as both zelda and osomatsu-san trash this was bound to happen and i’m not sorry ohmygod i call it “the legend of nya-chan”! 

follow the adventures of hero choromatsu and his sparkly fairy companion karamatsu in their never ending quest to save princess nya-chan!


 with also the help of ichimatsu the creepy merchant!

(aka choro as link, kara as navi and ichi as ravio)

Fighting the good Fight

This took forever to color omfg.
I’m still kinda proud of this one - Sans was not even suppose to be on the pic.. but I guess you can’t keep him away from his Bro  

While drawing I realized that Sans is not wearing that color as a fashion-statement  
[/german/ UF!Sans steht nicht unter’m Pantoffel.. der steht unter Papyrus’ Pfennigabsatz òO]

UF!Papyrus is as manly as Mettaton is  at least in my headcanon.