because can you imagine? cas, for instance. i would sit down and have such a long conversation with him. crazy long. i would want to hear his favorite parts of history, what really happened during certain events, how colossal his siblings are and what human perception may take them as.

i recognize myself as something small, so having something that grand sit before me and allow me to speak with them,