the artist is 101 old now! ^^

Tyrus Wong’s production design for Bambi open the use of color. His evocative inspirational artwork added an emotional dimension to color and aimed to “creat the atmosphere, the feeling of the forest,” instead of the largely literal and utilitarian expression of color in the earlier full-length Disney features.

Tyrus Wong is a Chinese-born American artist . He is a painter, muralist, ceramicist, lithographer, designer and kite maker. As film production illustrator in the film industry, Wong has worked for Disney and Warner Brothers.



animation treasures


My making of for our graduation film Fol'Amor.

I did some color researches, backgrounds and compositing.

I noticed I’d gotten my own IMDB article couple of days ago, and feel like patting myself mildly in the back. This is colorscript I did some months ago with help of Meryl Franck; she did the key colors for the most middle picture and adviced me with the rest which I painted. I had one week to finish it. I think I learned a lot, and even kind of like the castle interior colors. Episode also turned out fine. Layout artists Cedric Leger, Florian Jouet, Bruno Couchinho (I don’t know who made what hehe).

It’s all quite crazy in here to be honest, what comes to painting and drawing for animation purposes I’m more self-taught (I keep thinking, my near-finished-graphic design degree isn’t that much of help at all!) and I just learn while working and stumbling. Fun crazy.

I wish I could go study painting and drawing for animation more though, these days it feels like there really isn’t enough hours in a day for daily job and own project shenanigans.