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hey, i love your bujo and was wondering if you could suggest some themes/ideas for weekly spreads? thanks! x

hello, and thank you! i’m in a bit of a slump myself, so hopefully these themes can help us both. 

JOURNAL SPREAD THEMES + suggested things to add

  • hogwarts house colors
    • you could do one color at a time, or multiple!
    • house mottos
    • house aesthetic pictures
  • 4 seasons
    • season aesthetics
    • simple doodles 
    • goals for that season
  • space theme
    • describe your ideal planet
    • space doodles
    • doctor who quotes maybe?
  • library theme
    • different books you want to read
    • book quotes
  • art appreciation
    • museum pictures
    • museum tickets if you have them
    • different art pictures
    • abstract/detailed doodles
    • cursive, small lettering
  • different biomes
    • underwater, mountains, jungle, etc. 
    • animal pictures
    • have the colors match the mood
  • pastels 
    • one color or multiple 
    • cute quotes/doodles
    • sticky notes
    • small lettering
  • bold colors
    • one color or multiple
    • bright pictures
    • big lettering
  • earth tones 
    • plant pictures
    • browns/greens/etc. 
    • plant washi 
  • different brands 
    • cutouts of tags/brand names
    • simple layout 
    • success quotes 
  • stick to one color 
    • simple theme
    • sticky notes to match color 
    • cute doodles
    • cursive and regular lettering
  • garden theme
    • flower pictures/doodles
    • plant washi
    • growth quotes
    • cursive lettering
  • places you want to go/travel  
    • pictures of where you want to go
    • plane/train/boat doodles
    • vast array of colors 
    • lists of where to go 
    • budget to travel 
  • retro theme
    • retro colors
    • retro anime/show pictures
    • quirky or block lettering 
  • academic theme
    • list of classes and professors
    • task lists and test dates 
    • scholar quotes
    • school-themed doodles 
    • assignment trackers 

that was just what i could think of for now. i might make another list if i think of some more! 

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hello shukamod this is embarrassing but what is a UO that you and other people that watch the live is talking about?

Nononono it’s totally fine! I’ve found that it’s actually really hard to learn about this stuff unless you’ve actually been to a live concert or viewing. Which… as some of you may know from experience, is excruciatingly difficult if you’re an overseas fan (꒪⌓꒪)

The short answer: UO stands for “Ultra Orange”, and is a chemical glowstick that glows bright orange, often only for a couple of minutes before it burns out. Because of how short-lived they are, people usually save them for their favorite songs at concerts.

The long answer: I’m gonna talk about glowsticks under the cut! Yayyy :D
Skip to the Cyalume section for the full explanation on UOs :)

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I saw a post about you talking about (or headcanons) of Percy and Annabeth raising or having kids. But what about them raising teenagers or at least preteens? Stay at home dad Percy, fixing his kids lunches, taking them to school. Maybe embarrassing them as the kids get dropped off. Percy and Annabeth taking them to camp for the first time. Hearing about which grandparent claimed them. Percy and Annabeth DEALING WITH KIDS GOING ON THEIR FIRST QUEST AND WORRYING IF THEYLL COME HOME OR BE DEAD

their kids don’t go on quests never not ever everything is safe no monsters shh just demigods being nerds raising legacies.

