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Any land suggestions for a heir of time?

Without knowing anything about the character, not really. Lemme just hijack your ask though.

The first playtest featured a Heir of Time named Mose Carter, whose planet was the Land of Memories and Clockwerk. Her ectobiological son (the Thief of Time) had the Land of Gears and Vaults, and later on, a sea-dweller Page of Time was placed in the land of Coral and Clepsydras. Olori Janeh, the Sylph of Time, had the Land of Threads and Endings. A rust-blooded fantroll had the Land of Sand and Ruins, and Reid Morgan (the human Prince of Time) had the Land of Shadows and Serpents - which was a more reference to how fucked he was than it was strictly Time-themed.

Canonically, Dave Strider had the Land of Heat and Clockwork, and Aradia Medigo had the Land of Quartz and Melody. Damara Medigo and Caliborn have thus far unknown Lands.

Good themes for Time planets relate to the passage of time and how it’s recorded, music, machinery, or destruction. Planets might also follow a unified theme within a particular Session - like the ‘elemental’ themes of the Beta Kid planets or the dead/inert theme of the Alpha Kid planets.

This doesn’t mean it’s wrong to go in a different direction. The planet should fit the character more than it needs to be part of a standard theme. Look at the Land of Little Cubes and Tea for Nepeta Leijon (Rogue of Heart) and the Land of Tents and Mirth for Gamzee Makara (Bard of Rage).

So some good words or objects for a Time themed planet might be:

Ages, Alarms, Astrolabes, Beginnings, Calenders, Change, Clepsydras, Clocks, Clockwork, Chronology, Chronometers, Cycles, Dates, Epochs, Endings, Eons, Eras, Eternity, Gears, Hourglasses, Hours, Intervals, Machinery, Moments, Pendulums, Preludes, Seasons, Spans, Sundials, Synchronization, Terms, Tides, Watches

Destruction themed (maybe some overlap with the Doom Aspect):

Breaking, Cataclysms, Collapse, Desolation, Destruction, Devastation, Devouring, Disasters, Dissolution, End, Erosion, Eruptions, Extinction, Exhaustion, Obliteration, Pollution, Ruins, Rust, Salt, Sand, Storms, Wastelands, Winter, Wreckage

Music themed:

Acoustics, Anthems, Ballads, Bass, Beat, Brass, Cacophony, Cantatas, Choir, Chords, Chorus, Codas, Color, Concerts, Dance, Drums, Elegy, Fanfare, Harmony, Hymns, Instruments, Melody, Noise, Octaves, Orchestras, Polyphony, Percussion, Reeds, Repetition, Shift, Strain, Strings, Symphonies, Tempo, Timbre, Time, Winds

If you associate ‘Fire’ with the Time Aspect (time is a fire - and we’re all burning, etc):

Blaze, Boil, Bonfire, Candles, Coals, Combustion, Conflagration, Embers, Fire, Flame, Flare, Flash, Glow, Heat, Ignition, Incandescence, Inferno, Lava, Light, Magma, Radiance, Sparks, Steam, Summer, Tinder, Vapor, Volcanoes, Warmth, Wildfire

If you associate ‘Money’ with the Time Aspect (time is money, death is an accountant - and everybody pays, etc.):

Abundance, Accounts, Affluence, Banks, Bills, Bonds, Bones, Bronze, Cache, Chests, Chips, Coffers, Coins, Copper, Fortunes, Funds, Gems, Gold, Greed, Hoards, Loot, Lucre, Luxury, Markets, Money, Notes, Opulence, Paper, Plenty, Prosperity, Riches, Rolls, Safes, Scratch, Shells, Shops, Silver, Splendor, Stocks, Treasure, Vaults, Wages, Wealth

So now all you have to do is pick two out of the list (or come up with your own, if nothing seems to fit). Alternatively, you can randomly generate a Land using this site. I got Land of Henge and Sadness (LOHAS) for you just now.


Just bought these two beauteous prints by muirin007 over at society6 for my illustrating/design/craft/sewing/where-I-store-all-my-shit room because they were just begging me to be bought together. Bog damn it, look at these beauties! They are just screaming to be framed side by side in some melodious color harmony of despair and seduction. Ugh, the juxtaposition woos me.


Schubert: Unfinished Symphony
No.8 (1822)

Schubert started his work on this
symphony in 1822 but left it
with only two movements. 

It’s sometimes called the
first Romantic symphony
due to its emphasis on expressive
melody, vivid harmony and
creative combinations of
orchestral tone color.

Symphony No.8 in B minor (‘Unfinished’) - Allegro moderato
Played by the London Philharmonic Orchestra
Leopold Stokowski, Conductor

“… Melody and Harmony in love”


Cameraman: “What’s the name of the song?”

YC and JJ: “Yoochun and Jaejoong”

Cameraman: “That’s the title?”

Yoochun: “You didn’t know? Jaejoong is the melody and I’m the harmony.”


Bonus: JaeChun ship themselves

good morning sleepy head - a compilation of 東方神起 & jyj songs to brighten up your morning(s)

1. Beautiful Life ; 2. Colors: Melody & Harmony ; 3. Eternal ; 4. Flower Lady ; 5. Forgotten Season ; 6. Hug ; 7. I Will Protect You ; 8. Journey ; 9. My Girlfriend ; 10. Paradise ; 11. Pierrot ; 12. Sky ; 13. Tea for Two ; 14. The Story Has Just Begun ; 15.Through the Forest ; 16. 서른.. ; 17. 甘く果てしなく ; 18. 明日は來るから ; 17. 逢いたくて逢いたくてたまらな ; 18. 約束 (Extra NSB mix [x])


Colors. Melody and Harmony - Soulmate (A-Nation & TD)

君にありがとう.. ♪


~I remember my friend and I would send lyrics to each other like lovers amigas heheheheheeee~

You know you’re just like them other ten,
A faded fight between you and I
I’d rather hope than make you sad and cry
What I just wanna say is
Keep the faith but fate never is moving us
It can’t take us, it doesn’t make different cases
So turn the light out, interact with a piece of dream
Sound brighter, we all want the same sound
Keep the tears, I told you how I’m your freedom, like a bird going through the sky
What are we, just a Christmas tree in the night?
—  Colors ~Melody and Harmony~ - Jejung & Yuchun from 東方神起
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Kim Jaejoong’s GREATEST HITS

1- Even Though I Hate It (Triangle OST)
2- Colors -Melody & Harmony- (with Park Yoochun)
3- There’s Only You
4- A Sunny Day (with Noel’s Lee Sang Gon)
5- I’ll Protect You (Protect The Boss OST)
6- For You It’s Separation, For Me It’s Waiting (Sungkyunkwan Scandal OST)
7- My Only Comfort (Jackal Is Coming OST)
8- Just Another Girl
9- Now Is Good
10- One Kiss
11- Let The Rhythm Flow
12- Living Like A Dream (Time Slip, Dr. Jin)
13- I Said I’m Sorry 
14- Butterfly
15- Don’t Walk Away
16- All Alone
17- Paradise
18- Heaven (with Gummy)
19- Rotten Love
20- Kiss B
21- Mine