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A Bakushimanari soulmates AU in which your sm’s first words are written on you and also kind of represent your relationship with them! 

How is this gonna end? You’re literally gonna find out right now because I just spent the last five days drawing all of it and I’m about to just. Straight out post it all together.

Part Two | Part Three

Now that I think about it, this comeback is so clever? They mentioned that this comeback marks the end of Seventeen as “boys” and that this comeback reflects on all that they’ve done up until this point, and from the M/V, we can clearly see that from the props from Al1 teasers, as well as the references to the scenes they’ve done from the music videos leading up to this comeback.

The fact that this comeback is called CLAP means its the end of an “act” and they’re giving a round of applause for the end of their “play” which is Seventeen as boys from debut up till now.

I can’t wait to see what kind of image/sound they will give up in future comebacks, but for now I’ll enjoy this colorful era :’)

sorry ive just been playing this new yugioh phone game this is all im gonna be doing for the rest of the year


Alright, based off the alternate universe in EP4 where Timebreaker ‘killed’ Chat. What if EP3 had come after that? Like, Theo sculpted a memorial statue and gets infected by Hawk Moth, but instead of purifying him, Ladybug convinces him to replace Chat??? but? it? doesn’t? make? her? feel? better? 

hyperpanda49  asked:

Can you draw a Anti and Dark fusion? J just got the idea back they have opposite side eye colors. Sorry if that doesn't make sense... 😁 love your art!!!

My Dark and Anti CAN fuse, but since they hate each other, it never happens.

If it get to happen, they would look something like a melting, black, huge and unstable mass of pure negativity, their eyes being the only visible thing. They would also be unable to control themselves. Like…something corrupted.

I tried to draw it, but it is something that pictures itself only on my mind. I’m sorry!! o(;△;)o 

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what are the best pens to use for bullet journaling ?? i have money i want to spend on it but i'm not sure what to get, and which kind ( ex. the different mid liner brands and such ). do watercolor pens work well too when using colors? thank you!! (ps sorry if i'm not making sense lol i'll ask again if it isn't clear)

Hi! My favorites are Zebra Mildliners and Tombow brush pens. Mildliners are very popular in the community, and since I got them, I can see why - they don’t bleed through my bujo, are double-sided (thin and thick, highlighter like tip) and come in pretty cool colors. I’ve been using them whenever I can hehe :’D. The Tombows are amazing for lettering - they also come in great colors and also don’t bleed, also are double-sided, but instead of the wide tip they have a brush tip that allows you to do the calligraphy. AND you can mix them together! Tombow sells a special mixing palette, but you can really mix the colors on glass or plastic (I just use the bottom of a glass :D).

As far as the markers and ballpoint pens go, people really like to use the Muji gel pens, or Fineliners, I like to use a really thin marker, but I’d suggest you to try for yourself, what suits you best, whether it’s a marker or a gel pen or whatever.

For the watercolor pens, I think they might ruin the paper of your notebook :( I haven’t really used a watercolor pen in mine, but I believe it would get all wrinkly and wavy. If you have the money, I’d rather go for the Tombows.

Hope I helped!!


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