  • Annabeth expects asking Percy to stay home with the baby to be a big fuss because of ~~masculinity~~ so she hesitantly mentions that maybe Sally and Paul can watch them during the day, and Percy just blinks at her in confusion and is like, “I thought I was going to do it?”
  • During bath times, Annabeth is the only one who ends up wet. Frequently known to storm over dripping wet and shove the smug infant at Percy’s chest and say, “Here, take your spawn.”
  • They tag team when the baby wakes up screaming, but after awhile Annabeth just leaps out of bed at the speed of light because she’s missed them during the day
  • When Annabeth stays alone with the baby for a day for the first time since going back to work, she feels completely overwhelmed and sobs to Percy for hours that night. He decides to leave for a few hours the next day and comes home to her making the baby shriek with laughter
  • Percy does their hair with really neat braids and cute pigtails and bright barrettes and picks out their outfits before school
  • Percy keeps a banter running all day with them, and is always a little freaked out when they get old enough to speak back
  • Annabeth gets insecure that she’s not around enough and Percy feels like they get sick of him, and they have to reassure each other every once and awhile
  • Percy leaves notes in their lunch boxes and labels the bags with nicknames, sometimes embarrassing and sometimes sarcastic
  • They take weekend trips to Montauk, sometimes with Sally and Paul
  • The kids run that camp, they’ve got absolutely everyone wrapped around their finger, even Dionysus
  • They knock around New Athens like they own the place and nobody questions it because they sort of do
  • They go on vacation to New Rome and do races around the city and get free food from all the shopkeepers
  • Jason and Piper’s kids are their de facto cousins, they grow up together because their parents take turns babysitting
  • They definitely have a daughter who is a total daddy’s girl
  • Greek myths at bedtimes, and sometimes, when they beg hard enough, quest stories
  • Percy making up the stories when he’s “reading,” his daughter lectures him on how the story changes every night and pouts when he tells her it’s a magic book because, that’s not possible, Daddy, but all the other kids are amazed
  • Percy losing it when one of their kids gets attacked for the first time, and Annabeth having to talk him down
  • Using Annabeth’s invisibility cap to play peek-a-boo
  • Percy’s a “don’t tell your mother” kind of dad, but just as a joke, because he knows that saying that is a sure sign that there will be a race of who can tell Annabeth the fastest
  • Holidays with Sally and Paul; everyone has a specific job to do and treats it with reverence
  • Crazy mornings when Annabeth is running late and kisses each of them on the head before banging out the door
  • One of the girls giving dead serious lectures, completely oblivious to her siblings giggling and pulling each other’s hair
  • Annabeth getting really heated at sports games and other events, and Percy having to shush her because, “You’re going to embarrass them!”
  • The kids get in shower fights; one of them will turn off the water and the other one fights for control to get it back on. One time the plumbing burst, and Annabeth’s fury struck genuine fear into their hearts
  • Percy absentmindedly holding a crying kid in one arm while he’s leaning over to look at whatever the other one wants to show him
  • After Annabeth bans water fights, one of the kids flicks a forkful off food and hits their sibling directly in the forehead, Annabeth tries to yell but Percy is laughing so hard that the effect is lost
  • Percy and Annabeth both find it hilarious to talk about sex, the oldest walks out without saying a word
  • One of the daughters is an incorrigible flirt, and although she’ll deny it until she’s blue in the face, it makes Annabeth so possessive. She’s always shooting Percy scandalized looks and hissing things like, “Aren’t you going to do something?” But Percy is just greatly amused by how his daughter has everyone wrapped around her finger
  • Annabeth likes to tease him that he’s jealous but she’s really the jealous one and they all know it
  • Annabeth uses the “what do I know, I’m just your mother card” liberally
  • Their son getting suspended for picking a fight, and when he explains that he decked the guy for trying something on his sister, Percy and Annabeth both nod solemnly and say, “Good work.”
  • One of their daughters is a total Mom, she does all the laundry and washes the dishes and irons and manages their schedule because she needs everything to be perfect
  • They don’t take Percy seriously when he yells but if he gets quiet then their eyes widen like saucers and they immediately backtrack
  • Annabeth doesn’t yell a lot, but if she does, she means business
  • When people ask them who their godly grandparents are, they say dead seriously, “Sally Jackson.”
  • A daughter who loves floral prints and heels and glitter and makeup, overly analytical and snips a lot, Percy spends a lot of time sighing at her and giving her disapproving looks
  • A wild child daughter who is loud and stubborn and terrifies adults, gives Annabeth a hernia when she comes home with new piercings and tattoos and dyes her hair crazy colors
  • One of the daughters gives Annabeth a hard time on a semi-consistent basis and Percy needs to play the pacifist; she’s spent a lot of nights in tears over it. They usually do small peace offerings like coffee or notes or sometimes just a smile
  • Mild mannered sweetheart daughter who looks like Sally and can cure cancer with one of her smiles, everyone adores her and you wouldn’t dare touch her because there’s an army behind her
  • The oldest whines about needing independence and being old enough to handle himself, but truthfully every time they let him he ends up calling his sister or Jason and Piper’s daughter to come bail him out; Annabeth always knows exactly what happened, because of course she does
  • The youngest is totally Annabeth’s boy, they have running chess games and geek out over the dinner table while everyone else rolls their eyes
  • Their car rides are so loud, Percy and Annabeth mutter to each other in annoyance the whole way, sometimes sing really obnoxiously to make them shut up
  • Percy and Annabeth drop them off at camp when they can’t take it anymore (Rachel teases them, “So, are you hoping for a new brother or a new sister?” and them glaring at her in disgust)
  • Family pictures are always a disaster
  • It’s a running joke with family friends that they should really be a sitcom

