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there are many questions i have that i hope to be answered in season 2. how are shiro and keith linked to each other? where are all the other paladins’ families? is shiro going to die? but most of all i need to know






dreamworks i want answers

You’re fighting for your life inside a killer
Thriller tonight

So like I said, I’m kinda free for now :D Halloween is coming up and I wanted to do something special for it! Enjoy this little tribute to Michael Jackson’s Thriller, as well as these two dummies we adore so much <3

(All my MJ/Zootopia fans, expect more stuff like this! :D)


So after much delay & stress & ultimately deciding that the only way I’d be able to like how it looks is by using the sketch lines & coloring it in grayscale, I finally finished this companion piece or w/e for that one fic I wrote nearly half a year ago lmao. 

After a couple weeks of secret “chapstick sharing,” your friends might start to get suspicious if your lips are uncharacteristically sparkly & you start to constantly smell like vanilla cake batter~ ;3c Tsk-tsk, boys, what kind of situation are y’all gonna have to deal with now~?

Look at white feminist logic. It takes a special kind of ahistorical delusion to consider your years of deliberate and calculated willful oppression as benevolence. Also peep how they view colorblind erasure as a SOLUTION. These types are so incredibly dangerous.


Finally some romancedys! I missed drawing her shes always going to be my bae <3333 (especially human pf though i love still drawing her as a pony <3 )

I loved everyone suggestions too! Thank you so much for the ideas! (red you just wait im drawing yours seperate i had no clue if i could do it so i’m trying to see if i can >3c )

Gaaaah, I need to go to sleep. I’m not tired when I should be and this is a problem.

A little WIP shot of the head detail I’m doing for Aldebaran. Got some snazzy new brushes, so let’s hope I get better at this!

I’m going to get back to commissions tomorrow, don’t you fret!