The Prince of Egypt Photoshop “Tutorial”

I’m not sure how useful it will actually be, but I thought I’d share my (probably very haphazard) process for editing this scene.

1. Brighten the image

The first thing I do with any screencap from this movie is brighten it.

The well scene is particularly dark, so my Brightness/Contrast layer is adjusted to 150 Brightness and -30 Contrast.

Here’s the result:

That’s better!  But…

2. Alter/Bring out the colors

One of my long-time editing goals has been to try to reduce/replace the blue lighting in this scene.  After some experimentation, I found that a Vivid Light fill layer set at 100% opacity works pretty well.  The color I used was #bf9570.

This makes the background, clothing, and skin tones look a lot more natural:

…though the patch of light on the right side seems too vivid.

To soften it, I made a Saturation fill layer (40% opacity) and used the Brush tool (#b1b1b1) to color over the area.  While I did that, I also tweaked the background some more and deepened the shadows with a Soft Light fill layer.

And that’s it!  — Not really ;)  It’s just a base…

3. Continue to edit

Besides adding more layers, I used the Replace Color tool and played with the Hue/Saturation and Levels settings.

Here’s the image a little further along in the process:

but still not finished!

Well I hope this is… something.  :)  Again, I don’t make gifs (yet?) and have no idea if this would even apply to gifs, but I’m glad it works for now.

Happy editing!

BONUS - Other (best/fave) examples from the same edit (raw vs. finished)