Bonus: Consider Jason and Piper’s oldest daughter and Percy and Annabeth’s oldest son getting married and Jason is trying so hard not to appear jealous, but everyone can tell. Percy, Piper, and Annabeth, and the kids get great pleasure from it.

Piper falling in love with Percy and Annabeth’s first baby, always holding them and cooing and feeding them and playing games, and everyone elbowing and waggling their eyebrows at Jason



fear no more because I’ll draw it for you!! Just send an ask describing exactly how you want your character to look and basic characteristics (age, height, sex, gender, species etc)  and I’ll make a custom character just for you! If you don’t like it I can make changes afterwards, nothing too drastic tho, please check out my art first so you see if you like it.


  • No anons please, it will make it hard for me to identify you
  • no overly complicated patterns
  • specify colors or tell me if I can choose the colors
  • One character at a time! Don’t request another one if you just requested one 

If you can please reblog! I want this to get to as much people as possible! You don’t have to tho.

So a while ago @mailroomorder & @slayediest & I all exchanged Best of Glee playlists. I have since downloaded every song Glee ever performed, and therefore my list has changed a little (okay, a lot). I no longer have a Best of Glee (well, I do, but it’s huge), I now have Best of Seasons playlists. In case anyone cares, here they are! 

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The Prince of Egypt Photoshop “Tutorial”

I’m not sure how useful it will actually be, but I thought I’d share my (probably very haphazard) process for editing this scene.

1. Brighten the image

The first thing I do with any screencap from this movie is brighten it.

The well scene is particularly dark, so my Brightness/Contrast layer is adjusted to 150 Brightness and -30 Contrast.

Here’s the result:

That’s better!  But…

2. Alter/Bring out the colors

One of my long-time editing goals has been to try to reduce/replace the blue lighting in this scene.  After some experimentation, I found that a Vivid Light fill layer set at 100% opacity works pretty well.  The color I used was #bf9570.

This makes the background, clothing, and skin tones look a lot more natural:

…though the patch of light on the right side seems too vivid.

To soften it, I made a Saturation fill layer (40% opacity) and used the Brush tool (#b1b1b1) to color over the area.  While I did that, I also tweaked the background some more and deepened the shadows with a Soft Light fill layer.

And that’s it!  — Not really ;)  It’s just a base…

3. Continue to edit

Besides adding more layers, I used the Replace Color tool and played with the Hue/Saturation and Levels settings.

Here’s the image a little further along in the process:

but still not finished!

Well I hope this is… something.  :)  Again, I don’t make gifs (yet?) and have no idea if this would even apply to gifs, but I’m glad it works for now.  (5/8/17) Here are a few well scene gifsets that more-or-less follow these steps: 1 2 3

Happy editing!

