colors of our earth

brody romero is south asian latinx

hey guys, i’ve seen people calling our newest red ranger hispanic or latino but i wanted to clarify! 

peter confirmed that will shewfelt is desi here, specifically indian, and from his family’s facebooks, they seem to come from guyana, a caribbean country.

south asian = desi (this spans the indian subcontinent; i would use ‘south asian’ if you’re not part of the community)

latinx = from latin america (this does not include guyana, so while brody may be latinx, as implied by his surname, william shewfelt is not)

hispanic = from a spanish-speaking country or a spanish-speaking person in the usa (will is the latter; neither india nor guyana are spanish-speaking countries, though)

please note that latinx isn’t a race, it’s an ethnicity. his race is south asian, his ethnicity/nationality are indian and american.

this also makes him our first south asian ranger in the show! (naomi scott is technically the first south asian cast as a power ranger, but she’s in the movie.) which is pretty cool and should be celebrated!

Colors of Earth

When we think of our globe from a distance, we generally visualize two colors: blue and green. Water and land. Mostly water, consequently, our planet’s nickname of the blue marble.

Traveling around the globe every 90 minutes covering millions of miles with a focused lens on our beautiful planet from 250 miles above, I’ve captured many beautiful colors beyond blue and green that showcase Earth in new and interesting ways. Some colors are indicative of nature like desert sands and weather like snow. Other colors tell stories of Earth’s climate in bright splashes of yellows and greens of pollen and muted grey tones and clouded filters of pollution.

Blue and green still remain vivid and beautiful colors on Earth from the vantage point of the International Space Station, but here are some other colors that have caught my eye from my orbital perspective.

African violet

Bahamas blues

Tropical in Africa

Yellow desert

Orange in Egypt

Red surprise 

Snow white 

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Her eyes.
They captured your attention.
Her eyes could tell a story without words being said.
It was as if her eyes were a blackhole, they sucked you in without any effort behind it.
And the mixture of colors almost resembled our earth.
There was a warmth in her eyes.
And I built my home in them.
Her eyes were so sweet and innocent.
And I swear if you looked closely.
You could see the stars in her eyes.
The way she would express stories and emotions through soft and delicate movements.
You could feel the energy.
And I found the universe in her eyes.

Under, Beneath, and Within

Under the green tops of trees
and beneath their branches;

Under the green mosses
and beneath the stones,

Stretching, networks of roots,
absorbing waters
from the soils,
beneath the green

grass you lay observantly,
within the green of your eyes
I’ve mapped
a network of stars,
the very roots,
that reach for mine.

Within the green of our Mother Earth,
we feed one another,
colors from our souls.

Poetryriotprompt- beneath the green