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Theory of Evil

There’s a man in Union Square preaching Trump like the gospel
to pews full of women and people of color.
He’s talking about job-stealing immigrants and he thinks he’s convinced us.

I wake up screaming before dawn cracks, from a nightmare about a dictator.
Someone is holding me down telling me to be quiet. I’m talking too loud,
I’ll get us all killed.

I don’t believe in Evil, that is, I believe Evil begs to be stopped.
I can only judge others by the standard of myself–
I have been Evil, and I have been lucky. I have been stopped.

I want my children to see snow before it’s extinct, and the seasons
merge like colored paints into swampy brown, like
melody and harmony converging into sound that isn’t music,

and can’t be turned off.


Colors. Melody and Harmony - Soulmate (A-Nation & TD)

君にありがとう.. ♪


~I remember my friend and I would send lyrics to each other like lovers amigas heheheheheeee~

You know you’re just like them other ten,
A faded fight between you and I
I’d rather hope than make you sad and cry
What I just wanna say is
Keep the faith but fate never is moving us
It can’t take us, it doesn’t make different cases
So turn the light out, interact with a piece of dream
Sound brighter, we all want the same sound
Keep the tears, I told you how I’m your freedom, like a bird going through the sky
What are we, just a Christmas tree in the night?
—  Colors ~Melody and Harmony~ - Jejung & Yuchun from 東方神起
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This was from a while ago! This is “Colors~ Melody and Harmony” by Jaejoong and Yoochun; a duet by my friend and I. I am Yoochun XD


Just bought these two beauteous prints by muirin007 over at society6 for my illustrating/design/craft/sewing/where-I-store-all-my-shit room because they were just begging me to be bought together. Bog damn it, look at these beauties! They are just screaming to be framed side by side in some melodious color harmony of despair and seduction. Ugh, the juxtaposition woos me.