BONUS - Other (best/fave) examples from the same edit (raw vs. finished)

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Where do you get inspiration for your character outfits?? They're awesome!

Thank you so much ;v;

Unfortunately its really difficult to pinpoint an answer to your question. The foundation for it all is building up a visual library. I’ve been super into costume/clothing design for YEARS and I’ve been collecting reference for a long time. I’ve got reference folders filled to bursting with stuff. I also have an inspiration tumblr and a pinterest where I collecting things (I also own and have read several books on clothing). 

Essentially it’s gotten to the point where I can layout an idea for a costume design and pretty quickly know what direction to head in, or at least, what sort of research I should be doing.

A more indepth look at the inspiration for Dawna’s costume in particular below the cut

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Dear Internet, 

My annual special delivery. Just for you. Besos for your faceos.



The MIX UP 2015 (1) - Dr. Jones / Stereotypic Movement Disorder / Akouein

  • ODESZA - Say My Name (ft. Zyra)
  • Lianne La Havas - Unstoppable (FKJ Remix)
  • Sweater Beats - Make A Move
  • Joywave, KOPPS - Tongues
  • VCS - Can I Keep You? (ft. Elizabeth Rose)
  • Reptar - Ice Black Sand
  • Data - Don’t Sing (ft. Benny Sings)
  • Saint Motel - Cold Cold Man
  • The Kooks - Bad Habit
  • Big Data - Dangerous (ft. Joywave)
  • RAC - Let Go (ft. Kele and MNDR)
  • HAIM - My Song 5 (ft. A$AP Ferg)
  • Grimes, Blood Diamond - Go
  • The Fjords - All In
  • Young Empires - The Gates
  • Alabama Shakes - Sound & Color
  • Son Little - O Mother
  • Iron & Wine - This Must Be The Place (ft. Ben Bridwell)
  • Charlie Hunter - Fine Corinthian Leather
  • Liam Bailey - Stun Me
  • Ben Howard - Only Love
  • M83 - Wait
  • Evening Hymns - Connect the Lines
  • Sufjan Stevens - Death with Dignity 
  • Jamie xx - Loud Place (ft. Romy)
  • John Mayer - XO

The MIX UP 2015 (2) - Rabbits / Stuck on Your Shoe / Circuits

  • Post Malone - White Iverson
  • Skizzay Mars - Do You There (ft. Marc. E. Bassy)
  • The Weeknd - Losers (ft. Labrinth)
  • Kendrick Lamar - King Kunta
  • The Game - 100 (ft. Drake)
  • Lil Dicky - Professional Rapper (ft. Snoop Dogg)
  • Riff Raff - DOLCE & GABBANA
  • Serengeti - Dennehy
  • Nicki Minaj - Truffle butter (ft. Drake and Little Wayne) 
  • Drake - Hotline Bling
  • Jack Ü - "Where Are Ü Now" (ft. Justin Bieber)
  • Carly Rae Jepsen - Run Away With Me
  • Ariana Grande - Love Me Harder (ft. The Weeknd) 
  • Demi Lovato - Cool for the Summer
  • Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like You Do
  • Selena Gomez - Goof For You (ft. A$AP Rocky)
  • Miley Cyrus - Adore You (Cedric Gervais Remix)
  • Miami Horror - I Look To You (ft. Kimbra)
  • RAC, Katie Herzig - We Belong (ODESZA Remix)
  • CHVRCHES - Leave A Trace (Goldroom Remix)
  • Bonobo - Stay The Same (ft. Andreya Triana)
  • CFCF - Come True
  • SOPHIE - Lemonade
  • Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Garden
  • Years & Years - Real 
  • Disasterpeace - Title

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friend friend friends all of you. The true name of the magical fabric is "reversible sequin fabric." Don't call it mermaid fabric. That's how you pay for the hype. If you google "reversible sequin" and add "fabric" or "dress" or "shirt" or "shoes" or whatever, you can find what you are looking for. :D :D :D


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