And here you go anon. Myobi’s Bad Dream Dolly Eyes for Sims 2 on Alfred Askew’s sclera. I also included gray base texture and Alfred’s sclera with hole where this eye goes so if somebody wants to make more colors it’s super easy with those. Custom and geneticized version included, only install one.


  • Myobi/Screaming-Mustard for the textures and 10 original colors
  • Trapping for the color actions used on 4 additional eyes ‘cause I wasn’t too fond of the original blues and greens.
  • Alfred Askew for the sclera

Also wow onedrive, what the hell happened to you? @_@ It looks so fucking ugly now. Who the fuck decided that bright green and yellow were a good idea? The original was much prettier and better and simpler. (picture from my eye folder in case it seems normal to someone else ‘cause that’s how it looks for me. I already hate it and want it gone. >.< )